Update #35 - 28th June

Hi Everyone,

I hope you have all had a great week and have something nice planned for your weekends! Looks like it’s going to be a fab one for all of us weather wise so no excuses to get out there any enjoy it!

Glastonbury is going to look like this….


as opposed to this…


And we are all going to be treated to a bit of Kylie into the bargain!

With the sunshine cometh the hugs and bon hommie at school so just make sure you are mindful to avoid said hugs, photos, sharing of any personal information and any requests to ‘keep in touch’! I know, I know we keep saying all of this but it is crucial. As the saying goes…


So, what’s been going on this week?

Catherine’s News

Well, it’s been a very odd week for me as my little girl has been away on her Year 6 residential so its been a treat to stay in work until the shop shuts! It also means I have been lost for things to do in the evenings as I usually pick up work after our usual rituals of homework, tea, tennis, bathtime and bed so it’s been box set heaven!

It has been a busy week with a trip to Sheffield, lots of interviews and even meeting the new icebreaker act for September’s Induction Days. Too many tutors this year to do self defence again so a diversion to something completely different is booked in. We are keeping it under wraps for now but follow us on Twitter to see what we get up to. It is a good one!!!

Finally, thank you to everyone who came back with their feedback from Fit For Future. I am very grateful for your comments, good and bad (although there was nothing too damning thank goodness!), as this really informs us as to how we can do it better for next year. It is only our 3rd event and so we are still learning what works and what doesn’t. The most positive thing is that everyone provided feedback rated the event overall at either 4 or 5. Thank you!

Anne’s News

My top highlight of the week has been seeing the very first Yipiyap GoogleAds pop up!! This is something that we’ve never tried before and is clearly a process which will need to be refined over the coming weeks and months but which is an incredibly exciting and positive step for YY. Just try searching for a ‘related term’ and your ‘impression’ will be logged on our analytics. Get me! Many thanks of course go to Alan who is steadily becoming an expert in this as in everything!

Regional News

Norwich, Peterborough and Derby

I had a visit to Nottingham to meet with the Head at one of our schools there and it was great to see he was so keen to learn about all the different possible options for support next year. Also brilliant to have Hafsah back in school after the stress of exams – more of this in my WOH…



Here in Manchester it’s been another busy one. I’ve had a number of meetings with schools potentially looking to come on board with us next year, as well as confirmation that Reddish Vale and Buxton will definitely be joining us again! The support requests have been coming in thick and fast, meaning I’ve been focussing a lot on recruiting enough tutors to fill the placements we’ve confirmed so far. Finally, I must mention all of my team this week because after reviewing your June timesheets I was really impressed at the number of days you’ve made up over the year. We’re very almost finished making up all of the hours owed, so a huge well done to all of you!


Denbighshire and Cheshire

Sometimes it's the little things that make a good week and I have to say, having my own desk is one of those things! This week has been heavily focused on next year. I've had a fantastic new applicant come through to interview and I know she'll suit one of our upcoming placements really well. We've also been developing our welcome pack for our next cohort of tutors, running through the changes we're making to our induction course, and I've been reading up on the world of digital advertising as we look to approach new schools this way. It's really exciting to see all the changes coming up in the next few months.

Flintshire and Wrexham

Its been great to get over to Ysgol Bryn Alyn to catch up with Rebecca of recent date and to get some feedback on what she is doing for the final few weeks of the term. I've also been out to a few new Sixth Forms recently in Flint & Wrexham evangelising about Yipiyap and am trying to drum up a few last orders for next year.

London, Yorkshire and The Humber

Fantastic week this week even if I was staring out of the window half the time wanting to be lying outside in the sun! Hope you've all had the same glorious weather and had a chance to enjoy it, too! This is a difficult part of the year in some ways as schools' organisation tends to collapse in on itself a bit and tutors' roles can become a bit hazy. Remember to keep up the fantastic levels of professionalism you've been showing all year and make the most of the last 3 weeks!!

I've been going in to overdrive with interviews this week - lots of applicants appearing now they've finished their exams (remember exams!?) so it's a whole job keeping on top of them all. Great to see so many strong applicants coming forward, but nobody will ever beat my team from this year!

