Update #3 - 28th September

Hi Team,

How are you all? I hope you have had another great week. Have you still got your voices after all of the talking you’re doing? Make sure you stock up on the Hall’s Soothers (other brands available from reputable chemists of course!!). You will get used to it!


***Today is your first payday – please check your account***

For those of you who have another job, you may find the following information helpful. If you ticked box C on your P46 to indicate that this is not your only job you will have been taxed in this role at the basic rate. This is done automatically by the government but don’t worry, you now have three options:

  1. Do nothing. Tax will be deducted each month but in April you will get most if not all of the tax back automatically. A good way to save and no effort.

  2. Tell your tax office that this is now your only job if this is the case. Tax will not be deducted from when we receive your new tax code.

  3. Tell your tax office that you would like your other job to be taxed at the Basic Rate instead of this role. If you have two jobs, you cannot avoid one of them being taxed at the BR but if you earn more in this role than in your other job then there will be less of a deduction each month if you make this request. As before you will get most if not all back in April automatically.

So, what’s been going on this week?

Catherine’s News

Once again, a busy week for me with more interviews for students hoping to join the team for this academic year. They have had to put up with me sniffing and snorting given I have my first cold of the year! I am completely miffed this has happened as I have been dosing up on fruit and vitamins to try and avoid one but hey ho! I can recommend Day Nurse and Night Nurse (for a guaranteed sound sleep) and no, I am not on commission with Halls or GSK!

There has also been lots of planning for the tutor enrichment program for the year ahead. This term we have the bowling evening, the MMI and general interview practice day as well as the refresher induction and Christmas party so lots to look forward to! There’s more information concerning the tutor bowling evening and mock interview day later in the update so make sure you read on…...

Finally, a huge ‘thanks’ to all of you who have already been helping out with recruitment talks, careers fairs on behalf of the company. This week a shout out to Lewis who went along with Jess to Stockport Grammar and was by all accounts an excellent ambassador for us. Newt week, it’s Faye and Carla’s turn presenting to some of the Year 13s at Wymondham College. Good luck both and thanks so much to you all!

My weekly reminder that if you know of anyone who may be taking a gap year after their A levels this summer who would make a great tutor remember there is a £50 finder’s fee if you recommend them and they work successfully for us!

Anne’s News

I had a fantastic first visit of the year to Derby on Thursday and it was great to catch up with Niamh, Anna and Millie in their schools during the day. Niamh was so on top of organising things with all her groups coming together now and Anna and Millie were being given free reign to sort their own groups out for the coming weeks! All getting stuck in and being proactive to make things as easy as possible for their colleagues in school – well done everyone and if I didn’t see you this time, I’ll be back to Derby/Nottingham very soon!

I also put the finishing touches to our Mental Health at Work plan and it is now having the artwork done to transform it into a finished Yipiyap document. Hopefully ready for next week’s WU.

Regional News

Norwich, Peterborough and Derby

A warm welcome to Simren, the first new NPD tutor to join us since induction! Simren is doing a Masters this year at Nottingham University and will be working at West Park School in Derby. It’s great to have you on the team, Simren!

Well it’s been a hard fought battle but I think nearly all our DANCOP support is up and running! This support comprises 25 days per week spread across 9 schools but we’re almost there now - thanks very much especially to Hafsah who has been extremely patient and is my last tutor to get going in school. Speaking to your school you’ll be hugely valued when you get there, Hafsah!



Another great set of school visits for me this week, which really helped cheer me up after a tricky Tuesday having to unexpectedly say goodbye to my beloved cat, Lunar. Anyone who has pets will know how much they become part of the family and how tragic it is when they pass, but it really did help having such positive meetings in school and seeing my team do an exceptional job. I visited MCMA on Tuesday and Priestnall on Wednesday. It was really lovely to catch up with everyone during these visits and I'm really enjoying being back in the school environment again. Thursday evening was spent at Stockport Grammar School as I was invited to attend their Careers Fair as a gap year specialist - I can't believe the recruitment has started already! I also had a meeting at Xaverian to discuss potentially introducing support with their GCSE resitters which is a very exciting opportunity.


Denbighshire and Cheshire

Moving north on my visits and this week I was at Beamont Collegiate Academy checking in with April and Lois. Jess was fortunate enough to manage their alternative provision at Warrington Wolves last year but this week I was able to see it for myself. It's such a perfect atmosphere for the students who go there - imagine if every classroom had its own dog! Though it didn't make it into last week's update on the Friday, I also visited Emma at our Liverpool school to see how things are setting off there - will be back in for my meeting soon!

