Update #29 - 10th May

Hi Everyone,

I hope you all had a great Bank Holiday and short week back into school! We are now only a couple of weeks away from the Whit half term holiday so let’s all hope the weather picks up to the dizzy heights of Easter’s temperatures!

So, what’s been going on this week?

Catherine’s News

This weeks has really whizzed by with it only being a 4 day week (could get used to it!). More of the ‘you know what’s’ and I’ve being very pleased with the calibre of candidates I am meeting. Getting lots more interest from Sheffield and the new areas of Yorkshire, particularly Rotherham, which is great but we are still looking for more applicants! As such I could really do with your help!


While we have a large number of high quality applicants, as you know we are looking to start the year with 100 tutors for the first time ever and knowing we will lose a few of the current candidates at results day we are therefore looking for more tutors than ever before! You are all by far the best placed to know just the sort of people we need and may well know many of this year’s Year 13s in your old schools. If you do, please let me know. As you know, you will be entitled to a £50 finder’s fee if they come along and work successfully for us! Thank you in anticipation for your help with this!

Anne’s News

I wanted to take the opportunity to highlight a situation that arose for one of my team, Alice, this week and just revisit the procedure and expectations around it.

You will remember from your training that we have a strict Relationship Policy addressing relationships with students and at the beginning of the year it would have been fresh in your mind what to do if any students attempt to contact you on social media. By this stage in the year, most of you will have been working with the same students for months and so the chance of them suddenly attempting to contact you is relatively low.

However, now Y11 have left, tutors who have been working mainly with Y11 will find that they are working with new groups of Y10 or the lower years and this may well cause a sudden spike in new interest around who you are, why you’re there etc.

Your social media accounts should already be private but this is a reminder that if you do receive approaches on any form of social media, simply delete the request without comment and let your RD know so there is transparency.

The same applies if Y11 do try to contact you. Just because they have now left school you must not under any circumstances engage with them as they are still coming into school for their exams.

If you have any questions or concerns at any time, please let your RD, me or Catherine know. We want to make sure you have a great end to the year!

Regional News

Norwich, Peterborough and Derby

My region suddenly expanded this week to include Scarborough of all places! A Head teacher who had worked with Yipiyap at his former school in Oldham now wants to have tutors at his new school on the East coast and so the hunt is on for top talent in Scarborough. Two things – Joss, this is one which will soon be coming your way as it’s clearly in Y&H (J) and second, if I wanted to drive the length of my region currently it would take 6 hours (and 1 min!)

One thing that did make me chuckle though, when I mentioned to Jess that we were going to Scarborough she said ‘Don’t they have a really good fair there?’!! I don’t know about that, Jess, but a day out at nearby Flamingoland was one of the highlights of my youth and there was no parsley, sage, rosemary or thyme to be seen!


It’s been a busy (and slightly stressful!) week this week. After a lovely long weekend of relaxing and catching up with my family, the world decided to add some chaos into my life by deciding to break my car! I was due to visit Reddish on Wednesday but unfortunately I just couldn’t make it, unless I wanted to try and drive on the motorway with three wheels. My mechanic advised against this. Anyway, onto the positives! Earlier this week I visited Wilmslow High to meet a new recruitment contact and some potential future tutors. After a busy morning of talking about the benefits for tutors, I then had to rush across to Manchester Academy to discuss the benefits of having the support in place. Luckily it all flows quite naturally after nearly four years with the business! I also had the pleasure of going back to a school that I worked at called Kingsway. They’re hoping to reintroduce support from September so fingers crossed!

Denbighshire and Cheshire

Yet another very quick week this week. After a month of schedules not lining up, I started the week by finally interviewing one of our North Wales applicants. We've also had another HR candidate in the office talking to each of us and there's been lots of talk around expanding the office space for our newest recruits! I'm really looking forward to seeing the group grow and see what new ideas more people can bring. Ruwaydah has been giving me a helping hand with our induction process as she's been testing out all of the sign-up tests. We've also had our next wave of Indeed careers adverts posted, and I've been off to Winstanley today to see some new applicants. More colleges to come next week, and hopefully more new students applying too!