Wall of Happy

This week Joss starts us off with his special mentions

Wall of happy this week I wanted to shout out Sally for resolving a situation at Ralph Thoresby. She contacted me earlier in the week explaining that so much had changed at the school after the Y11s had left that she really wasn't sure what her role was supposed to be - a feeling that I think a lot of tutors will identify with. Only a few days later she got back to me and had independently discussed it with the head of department and arranged to begin extracting students again for the remainder of term, giving her a lot more purpose through these last few weeks. I know how hard this can be and it often takes multiple attempts. It's easy to feel that you're pestering the staff who are all busy (I know Sally definitely felt this) and therefore just continue not doing much and become increasingly frustrated. Sally's shown fantastic professionalism, proactivity, dedication and communication in sorting this out so effectively - great work!

Next to Alan

This week I'd like to highlight some nice feedback I heard about Emma while I've been arranging my visit this week. As of writing, I've not yet visited you at Rainhill but staff have already been quick to tell me how you're always getting stuck in with your projects and are very positive with both students and staff. No doubt this will come across during my visit on Friday but for now I'm looking forward to seeing you in this new(er) placement!

Now over to Richard

My major Wall of Happy item has to be going to see my daughter play Nala in their school production of The Lion King. I may be a little bit biased (or even majorly biased) but she was amazing!!!

From a Yipiyap perspective I'm really pleased to welcome on board our first Welsh language tutor for next year. There have been several requests for this type of support ahead of 2019/20 so I'm delighted to have secured an excellent tutor.

Now to Jess

My special mention this week goes to Elena, who has been working really hard on her final impact reports for the year. It’s clear that she has built excellent working relationships with her students and the comments have been excellent. Thank you again for taking the time to write those.

Also, after mentioning Kiran in the W.O.H. last week I wanted to give you an update. Kiran completed the run in 29 minutes and 1 second which is an impressive time, especially considering how warm it was!

And, finally to Anne

Simply fabulous feedback from CODA this week after the arrival of Hafsah. The Head of Maths wrote:

“Hafsah is another high calibre, professional and diligent tutor from YIPIYAP; thank you for the extra support. All 3 are all wonderful to be honest!”

Hafsah, Alice and Louie – well done to you all!

Pedagogy Corner

Last week I said I would be sharing some of the top tips from our current tutors. First up this week are a selection from Elle which are brilliant for the classroom and for life lessons!

Be confident in your knowledge, but ready to admit when you have made a mistake. You will be in your position as a tutor because you are more than capable of demonstrating your knowledge and imparting it to others, but no one expects you to be infallible. Inevitably you will make a mistake, whether it’s a simple addition error, a spelling mistake or getting a chemical equation wrong. The worst thing to do is pretend it didn’t happen; students are very quick to realise when a mistake has been made and will lose respect for you if you don’t admit it and correct it. Simply own it and move on.

It is important to find your “teacher face” early on - you are still being yourself, but the most professional version of yourself you can be. Adopting a persona while tutoring makes it easier to create boundaries and allows you to follow through on rules without feeling unfriendly. It is important to find this early on as students rely on your constancy, they are less likely to respect your position if they perceive you to be too friendly or unprofessional.

Finally, always make sure you are in control of the discussion. Students can tend to be very easily sidetracked and will try on occasion to lure you into a conversation that is irrelevant. It is your job to keep them on task and veer the discussion away from tangents.

Fantastic - thanks Elle!

If you have any top tips or reflections of your own we’d love to hear your stories to inspire Yipiyap’s next generation – please send them to me at richard@yipiyap.co.uk

This week Yipiyap goes to Glastonbury


Well, you must be living on the moon if you haven’t heard that Glastonbury’s back, bigger and better than ever this weekend after a gap year of it’s own. In celebration of this I have made our very own Yipiyap Goes to Glastonbury playlist featuring songs from the artists on the pyramid stage from Friday to Sunday! So if you are not lucky enough to have a ticket, just pop your Beats on, sit in the sunshine and close your eyes and let us transport you to your very own Glastonbury!

As always, thanks for reading and have a great weekend!


I will bring positivity into school by greeting everyone with a smile.

I will be proactive, looking for ways to help teachers and students and asking for help if I need it.

I’m a role model and will show children how to conduct themselves.

I will be professional at all times, respect staff and value the responsibilities I am given.

There will be times when I make mistakes but I will never stop learning!
— The Yipiyap Mantra