Flintshire and Wrexham

This week we are welcoming a new tutor to the team, Georgia. She will be providing Maths support at Hawarden High, the school in which Rebecca already provides support in English. Being near neighbours is going to make the journey into school much easier and more sociable for the two of them and I can’t wait to hear about how the first few days have gone when I make my first visit. Next week, a couple of our Wrexham tutors will also be part of a visit to their school by Sir Alisdair Macdonald who is a Welsh Government Advisor with a very impressive track record in education. He is interested to learn about different ways in which school support their students, which of course includes using our fabulous Yipiyap tutors.

London, Yorkshire and The Humber

Once again blown away by the attitude of the team this week - both in Y&H and in London. I've never had a group so easy to work with, so proactive, positive and who've made such a great first impression literally across the board. I'm so pleased! Well done everybody - hope you're all enjoying the first few weeks as much as I am.

This week has been more shifting and shuffling as everyone gets settled in to permanent and temporary positions alike. We've got everyone in now at last so the next step is making all those positions permanent! Slowly but surely! I've also been arranging my big trip up to Hull, Leeds and (hopefully!) Bradford next week - keep your eyes peeled, guys, I'll be popping up all over the place.

It's also the time for UKCATs coming up next week so massive GOOD LUCK to everyone who has an exam to take. You're the cream of the crop so I've no doubt you'll smash it!

Wall of Happy

This week Joss starts us off with his special mentions, both classics!

Wall of happy this week has to go to the moment Cameron sent the entire team a "GOOD MORNING EVERYONE HAVE A GREAT DAY!" message at 8pm instead of 8am. It was a bit surreal and gave a few of us a fright but I think we all enjoyed it. Me and Cameron have agreed: 10/10 for effort, 1/10 for execution - at least the message actually sent! It's also worth noting that this week Zak put on a pair of socks for the first time in his life. If you're not familiar with Zak's unusual relationship with socks and you think this sounds a bit strange - you're right. Nevertheless, I didn't want the momentous occasion to pass unannounced. Congrats, Zak!

Next to Richard

I’d like to give a big 'thank you' to the team at HQ this week. In particular, Halyna this week for helping me to set up a whole range of different admin functions which means that I can pay everybody for the great work they have done. She has been incredibly helpful and very patient. However, that thanks should be extended to Anne, Catherine, Alan, Jess & Joss who are a great team and have provided lots of support in these first few weeks. In other news, it was a personal joy to see two Wrexham boys secure wins for Premier League teams in the cup competition, Danny Ward in goal saving 3 penalties for Leicester but even more so Harry Wilson, playing on-loan for Derby, who put Man Utd to the sword at Old Trafford with an unbelievable goal. Poor Jose!


Now over to Jess

A huge thank you this week to Lewis for coming along to the event at Stockport Grammar. It's always great to have some company at those events, but it was also lovely to hear you talking with such passion about your gap year so far. Great sitting down with you and Rob to discuss your work at Priestnall too!

Also, well done to Ola for putting her all into her placement at MCMA. Her key contact said that she has gone above and beyond and will even tidy the lab without having to be asked. We love anything proactive here at Yipiyap so well done, Ola!

Finally, we had some tutors taking their UKCAT this week so well done for putting so much effort and work in over the past few weeks.


Now to Anne

First shout out for Ahkin this week - Ahkin does a long journey each morning from where he lives in Grantham to get to the schools in Nottingham he supports but he is so matter of fact about it and has been brilliantly proactive is sorting out all his travel arrangements and made life very easy for me. Thanks Ahkin!

Also to all my tutors who are getting into the routine of rating their day on the app. This is an incredibly useful tool to keep in touch with how your day has been - it always nice to read your comments too so do let me know anything funny or your highlight when you rate your day!

Finally, thanks to Tia and Hannah for stepping straight up to organise the first social events in Norwich and Derby. Really looking forward to seeing the pictures of the bowling night in Derby and hopefully being there in Norwich!!


And, finally to Alan

Following my school visit on Wednesday, this week goes to April. The way you have connected with these learners who are in such a unique position is amazing. It's not your typical environment but you've adapted to it without issue. The students get on really well with you and that takes a particularly warm personality. Looking forward to coming back again!

Regional Bowling Evenings


Yeh! The regional bowling event is nearly upon us and the chance to catch up with everyone else in your team as well as your RD for some R&R! ! We really hope that you can all make it. Please read carefully the arrangements for each Region below as there are different dates / times / venues for all different teams’ events.

  • The Hull Team event will be held on Tuesday 2nd October at Superbowl UK, Hull Princes Quay Shopping Centre, Hull, HU1 2PQ. Please arrive for 7pm.

