Update #03 - Timesheet 01, Mock Interview Sessions

Remember timesheets are due today and please forward expenses for travel to the Induction Days to your RD asap

News - what’s been going on this week?

Catherine’s News

I have been busy interviewing more potential tutors who have come forward following a change of plan after results day and I am also starting to plan next year’s recruitment drive!! It’s a really odd process because as just as soon as we celebrate getting our current year’s cohort successfully into school, we start the task of looking for the following year’s tutors! I am already thinking from the initial feedback we have had from schools about all of you, next year’s cohort will have very big boots to fill!

As always, if you know of anyone who may be taking a gap year this academic year or next who you think would make a great tutor remember there is a £50 finders fee if you recommend them and they work successfully for us! Thanks very much to all of you who have already made recommendations!

Anne’s News

Not one, but two trips over the Pennines and back this week for me! The first was with Adam on Monday to make 3 stops in Hull – one each for recruitment, support and tutor visits so a full house in Hull!

Also, I had a meeting with 2 Head Teachers in Leeds today who (by complete coincidence) I discovered had lived together as flatmates whilst doing their PGCE many moons ago. The second gave me a very cryptic message to give to the first – “Remind him of The Griffin Pub in Leeds and Howard Clark’s caddy” he said with a grin. I have no idea what he’s talking about but duly passed the message on and will let you know if I ever get to the bottom of that one!

Otherwise it’s been lovely to hear such good comments from RDs about your first couple of weeks – keep up the good work and hopefully we will have all tutors up and running in Leeds, Sheffield and Derby over the next week and I’m just waiting for new from Hull for confirmation. Well done everyone!

Wall of Happy

Richard’s Highlights

This week it’s been great to see everybody really getting into the swing of things and I’m delighted to see so many 5s coming thorough on the YipiApp – very close to a clean sweep on Wednesday!

I’m going to give one specific shout out this week which is to Kincső. She recognised that there was a bullying issue at her school and dealt with it calmly and sensitively. The care she has shown means that appropriate steps can now be taken to support the student involved.

My other bit of happy relates to one of last year’s tutors – her school have been in touch to recognise the impact she had with the students she worked with. There were all sorts of fabulous statistics but a really good one was “on average students who had her support made 2.5 grades progress as opposed to those who didn’t who made 1.5 grades progress”. I thought this really served to illustrate the impact that all Yipiyap tutors have the potential to make in schools across the country.

Niamh’s Highlights

This week has been nice and busy, with interviews (our team could be growing!), and running the mini induction for our wonderful new assets to the Derby team – Alex and Shanaia. It was also lovely to see Ellie at work this week, the school could not speak any more highly of her if they tried!

It is also wonderful to see the messages that spring up on the DSN Team WhatsApp group every day, from welcoming Alex and Shanaia to the team, to comparing experiences at school and checking up on each other.

We also had a lovely load of messages on Wednesday morning to wish Aidan a happy birthday! We all hope you had a wonderful birthday Aidan and that the celebrations aren’t over just yet! Aidan has also done a brilliant job working with some very challenging students and has had some wonderful feedback regarding this: so this week’s shout out goes to you Aidan!

Tia’s Highlights

My shout-out goes to Jade this week, despite not having even started yet she has been a major help providing me with a list of possible schools and contacts as well as wishing everyone a good day on the group chat and I know she just cannot wait to get started in October!

Adam’s Highlights

Another week has been and gone, can you believe it, I have been out of the office this week visiting schools! This week I am glad to say I feel relaxed as I know the schools have taken well to you, and most if not all of you now have a timetable sorted. This week’s shout out is going to Snezana. Snezana was told about a new placement in a school that she had worked in last year with just 24 hours’ notice. She went in and had a brilliant day, falling into her role like she had never left.

Jess’ Highlights

On the WOH this week I wanted to mention the people that made an excellent start at their placement. This includes Sean at North Chadderton, Udi at Kingsway and Daniel at Broadoak who is always quick to get back to, not just me, but Halyna as well. We also had the brilliant news from Glossopdale that Beth will be going from 2 days per week of support to 5 days per week! I’m absolutely delighted for Beth and it is a reflection of the hard work she has put in during her first few weeks. Finally, I hope you all have something nice planned for this weekend. I’ll be glued to my sofa on Saturday night because of Strictly and then I’m off to walk some alpacas on Sunday! Maybe I’ll share a photo or two next week…

Mock Interviews - Saturday 9th November
Book your place NOW


We will be running our mock interview training on Saturday 9th November for anyone who feels they could do with some practice before the real thing.

