Update #26 - 5th April

Hello there everyone,

It’s a brief weekly update this week given it’s the last day of term for most of you! As such we are just going to have a collective Wall of Happy to finish the term off on a high along with a very unique playlist at the end!!

Wall of Happy

Let’s start with Anne’s Wall of Happy…

Yum, yum, yum!

Yum, yum, yum!

Hannah did an amazing cake sale this week - all home produce for the lucky teachers at Hardwick Primary School. That rainbow cake is immense Hannah and fabulous that you raised £52 (which will be doubled when we donate it) for Magic Breakfast!!

Next I’m going to Tia who has done great work in organising the Norwich tutors to go to see Dumbo next week - enjoy the show, everyone and hope it’s ear-flappingly good :)

Congratulations go to Claudia who has gained an unconditional offer for a Medicine conversion course at Leicester University next year. Well done Claudia!

Finally a massive double Happy Birthday to Ahkin and Louie who have their special days over the holiday from the Weekly Update. Hope you both have amazing days!

Now over to Manchester and Jess’ team

A huge shout out to Ruwaydah this week. She has been supporting a student that really struggled with getting into school recently and on Wednesday this week he managed to have his first day back in after several months of working from home/in the office! It’s so rewarding to see a student overcome a big challenge and Ruwaydah has played a vital role in that. Well done!

Thanks for another great term everyone. You’ve worked incredibly hard and I’m looking forward to the final stretch. The sun will be out and you’ll be getting closer and closer to those summer plans (for me, lots of festivals!). Have a lovely Easter.

Following on from Jess, it’s Alan and his Cheshire and Denbighshire tutors

Of course I have to start off with our trip to the cinema to round off the term. I couldn't believe that Dumbo won out as the team's top choice, and it was great to see everyone who came! I'd also like to look back over the last couple of weeks and draw on some positive comments staff have shared. Firstly Emma, I've heard from Wendy that you're doing really well so I'm keen to come in and meet with Lauren Jones and see you in action. Adam, great to catch up with you and Liz, and as always to hear the usual praise from the receptionist before I've even signed in! Great to that you're heading off for the marking training session too - I'm sure that it'll be similar to last year's but will be useful nonetheless. And finally Elliot, it was a big highlight to hear that you've been putting so much time into finding resources and taking a responsible approach to making sure individual students get the help they need. Pairing them up with college students who can help them further is a great approach as it'll have a lasting effect after you've finished there yourself. Ella couldn't say enough how much you've grown into the role since September! All round, I think this has been a really positive term and it's hard to believe there's only one more to go.

And now for Joss and London, Yorkshire and Humberside

Had three stand-out moments this week - all to do with phenomenal tutor feedback from schools. First, visiting Krish at ATS I was really blown away by how positive they are about his impact and importance at the school. He's the only lifeline they have for A-Level Mechanics for their Maths students - the head of Maths went out of his way to come and find me to say how essential Krish has been. Second, it was great to meet with Deimante and her main contact at LDE this week - exactly the same thing - so positive about her impact and how well she's adapted after having to start mid-year. Really great to hear and glad it's going so well. Finally, I've been helping Jemima rearrange her hours at WHA this week and the head of English there went out of his way to get in touch to say how much of an impact she's having and how valued she is. This level of praise is well beyond the norm even amongst a group of tutors as fantastic as we have this year, so pat yourselves on the back and feel proud about being able to create such an outstanding impression!!!

And last but not least to Richard with his Wall of Happy and the amazing Pedagogy Corner!

My wall of happy this week is just to say a massive thank you to each of my tutors for the jobs they are doing in their respective schools. It was lovely to give Harry & Rebecca such lovely feedback last week from Ysgol Bryn Alyn about how they had settled in and also the appreciation of the support given to GCSE students. I went to visit Katie this week in Ysgol Treffynnon and you know something is working when first of all the receptionist tells you how much they like your tutor and then when Y7 and Y8 students are coming up to them to ask if they’ll be in their lesson later and shouting with joy excitedly when they find out the answer is yes. I thought that was lovely to see so well done Katie. Although we have bit longer to go than most, have a fantastic and well deserved Easter break when it comes.

Pedagogy Corner

So this week is the launch of the Pedagogy corner competition so that you’ve got something to keep that grey-matter ticking over during your holiday (it’s not all about the chocolate!). First prize will be £25 Amazon vouchers. There may be other prizes for other high-quality entries too!

You’ll find the competition as an attachment to this week’s newsletter. There are 10 questions and the information you’ll need to answer most, if not all, of these questions is in the overview document which is also attached. Assuming that everybody who enters does brilliantly with those questions, there is also a tie-breaker on the third page which asks you to reflect on your own teaching & learning experiences. The closing dates for entries is Friday 3rd May. Details of where to return your entries are included at the end of the competition – either edit the document and email it back or otherwise print it out and return by post to the given address.

Good luck!!!

Twelfth Night aka TT18!

I do not often commandeer the TT20 for my own playlist but today is something of an exception in that it is a monumental day in the musical life of my son, Dylan.

A completely besotted musician, Dylan wrote a musical version of Twelfth Night in Y12 that he then went on to perform last summer at school (right through the middle of A-Levels!) and again last September. Since then he has made a professional recording of the show which went live on Spotify TODAY.

Most of the team at Yipiyap have lived and breathed the progress of these 18 songs from the time they were written up to the present and so I want to say a massive thank you to them for all their support. Here is the link to the show and for first time listeners who want to go straight to the big numbers, probably best to start with tracks 7 (One Day), 8 and 9 and take it from there. Enjoy!


Have a great weekend (if you are in next week!) and Easter (if you break up today)! Enjoy all of those Easter Eggs!

Thanks for reading as always!


I will bring positivity into school by greeting everyone with a smile.

I will be proactive, looking for ways to help teachers and students and asking for help if I need it.

I’m a role model and will show children how to conduct themselves.

I will be professional at all times, respect staff and value the responsibilities I am given.

There will be times when I make mistakes but I will never stop learning!
— The Yipiyap Mantra