Update #27 - 26th April

Hi there,

Yeh! The Weekly Update is finally back to kick start your Friday evening! It feels like ages since the last one! I hope that you have all had a great break and are now geared up for the last term at school and with Yipiyap. It’s a great update this week, even if I say so myself, so kick back, have a read and start your weekend right here!

You have all now mastered your roles, making them your own with all of the ideas and creativity you have brought to them. You’ve risen to the challenge and should be incredibly proud of what you have achieved. This last term is so crucial to the students you are supporting so it is essential that you keep this amazing level of performance up. It’s that last push for the line so approach this term with all the zest and vigour that you can muster and inspire your students to be the best they can be! Good luck to all of you!

Also, the long awaited playlist courtesy of our amazing Manchester tutors Maryam and Fozia!! You will not be disappointed!!

First official ‘hug warning’ of 2019!

We have previously mentioned the potential pitfalls of the annual Summer term hug-fest that tends to start as Y11s depart for study leave.

Please be aware of this over the next few weeks when students you’ve been working with may be tempted to give you a big hug. Be in absolutely no doubt that hugging pupils is not acceptable, nor any other physical contact. Please also do not share any of your personal details with students such as your phone number or email address or be in contact with any of them over social media. All of this is in breach of your contract, the Yipiyap Code of Conduct and our Relationship Policy and would be treated very seriously by schools with Police involvement likely.

Remember that you are trusted adults and pupils are potentially vulnerable children and so do not put yourself in the position where there may be an issue. Just maintain the professional distance you have done so well to achieve throughout the year. I attach our Code of Conduct and Relationship Policy and would ask you to re-read these documents now. If anyone has any concerns, please do not hesitate to speak to your Regional Directors, Anne or I about this. We are all here to support you!

So, what’s been going on this week?

Anne’s News

As it’s been a short week and a lot of my team are still off (see below) my news this week is really just to echo what Catherine has outlined above, particularly our unique Fit For Future event on 15th June. The amount of effort that goes into making this day so special and memorable is really something else and Catherine in particular takes a huge amount of care to make sure there really is something (loads) for everybody.

Your RDs will be confirming attendance over the next couple of weeks and it would be so good to see you there to finish off the year in style. Last year we had tutors attending from all regions so hopefully it will be even bigger and better this year. Looking forward to it already so Save the Date!

Catherine’s News

First off, my usual reminder about the £50 finder’s fee if you recommend a friend and they work successfully for us for the next academic year!

After many Easter eggs consumed it was great to be back in the office this week with the team. I have bounced back to work full of the springs of joy at the prospect of lots of interviews over the coming weeks with potential tutors from all over the country to reach our 100 tutor target for September 2019. Lots of things happening this term with the regional 10ks, Charity Challenges, our Pedagogy Corner competition and the 2019 Fit For Future Event. I really hope that you are all going to throw yourselves into all of these events and make the most of your last term with us.

Dates and details for your diary are as follows:

10ks Runs

So far, we have:

  • Derby 10k - Great Northern Run, Mickleover on Monday 6th May

  • Manchester 10k - Heaton Park Run on Saturday 8th June

Charity Challenge

It’s time to get those bake sales organised. Your RDs will be engaging with you about these over the coming weeks!

Pedagogy Corner Competition
Entries in by the closing date of Friday 3rd May! Good luck!!!

And finally, TAH DAH our annual…

Fit for Future Event on Saturday 15th June


We have a great agenda for the day as follows:

Morning Session - 10:00 - 13:00

Happy Presentation - Bryan Jones

Bryan Jones is a Principal Lecturer in Coaching and Performance. He specialises in the mental aspects of performance and has more recently focussed on wellbeing. Having built a 900 pupil Secondary School in 2012, Bryan has begun to focus on changing the ‘conversation’ for children in his local community, raising self-esteem and making people develop the tools to become happier and more fulfilled with life.

This presentation represents an introduction to the key concepts of happiness with some frameworks for examining your own ‘happiness state’, and the key sources for your happiness. Some of the most common approaches for improving a person’s state of happiness will be presented. The key features of the presentation will be:

-        Defining Happiness

-        Sources of Happiness

-        How to become happier

Sign Language Workshop - Elaine Butterworth, Deaf Interpreting Solutions

Elaine was diagnosed as Profoundly Deaf just before she was two years old. She used an oral method of communication until she was sixteen years old then started learning British Sign Language (BSL) through local deaf clubs. After leaving school, she went to University and thereafter qualified as a Teacher for the Deaf.