Flintshire and Wrexham

I’ve managed to dodge the dreaded lurgy all winter but its finally caught up with me this week so I’ve been quieter than usual. However I’ve still managed to get some meetings into the diary with both Wrexham and Flintshire Pupil Referral Units to see if there is a way we can support some of their vulnerable young people next year. Looking forward to a quiet weekend to take it easy so I can hit the ground running again next Monday!

London, Yorkshire and The Humber

Great week this week despite the weather doing its very best to wash me away! Really enjoyed a visit back to Adilah and Deimante’s old college to speak to some interested candidates for next year. So much fun to catch up with their old careers advisor and update her on their progress - puts everything in to perspective how well you’ve all done to make it this far through the year. Also a shout out to Niall this week who’s made a commitment to make up hours around his exams - really great to be thinking of the school and the students at a time that’s so high-pressure for you. Well done!

Wall of Happy

This week Anne starts us off with her special mentions

As mentioned above, Alice dealt with a tricky social media request in an exemplary way and this is a measure of how consistent a performer she has been all year. It was also so nice to hear about a student that had refused to work with a lot of the school staff being happy to work with you, Alice. Not a surprise, but great to hear.

Also, have to give a mention to Simren for her ongoing excellent communication – it’s a busy time for Simren with essays to complete for her Masters but she is never late coming back with anything!

Finally, congratulations to Louie on his Bank Holiday triumph (see below). Well done, Louie – Derby has set the bar high for the competitive 10k tutors!

Next to Joss

Wall of happy this week - really enjoyed a quick chat I had with Snezana about her contract for next year. She just took a moment to thank us and say how much she had enjoyed her year and how much she was looking forward to next year already. Really made me happy to hear that amount of positivity - and funny to hear Snezana thank us for a contract for next year when we’re so happy to have a tutor of her calibre returning! Look forward to another year of great work!

Now over to Alan

A very nice bit of news to hear that Elliot is back in action and tutoring at Prestatyn again. I'm really glad your hand is recovering and hasn't required surgery. Fingers crossed for a speedy recovery! Also a quick positive comment from school for Emma! I'm continuing to push for a date to come in and while we're still waiting on a suitable date from Lauren Jones, Wendy has reiterated how successful your last few weeks have been. You've really made an impact on the students and school have noticed how positive your effect has been. Keep it up, and I do hope to drop by soon!

Now to Richard

My Wall of Happy shout out this week is to the impact Katie is having at Ysgol Treffynnon. Really pleased to see the evidence of progress of a number of her students from some term 3 impact forms – students going from E grade and below to knocking on the door of a C grade is fantastic (grades are still in letters in Wales). Looking forward to seeing similar impact from other tutors and students as well.

And, finally to Jess

A big Happy Birthday to Kiran. I hope you’ve had a lovely day today and have something nice planned over the weekend!

Mental Health Awareness Week


Are you aware that it is Mental Health Awareness Week next week? This year the focus is body image.

Mark Rowland CEO of the Mental Health Foundation and part of the #BeBodyKind campaign neatly unpacks this issue and how the way we view our bodies impacts our mental health. I found this article so relvant that I thought it would be useful to print here for you all to read.

Body Image has a direct relevance to everyone reading this. All of us live with our bodies as they evolve and change. Just as all of us have a role in shaping an inclusive culture where we help others feel comfortable in their own skin.

Why does body image matter?

We are all intimately aware of the particular idiosyncrasies of our own body; its strengths and wonders and its limitations. No piece of technology that you will ever buy will match the complexity, sophistication and regenerative powers of your body.

And yet… For too many of us, our bodies are sources of shame and distress. From an early age, we are bombarded with images that define what an ‘ideal body’ looks like. Sometimes we have faced stigma or cruelty as friends and family have used how we look as a way to put us down for a cheap laugh. I know I have been guilty of that within my own family.

