Update #37 - 12th July

Hello Everyone,

37 weeks down and only ONE week to go!

*Your very last Timesheet is due in today*


As you can see I am feeling very emotional this week! It’s my little girl’s last week in primary school and my last full update to you all before you too take that next big step into the big wide world!!! You have all been so amazing and have done a brilliant job in inspiring your students! Hopefully you have all achieved what you set out to do in your gap year and feel like you have really grown and are ready to take on the next steps in your lives with confidence. It hopefully goes without saying now much we are all going to miss you and really wish you all the very best of luck in whatever you are going on to do! Please keep in touch and let us know what happens next….!

One final hug and social media warning! You have all managed to avoid any controversy so far (well done with that!) so keep up the exemplary records for the last week.

And a final word from me… a huge ‘thank you’ to all the RDs and Anne for their contributions to the Weekly Update every week, they must be sick of me pecking them for their news come a Thursday!!! And also a massive’ thanks’ to Richard for all of his Pedagogy Corner input this year. It has been brilliant to have someone with Richard’s expertise delivering this ongoing training and insight into the role of a teacher each and every week. I have thoroughly enjoyed every one and am sure you have too. THANK YOU RICHARD AND ALL THE RDs and ANNE!

Review your time with Yipiyap

As a business we are always keen to know what each and everyone of our tutors thinks about their experience with Yipiyap.  It helps us develop the business and know what we are doing right and where we can improve. If you would like to provide a review  following your year with us here is a link to Glassdoor, an employer review website: https://www.glassdoor.co.uk/Reviews/Yipiyap-Reviews-E2221375.htm

We will also be collecting feedback when you submit your final timesheets today, which includes how you heard about us, your thoughts about Yipiyap and you’re destinations after your year with us.

Thank you in anticipation for your time!!

So, what’s been going on this week?

Catherine’s News

Surprise, surprise this week has seen more interviews, more searching for those tutors who will have the daunting task of stepping into your big boots come September  and generally getting ourselves ready for the start of the new academic year in September.

It was great to catch up with Francesca this week on her way to her placement in Warrington! Always brilliant to hear about our tutor next steps and have a glimpse of what the future holds. Good luck with EY and London Francesca!!!

A massive thanks to Anne and Alan for all their hard work in creating our new Tutor Welcome Pack that winged its way to all the new tutors this week giving them a heads up about what to expect in September. There is a huge amount to be done over the summer in terms of ensuring we have all the new tutors properly on-boarded to start at their school and welcoming our wonderful new RDs (you know who you are Adam, Tia and Niamh!!) so while you all bob off next week, spare a thought for the rest of us Yipiyappers still hard at it!

A final reminder that if you know of anyone who may be taking a gap year after their A levels this summer who would make a great tutor remember there is a £50 finder’s fee if you recommend them and they work successfully for us!

Anne’s News

Well here we are, nearly at the end of Year 7 and it’s been a fantastic effort from everyone on the team. Clearly one person not mentioned in Catherine’s news and thank yous above is Catherine herself and so it’s definitely time to say a BIG thank you to Catherine – not just for pulling the Weekly Update together week in week out but for everything that she does to make sure our recruitment is second to none and we are able to offer this opportunity to as many young people as we can.

Another HUGE thank you at this time of year must go to Halyna who has worked tirelessly to make sure all those final salaries, bonuses and DBS repayments come through on time next week. It’s a massive job and so much thought and preparation goes into making sure it goes smoothly - thank you Halyna for all your great work and congratulations on completing your 4th year with Yipiyap!!

Regional News

Norwich, Peterborough and Derby

Another two visits for Nottingham for me this week and next as interest in the region starts to gain momentum. It’s near the end of term but still managing to squeeze in appointments with Headteachers! Also some strong tutors coming through in all regions as well as my first applicant for 2020/21 - eeek!

Huge thank you of course to team NPD who have to manage so brilliantly given that I have such a broad role as well as being their RD – they have delievered absolutely fantastic support and conducted themselves so professionally, making my job a real delight and I will miss every one of you. All best wishes and keep in touch!



I cannot believe we are already (almost!) saying goodbye. It’s crazy thinking about all the things the team has achieved in the space of 11 months! Learning to drive, university offers, sports competitions – you just have done it all, and while juggling the challenging role of being a Yipiyap tutor. Hats off to you! There have been some really special moments and I hope you’re finishing the year feeling proud of the work you have done because I know I’m proud of you all. A few highlights for me personally would include the bowling trip and the hilarious photos from the Fit For Future Day. Ruwaydah played a great corpse and Lewis definitely was NOT letting Joss hypothetically choke. I’m sure you’ve all faced new challenges and I know I have too, but it’s been a wonderful year of new experiences and developing new skills. I hope you take all of these new skills and flourish during whatever you go on to do in the future. Thanks everyone, it’s been a ball!


Denbighshire and Cheshire

It feels like yesterday I was writing my last weekly update post - time is really starting to fly! A very mixed week this week. It was great to see our new welcome packs arrive from the printers, and hats off to Ruwaydah for sorting out all the paperwork to get these and the college flyers ready to go! Focus has been on the onboarding process that next year's tutors will have to go through. I've also been updating our induction presentations for September and getting some final things ready for the new RDs joining us next month. A final reminder for timesheets which are due today, not next week! You'll also find some feedback questions alongside this final timesheet - please answer honestly, this feedback is really helpful to how we improve things for future years.