She has an MA in Deaf Education and I has been teaching Deaf Awareness (DA) at colleges and schools all over the UK and currently works for Interpreting Solutions as a Deaf Professional, teaching BSL & DA and supporting Deaf students who study at universities.

Elaine will be delivering a sign language taster session taking us through the basics of signing.


2018-19 Tutor Award Ceremony

Who will be this year’s Tutor of the Year?

Afternoon Session - 13:30 - 16:30

First Aid Workshop - Sarah Keating, LDA Training

Sarah will take us through all of the basic first aid you will need when you go away to University. This is the third time that Sarah has run her First Aid Workshop and I can promise you not only incredibly useful information that will stand you in good stead in a medical emergency but it will be delivered in a most entertaining and positive way!

University - What to expect (various speakers)

We have invited back some former tutors who went to University after Yipiyap and they will be talking about their experiences to give you a really good steer about what to prepare for and expect. We also have a speaker from the University of Leeds admission team to talk about what a University would want you to prepare for.

Self Defence Course

Our Induction Day self- defence team are back to put us through our paces again with a basic self defence course for all!

Regional News

Norwich, Peterborough and Derby

It’s a fairly quiet first week back for NPD with all of D still being off! Nevertheless, a phased return does allow a focused approach and so there has been lots of activity in Norwich and Peterborough this week, doing the research and laying the groundwork for the year ahead.


Welcome back everyone! I hope you all had a lovely Easter and managed to enjoy some time in the sunshine. It’s been a shorter week than usual, but it certainly hasn’t been less busy! On Tuesday I had a meeting at a new school in Manchester to discuss the possibility of working with us in the future and also teaming with their Sixth Form for recruitment purposes. I also interviewed at my old stomping ground, a school in Altrincham called Loreto Grammar. It was very strange being back there again, interviewing candidates in the room next door to the room I had my Yipiyap interview in! As great as this week has been, I think the news everyone really wants to hear is that over Easter I got a new puppy!! She is a nine week old golden retriever called Molly and is a nightmare, but an adorable one.

Denbighshire and Cheshire

Two terms down, one to go! A belated happy Easter to everyone and I hope you’ve had a great break. Thanks to everyone for getting their timesheets while you were off. I’ve been able to use the quieter time to update some of our processes for next year, including how we bring new schools on board and induct new tutors. This week, the new health and safety setup is now 99% finished and I’ve also been sitting down with Halyna to go through some of the arduous work she does on sorting out our payroll. The goal is to have a much improved system ahead of September for the next team of tutors. And of course the next round of recruitment is underway with my latest trip to King’s School todayand off to Winstanley next!

Flintshire and Wrexham

Once again, Welsh schools are holidaying later than most of the country so things have been quiet on the school front. They’ll be back to work for one full week before another bank holiday weekend – what a great start of term to look forward to! Behind the scenes I’ve been to another Flintshire careers fair where I met lots of interested parties, including potential tutors as well as other organisations who were interested in exploring what we do. I’ve also had a meeting with a couple of people from Flintshire council who work with young people who struggle to engage with school to explore how Yipiyap could support those learners. A similar meeting is also lined up in Wrexham next week.

London, Yorkshire and The Humber

Really enjoyed the slightly shorter week this week and the long, sunny weekend in the Lake District. Missed you all, though, and glad to be back at it! Always great to start a term with an RD meeting, too, to fill you with energy and new projects and ideas for Yipiyap! Great to see everyone's made a good start back (those of you who aren't still on holiday!) and best of luck for the final term!

Wall of Happy

This week Richard starts us off with his special mentions

Without doubt my personal highlight of the last couple of weeks has been a road trip for a few days with my wife and daughter to Bruges and Amsterdam. Both such stunning cities but I could have walked around Amsterdam for days - so much to see and its all so grand.

On a work front it was great to attend a huge careers fair at Deeside leisure centre and I was really grateful to have Katie join me to tell the story of Yipiyap from a tutor perspective.

Next to Jess

Francesca’s AP placement has now come to an end and I wanted to thank her for being such a great inspiration to the student she was working with. Your ‘can-do’ attitude was evident throughout, especially when you agreed to help Z with some Geology work. Well done!

