Case Studies

Schools love working with yipiyap because...

  • The academic calibre and consistency of our tutors is second to none.
  • The dynamic between tutors and students is where the magic happens.
  • Our tutors are fantastic role models bringing aspiration, professionalism and sense of fun.
  • Organisation, training and induction are all taken care of.
  • Our support is roughly half the charge of any other intervention.

Here's how yipiyap tutors have helped students exceed expectations

Many schools have been surprised at just how much of an impact Yipiyap tutors have had. Take a look at these case studies to see for yourself. These are real, life-changing stories that happen every day at Yipiyap.


Our tutor Joe has defined flexibility and professionalism through his work in school, fulfilling multiple support roles whilst looking after students of a variety of ability and age.


By providing support to a permanently excluded student, Yipiyap tutors were able to prepare Jess for her GCSE exams outside of the school environment.