Flintshire and Wrexham

I’ve been trying to tie up some loose-ends for tutor placements this week, particularly with schools in Flintshire. I’m looking forward to a meeting in Connah’s Quay where I’m hoping to sort some English support for next year. A few last bits of admin then for me, such as making sure my team get paid, before wishing everybody a great Summer break!

London, Yorkshire and The Humber

Wow! Last weekly update of the year. Can you believe it!? Another year of updates come and gone just like that. Would like to give a nod to the team again whose attitude and professionalism has been outstanding this week - totally in line with the standards set for the rest of the year. The number of problems to deal with this week has been so low which is unusual for these last weeks of term where usually lots of odd stuff is happening. Just goes to show how solid everyone is so well done once again! Thanks also to the tutors who have helped me to get in touch with their old schools this week as we look ahead to placements for new tutors in September - that's a great help.

Wall of Happy

This week Richard starts us off with his special mentions

Before I jet off half way around the world to South Africa I’d like to say a big thank you to everybody who has played a role in my first year with Yipiyap. From Anne and Catherine who have provided lots of strategic support, to the RDs who have been brilliant at sharing their advice, tips and experience to Halyna who has been a massive support in the operational side of running things.

Also a huge thanks and well done to the most important people, my tutor team – Rebecca, Harry, Katie, Georgia & Teres have all been fantastic and made a massive contribution - the schools you’ve worked in have genuinely valued the support that you have been able to give to their students over the course of this year. I’d like to wish you all well in your next steps at University where I know you’ll be a massive success and I’m sure that the experiences you’ve had over the course of the year with Yipiyap will stand you in good stead for whatever you do in the future.

Next to Jess

For the final wall of happy this year I’d like to nominate...


Thank you for being a wonderful team. You’ve made it a difficult job nominating just a few names each week!

Now over to Anne

Since I’ve given a shout out to the whole team above I am going to give a special mention to a couple of the team:

Carla – for her blog for the website about the Royal Norfolk Show.  Wonderful write up and love the photos – many thanks for taking the time to share this truly Norfolkian experience!  https://yipiyap.co.uk/tutor-blog-home/2019/7/8/a-trip-to-the-royal-norfolk-show

Humayra – all the students at her school have left now but Humarya’s still carrying on and making great use of her time!

Tia – for her tenacity in trying to set up a meeting with an incoming tutor in Norfolk.  This is probably proving Tia’s biggest challenge of the year – it’s great practice for your new role, Tia!

Also, everyone who has contributed to the Yipiap Charity Challenge for Magic Breakfast.  Many, many thanks!!

Now to Joss

Since this is the last Wall of Happy I can't just shout out one person - really it has to be a MASSIVE well done and congratulations to everyone who's been a part of my team this year. I've said it several times, but this year's team has been my favourite by far - incredibly effective, high-quality tutors every one of you, and you've all dealt with your own adversities through the year and come out absolutely glowing at the end. I can't speak highly enough of you all - I'll be getting goodbye messages out to everyone in the coming week but for those of you who read this, give yourselves a pat on the back because you've been outstanding all year.

And, finally to Alan

Of course for this final week, I really have to thank every member of my team for your effort and enthusiasm to this year. I've checked in with you all at different points over the last 11 months and the feedback from staff has been consistently excellent, as has the standard of dedication you've all had to your roles. Whether it's been early morning sessions, later finishes, changeable placements or long journeys, you've taken to your placements incredibly well and have had a lasting impact on the students you've supported. I hope you're feeling very proud going into your summer holidays - it's well deserved!

Pedagogy Corner

For the final Pedagogy Corner of the year are a selection of tutor top tips from George.

  • Don’t make promises you can’t keep. Trust is crucial to develop a functional relationship and you should be seen as someone who follows through on their word, whether that’s with rewards or sanctions. One of the worse things you can do is say you’re going to do something and then fail to do it.

  • Don’t get carried away listening to yourself. In the early days, it’s tempting to see yourself as the fountain of youth where all are delighted to bathe in your flowing wisdom. Next thing you know you’ve been droning on about some tangential subject while Johnny twiddles his thumbs. Any time you speak you should aim to keep it short and to the point, don’t let yourself get sidetracked.

  • Ensure students always have a task to be getting on with. If there are times when you need a minute or so to set up the next task, then fill that couple of minutes by getting them to do a quick word/number game. Don’t let them sit there with nothing to do or you’ll lose their concentration making the rest of the session harder.

Fantastic tips George, many as relevant to the world of work as they are to working with students!

Before you finish if any more of you have any top tips or reflections of your own we’d still love to hear your stories to inspire Yipiyap’s next generation – please send them to me at richard@yipiyap.co.uk

This week it’s the RDs’ Top 20

Given you have all had command of the decks throughout the year and Hannah and Halyna made a cheeky bid for them last week, the final TT20 comes down to our wonderful RDs who have worked incredibly hard all year to make everything tick! I have allowed them 5 tunes each so see if you can work out who’s songs are whose. So, it’s over to our resident DJs Anne, Jess, Joss, Alan and Richard!!!

So, go forth all and enjoy your last week as Yipiyap tutors!!!

Thanks for reading and best wishes as always,


I will bring positivity into school by greeting everyone with a smile.

I will be proactive, looking for ways to help teachers and students and asking for help if I need it.

I’m a role model and will show children how to conduct themselves.

I will be professional at all times, respect staff and value the responsibilities I am given.

There will be times when I make mistakes but I will never stop learning!
— The Yipiyap Mantra