It was lovely to have an opportunity to visit Ben and Olivia at Lostock College last week. I met with all of the staff they work with and the feedback was glowing. Lostock are interested in continuing working with us next year, so a real credit to the work Ben and Olivia have done so far.

Now over to Anne

With only 5 of the team in this week I’m going to make ALL of them my WOH - Ahkin, Humayra, Tia, Carla and Faye, thanks for all your hard work this week!

Also, have to give a shout out to Ahkin, Louie and Niamh, the intrepid NPD 10k-ers who will be battling it out in Derby and, yes, Ahkin, that means you have to run for a whole hour!

Now to Joss

Wall of happy this week - shout out to everyone in both London and Y&H teams for exemplary attendance last month. It's so rare to have so few absences with such a big team in a whole timesheet (even a short one!) so it was a pleasure to read them all. Well done, guys - keep it up for the last term!

And, finally to Alan

No individual mention this week as most of the team are still enjoying the half term. So instead, a welcome back to April, Emma, Francesca and Lois. I’m already set to be visiting Francesca and Emma’s schools over the next couple of weeks so I will look forward to seeing you then! And a quick heads up about our charity challenge which will be taking place soon - my team last year was incredibly successful at this so I’m excited for this year’s! Adam, I will need some help on this so will be in touch next week once you’re back!

Be a Pilgrim

May is Mental Health Awareness month and we will be doing lots of features in the Weekly Update throughout the month to support the initiative.

As a little taster and hopefully to coincide with some nice weather here’s our first feature- how to be a pilgrim.


‘Stepping outside’ your everyday life can really focus your mind and modern day pilgramages are having a moment. The simple act of putting one foot infront of the other delivers in unexpected ways. Modern day pilgramages are not necessarily religious although religious pilgramages are growing with 330 million people going to one every year, including the Hajj in Saudi Arabia and Kumbh Mela in India.

While some pilgrims walk with religious intent, secular pilgrims may have different reasons, the search for enrichment or a new direction or purpose.

Walking a path is a slow and deliberate undertaking- through a landscape that inspires to a place of meaning. It offers what modern day life is short of: time. It gives you the chance to feel connected, offers your mind an opportunity to rest and look around and there is a pilgrimage for everyone be it Anne’s walk into the Yipiyap office each day, a lunchtime stroll to an old tree in a park, or to somewhere you hold special in your heart. All you have to do is step out of your front door and walk. The route you take does not need to be grandiose or dramatic, it’s just a rare moment of peace and sense of achievement.

Whether you choose to a long or short pilgrimage, walking mindfully will deepen your experience. Being mindful is about being present and paying attention to things around you and how you feel. The following tips will help you on your way:

  1. Turn off your phone - any time spent away from electronic devices is time well spent.

  2. Make an intention - at the start of your walk think about why you are doing it and what you hope to gain. Then let that thought go; it will be present in your subconscious and will guide you.

  3. Switch on your senses - really enjoy what you see, hear, taste, smell and touch.

  4. Walk slowly and purposefully - trying to maintain a regular, steady pace.

  5. Look up and look around - every so often, look behind you to see how far you have come.

  6. Breathe slowly and deeply.

  7. Learn the names of what you see - trees, butterflies, flowers- it’s a positive way of noticing them.

  8. Keep a journal - noting down things helps you pay attention to what’s around you but don’t let this dominate your time.

  9. Dismiss any annoying or upsetting thoughts - concentrate on the here and now.

  10. Be quiet - engaging with others is a distraction so give it a break or walk with a friend in companionable silence.

Pedagogy Corner

Just a reminder that there is a Pedagogy corner competition running with closing date next Friday, 3rd May. £25 Amazon vouchers to be won. All of the details and attachments were included in the last bulletin on 5th April.

It’s finally Fozia and Maryam’s Top 20 Tunes

We teased you last time but finally they are here! It’s Fozia and Maryam’s playlist at last. It’s a great one so I know you will really enjoy it. Just the ticket to start Term 3 off in style. Thanks both for sharing your favorite songs with us!

Thanks for reading and have a great weekend!


I will bring positivity into school by greeting everyone with a smile.

I will be proactive, looking for ways to help teachers and students and asking for help if I need it.

I’m a role model and will show children how to conduct themselves.

I will be professional at all times, respect staff and value the responsibilities I am given.

There will be times when I make mistakes but I will never stop learning!
— The Yipiyap Mantra