We will be doing morning sessions of MMI interviews specifically geared towards the medics and dentists. There will be 6 stations that everyone rotates around and each station is a different challenge- they are very much Maths-, Science- and analysis-based but the main thrust is to really push you out of your comfort zone and challenge you.

Then we have the afternoon sessions of traditional interview practice for everyone else. These interviews will be 30 minutes long and will again offer you invaluable experience of being challenged in anticipation of your University interviews.

We have two incredible teams of professionals who will be interviewing you. Each interviewer will be providing feedback, not just on your answers but also on your general performance such as your communication skills and body language etc. Our interviewers range from CEOs to Consultant Neurosurgeons so make the most of their experience and expertise!!!

Both sets of interviews will be held at our offices in Altrincham and you will need to make your own travel arrangements.

This is a one-day event and places are limited so to ensure you book your place NOW by clicking on the button below:

Pedagogy Corner

I hope you’ve had a chance to practice some open ended questions this past week and that you’ve all been sleuthing in your classrooms like Sherlock Holmes searching out misunderstandings and misconceptions. We’re continuing the theme of questioning this week with some subject specific thoughts in amongst more general guidance.

  • In maths, reverse the process so start with an answer and get students to give you possible questions related to your topic or theme.

e.g. My answer to an indices question is x5, what could my question have been? This is a really nice way of encouraging students to make links with other aspects of maths including fractions, decimals, negatives and a nice opportunity for you to encourage students to show off their inner super-nerdy genius!

  • In English, Pose-Pause-Pounce-Bounce works if you have a small group. Pose the question, Pause to give thinking time, Pounce on a student to give an answer, ask them to Bounce the same question or one of their own to another student.

  • Finally, questions work best when you direct them to named students rather than allowing shouting out or hands-up. It allows you to be in control of who is answering which questions.

It would be great to hear if any of you have applied any of these questioning techniques as yet in class and if so whether you have had any success! How about setting yourself a goal to test drive a different technique each day? Let us know how it goes!



OK, how many of you have heard of Headspace? I am sure many of you may already use it. It is a great meditation app that we love in the office and have found really helps create a little oasis of calm each day in our often hectic lives.

Meditation has been shown to reduce stress, increase focus, and even help with sleep. Headspace is meditation made simple. Headspace helps you learn to meditate and live mindfully in just a few minutes a day.

You can choose from hundreds of themed sessions on everything including stress, focus, anxiety, sleep, physical health, relationships, and there’s even a special section for students.

As a business we have now signed up to Headspace and by partnering with Headspace, we aim to give you the opportunity to reduce the anxiety created by stressful moments, and just as importantly, ensure you are mentally prepared to enjoy the great moments in life.

So, in the first place we would like to know how many of you would be interested in this offering? If you are, please can you click on the following link to register your interest:

Adeem and Abdul’s Top 20 Tunes

This week, it’s DJs Adeem and Abdul who have control of the decks. They have treated us to 20 of their favorite songs which I am sure you will enjoy listening to. Thanks both for sharing these tunes with us all!

The Power of Similarity

There is no doubt in psychological research that young people look up to their role models and emulate their qualities to become more similar to them. But with role models like Charlotte Crosby (Geordie Shore) and Joey Essex (The Only Way is Essex) becoming ever more popular amongst young people, the choices they may make in the future are at risk. Every single one of you can be a fantastic role model for students. How can you make sure that students pick you to be their role model over the reality TV stars?

“Likeness begets liking” (Myers, 2015, p.330) – meaning the more similarities there are between two people the stronger the influence of the role model.

Now time for some fun research supporting this hypothesis (Heffernan, 2011):

  • There are a disproportionate number of ‘Georges’ living in Georgia.

  • An abnormal amount of dentists whose name begins ‘D’.

  • There is an unusually high number of donations to hurricane relief funds by people whose first initial matches that of the hurricane.

Gelbach et al (2015) looked at the effect of this phenomenon in an educational setting. He found that students who had more in common with their teachers tended to achieve higher grades.

So, have a think. Have you found similarities with the students you teach? It could be anything; your favourite football team, you both have a dog, you both love your eggs hard boiled! Make sure you’re building strong relationships with the young people you’re interacting with so they choose the right role models.

On that note, I hope you all have a relaxing weekend and a brilliant week ahead!

I will bring positivity into school by greeting everyone with a smile.

I will be proactive, looking for ways to help teachers and students and asking for help if I need it.

I’m a role model and will show children how to conduct themselves.

I will be professional at all times, respect staff and value the responsibilities I am given.

There will be times when I make mistakes but I will never stop learning!
— The Yipiyap Mantra