  • The Manchester Team event will be held on Wednesday 10th October at All Star Lanes, Great Northern, 235 Deansgate, Manchester, M3 4EN. Arrive for 7pm.

  • The Cheshire and North Wales Team event will be held on Thursday 11th October at Tenpin Cheshire Oaks, Coliseum Leisure Park, Coliseum Way, Ellesmere Port, CH65 9HD. Please arrive for 7pm.

  • The Leeds, Bradford and Sheffield team event will be held on Thursday 11th October (venue TBC). Please arrive for 8pm.

  • The London team event will be held on Thursday 11th October (venue TBC). Please arrive for 7pm.

  • The Derby team event will be held on Friday 12th October (venue TBC). Please arrive for 7pm.

  • The Norfolk team – you’re liaising with Tia and we’ll be confirming details shortly!




We will be running our mock interview training on Saturday 10th November for anyone who feels they could do with some practice before the real thing.

We will be doing a morning session of MMI interviews specifically geared towards the medics and dentists. There will be 6 stations that everyone rotates around and each station is a different challenge- they are very much Maths/ Science/ analysis based but the main thrust is to really push you out of your comfort zone and challenge you.

This year we will also be doing an afternoon session of traditional interview practice. These will 30 minutes long and will again offer you invaluable experience to be challenged in anticipation your University interviews.

We have two incredible teams of professionals who will be interviewing you. Each interviewer will be providing feedback, not just on your answers but also on your general performance such as your communication skills and body language etc. Our interviewers range from CEOs to Consultant Neurosurgeons so make the most of their experience and expertise!!!

Both sets of interviews will be held at our offices in Altrincham and you will need to make your own travel arrangements.

This is a one day event and places are limited so to ensure you book your place, please click on the button below NOW:

Pedagogy Corner

This week’s corner is dedicated to ‘Command’ words. You will all have come across them in your own examinations. However, you won’t necessarily have been made aware how important they are to spend some time focusing on, particularly for many lower and middle ability learners.

Command words are the words in the exam questions (usually one of the first words) which indicate what the examiner wants from the question and the style of the response needed. Knowing what command words mean is important for understanding the demands of the question – however the rest of the wording in a question is just as important to read. The rest of the wording will contextualise the question and might contain key words which affect how students should answer the question.

For example if an English language question contains the command word ‘state’ then the student should briefly write down the main points. Or in Maths if a question contains the command ‘Write down’ this suggest that a student should not have to do any calculations.

Contrast those command words with those such as ‘Discuss’ (give main points for and against an argument) or ‘Justify’ (present a single argument with supported reasoning or evidence) and you can see that although sometimes the differences are very clear, sometimes they are quite subtle.

Below are links to those subject specific command words you may encounter and a brief description of what each requires.

Hafsah and Hannah’s Top 20 Tunes

Another amazing week of top tutor tunes all thanks to Hafsah and Hannah! Some old, some new- all great!!! These are definitely worth a listen over the weekend! Thanks both!

Stand Up and Think of Meerkats!


Manual labour used to be the main cause of back pain but these days it is more likely to be due to long hours spent sitting down. Sitting for eight hours a day leads to muscle weakness which may make us more prone to injury when we do actually do something physical. We are really conscious that you are all pretty sedentary during the school day and while the advice you will often hear is to stand up and move around every 20/30 minutes this not really practical if you are in a class with your students. There are other simpler tweaks that can be made to minimize the impact of sitting for long periods and we would recommend you try these.

  1. Make sure you arrange your workplace/ desk so your feet are on the floor with hips higher than your knees and your stomach close to your desk so you are not reaching forward to lean on the desk.

  2. Your head should be aligned with your neck and spine so your chin isn’t dipping forward which pulls you out of position.

  3. Stand up whenever you have a chance and have a good stretch. Nothing too strenuous required, just some small back twists to keep your muscles mobilised.

And it’s not just in school! Nowadays we spend so much time worshipping our phones in the head forward position tilting our spines into a ‘C’ shape. When we finish with our screens we rarely restore our heads/ bodies to the proper position. A head weighs between 10-14 pounds and looking down therefore puts a tremendous strain on our back and neck muscles. To help correct this- think of a meerkat! This little creature will remind you to lengthen your neck upwards and the rest of your spine downwards whilst releasing your shoulders down and outwards. Have a go!

Have a fab weekend and a successful week ahead everyone!!!


I will bring positivity into school by greeting everyone with a smile.

I will be proactive, looking for ways to help teachers and students and asking for help if I need it.

I’m a role model and will show children how to conduct themselves.

I will be professional at all times, respect staff and value the responsibilities I am given.

There will be times when I make mistakes but I will never stop learning!
— The Yipiyap Mantra