In therapeutic terms, we have internalised a sense of SHOULD when it comes to our bodies. It is as if we each have our own internal GIF on a loop reinforcing what the ideal looks like. My GIF repeats Daniel Craig strutting toned and chiselled from the sea. It’s no wonder that when I catch a glimpse of my actual reflection, I sigh with a sense of disappointment.

And although we know girls and young women are particularly vulnerable to poor body image, body image as an issue that cuts across gender, age, sexuality and ethnicity. Bodyguard star Richard Madden is among the surprising voices to have spoken out recently against the demands they face to look a certain way.


Body image is closely linked with mental health

All this might not be so serious if it didn’t have profound implications for our mental and physical health. The opposite also seems true: the more comfortable you are with your body, the greater your overall wellbeing, and the less likely you are to engage in destructive behaviours.

Since ancient times, there have been a long line of Western philosophers who influenced how we think about the separation of the body and mind. But the evidence definitively shows that this sort of dualism is not a helpful construct and that a holistic view about the inter-relatedness of our bodies and minds is vital to achieve a healthier population. It is perhaps why it still surprises us that cultures that are focused on materialism, consumption and celebrity fare worse in terms of people’s body image and mental health.

So, during Mental Health Awareness Week, we will make the case that the distress related to poor body image and the related mental health problems can be prevented. We will explore the changes needed in our cultural values, parenting styles, schooling approaches, use of technology, advertising standards and reducing discrimination that will make a real difference.

So, take action and join the #BeBodyKind campaign this Mental Health Awareness Week.

Pedagogy Corner Competition - deadline extended until the end of term

We have extended the deadline for the Pedagogy corner competition to FRIDAY 24th MAY so that everyone has chance to get their answers in. Just a reminder, first prize will be £25 Amazon vouchers.

You’ll find the competition as an attachment to this week’s newsletter. There are 10 questions and the information you’ll need to answer most, if not all, of these questions is in the overview document which is also attached. Assuming that everybody who enters does brilliantly with those questions, there is also a tie-breaker on the third page which asks you to reflect on your own teaching & learning experiences. Either edit the document and email it back or otherwise print it out and return by post to the given address.

Louie’s 10k Magic!

It’s a huge well done to Louise for a massive effort in the Great Northern 10k last weekend. He managed to do it in 50.06 coming an impressive 73rd out of 282 and here’s the proof! Well done Louie and good luck to the rest of the Yipiyap runners for their runs coming up soon!!


Calling all Y&H tutors! Under 30s Open Mic Poetry Night

Our resident poet Jemima has been busy organising an open mic poetry event that is going to take place on Thursday 6th June between 7-10pm at Off the Road Live Lounge, 246 Spring Bank W, Hull, HU5 3RU. The event is open to Under 30s and you can just show up, put your name down and go up to do a 5 minute poetry slot in which you can read/perform your poetry. But you don’t have to read/perform, people are welcome to come and just watch so why not get together and go along to support Jemima at the event?

Amber and Lois’ Top 20 Tunes

It’s a massive thanks to the amazing Lois and Amber from Alan’s team this week for their brilliant playlist! I did mention to Lois that I had never heard any of hers on Wednesday, having driven across to Sheffield yesterday (4 hours in the car!!) I listened to them on Spotify so can really recommend her list. I expecially liked So Am I by Ava Max. And as for Amber’s list, yet another cracker with a special mention for ABBA Dancing Queen, one of the best floorfillers ever. What’s not to like??

Thanks both for your selections! Click below for Amber and Lois’ music nirvana:

Thanks for reading and have a great weekend everyone!


I will bring positivity into school by greeting everyone with a smile.

I will be proactive, looking for ways to help teachers and students and asking for help if I need it.

I’m a role model and will show children how to conduct themselves.

I will be professional at all times, respect staff and value the responsibilities I am given.

There will be times when I make mistakes but I will never stop learning!
— The Yipiyap Mantra