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Update #28 - 4th May

Weekly Update #28!

Hi everyone,

Hope you have all had a great week and are looking forward to what looks like a very sunny Bank Holiday! I hope you all have something nice lined up and are going to make the most of the great outdoors. I have big plans for getting out in the garden as it has been neglected over the winter as I am very a fair weather gardener! Gardening will definitely be rewarded by a BBQ though!



In addition to our usual Weekly Update news this week there is some very important information which we need to ensure you all read concerning your remaining time with Yipiyap. I have put this at the end of the update and would ask you all to give this your attention. I will also be sending this by email for anyone who has not read this week’s Weekly Update. Please ensure you read it carefully and if you have any questions whatsoever please speak to your RD, Anne or myself.

So, what’s been going on this week?


Catherine’s News

I am going to start to sound really boring but much the same as the last few weeks it has been ‘second interview, second interview, second interview’!! I am delighted to have Halyna on board with second interviewing too which is brilliant and I won’t be the only boring person in the office! Between us we are second interview geeks!  We have made decisions as to the candidates we will be making first offers to but there will be many more to come over the following months. Fit For Future Day is all gearing up too and Alan has made a link for you to register your interest. More of this later!

Highlight of the week in the office was Anne’s birthday today- 21 again!! Always a great day in the office when there’s cake and this one was a unicorn cake for a truly magical birthday!!! Happy Birthday Mrs Morris!!!

My usual reminder about the £50 finder’s fee if you recommend a friend and they work successfully for us for the next academic year!


Anne’s News

We love a celebration at Yipiyap and it was of course, brilliant to celebrate my birthday in the office today being well and truly fussed over!  Not that I see what’s so exciting about turning 35 but I like that everyone else feels it’s worth celebrating!!

In other news, we’ve introduced a new mapping tool to our repertoire of systems that will make life so much easier when trying to match tutors with schools.  Thanks very much to Alan for making this happen – no more fighting with Google Maps!! Hurray!!

Regional Directors' News


This week it felt as if there was a plague in the office as unfortunately Alan and I were struck down with illness. However, it didn't get us down as it's been a positive week all round! We have a new placement for Matt bubbling away and will hopefully be sorted for next week. Also, a nice 'pick me up'  from a tutor from my first Yipiyap team as he got in touch just to see how we're getting on! It's always so lovely to hear from previous tutors. I've had lots of fun interviewing for next year and working on a plan with Anne and Catherine. Finally, I've been busy trying to get visits booked in over the next few weeks so look out for me as I may be coming to a school near you soon!


Norwich, Peterborough and Derby

This week we’ve had Hannah step up one day per week at Hardwick Primary School in Derby – they appreciate the work you’re doing so much Hannah and it’s great you’re enjoying it so much too.  Also, confirmation of another Derby school (West Park) wanting support next year which is fantastic as we have lots of strong tutors coming forward in Derby.

I’m looking forward to my trip to Norfolk next week as well with 3 second interviews (to give Catherine a breather!) and a presentation to the Heads all on the agenda - can’t wait!


London, Reading and Leicester

I hope everyone is having a great week and looking forward to a well-deserved long weekend! I couldn't be more pleased with my team this week - all doing a fantastic job as usual. Special shout out to Kemi who's made a seamless start with the team now growing at SBUTC. Really pleased with how everyone's getting on there as we get more and more requests from the school for our wonderful tutors' time. Well done, guys! Well done, too, to Ramsha and Riya for putting their hands in the air to take part in our 10k. Still very much hoping to hear from more of the team about getting involved - seems like a big deal now but you won't regret it!


Cheshire and North Wales

Another week down and I think May is going to be a busy month. The first of my next round of school visits are in the diary - starting next week so I'm looking forward to these! With the success of recent Q/A sessions, I've extended the offer to several more sixth forms and colleges - they've proven really useful for students who just aren't sure what their next steps will be, so fingers crossed for some really good interviews to follow. I've already got my trip to Chester planned with our two main recruitment schools there.


Yorkshire and the Humber

The word about Yipiyap is really spreading at the moment in Y&H! On the back of all of the positive work Dean and Julian have been doing at Sirius Academy North, Sirius Academy West are keen to have our support in the next academic year. Well done both of you- you have clearly impressed them! We also have interest from Scarborough UTC for next year and Abbey Grange School, a school in Leeds is looking for support for the next few weeks! It’s all go!

I also interviewed a new tutor for September yesterday from Norwich who is moving to Leeds in June so is looking to join Yipiyap to really find her feet in the new area. She is a great candidate so will continue the strong traditions of our Y&H team!

Wall of Happy

First to Anne

Well done to Humayra for winning a place in the ballot to attend the presentation on the 500 Words competition run by Chris Evans on Radio 2…and huge commiserations it’s being held on the date of one of your A-Level papers so you can’t go!! What a shame but lovely to have won anyway!

Also, thanks to Niamh for stepping up to take part in the Sinfin 10k – you’re all signed up and ready to go!  It’s not too late for any other tutors to come forward so why not come and take on the challenge (in a fun way) together.  The details say it’s a really flat 10k and great opportunity to acheve a PB (Lizzie!)


Next, it's Alan's turn

This week goes to Fabiana who has had some strong feedback from school in advance of my visit next week. Always being proactive and lending a hand wherever needed is really valued by staff, especially in an environment where things move quickly. And finally, being able to pick up on small signs that could indicate bigger problems with students in school is really important, and you've clearly got that sense of responsibility. Keep it up - I'm looking forward to checking in during my visit!


Now to Jess

I wanted to give Delwar a special mention this week as his response to the weekly update last Friday really did put a smile on my face. It's great to know that you're all reading the update and keeping in the loop with the business. We think it's such an important part of working in a team and we love hearing your feedback.

Delwar also returned to his old stamping ground, Oldham Sixth Form College, to give a talk to the current cohort about how extracurricular activities will benefit applications to Uni. He has also been invited to present to their medic group! I am sure both of these talks will really inspire the students. No better role model!

Also, well done to everyone taking exams over the next few months. Time management is such a key skill and you've all been brilliant. One last push!


And finally, Joss

Wall of happy this week - absolutely delighted to hear from Ramsha that she would like to join us again next year! This really made my week as she's been fantastic this year and has had nothing but rave reviews all year. Should anyone else in the team not be heading straight off to uni in September, please do get in touch and let me know and I'll be overjoyed to set you up with a placement for next year!

Continue to be delighted with the communication from the Y&H team - we've had a few illnesses and troubles in the morning and everything's been communicated so quickly and effectively. Really professional attitude all round makes my job so much easier! Thanks, everyone! Still looking for more people to come forward for the 10k in Yorkshire - not one person seems to fancy it! I'm sure once one person comes forward more of you will, but we need that brave soul to step out and sign up. Credit to James who has offered to take part should he be allowed to take part on a bike. Not sure that will be allowed, James, but I appreciate the sentiment!!!!

 This week it's Henry's Tutor Top 10

We have a cracking selection of tunes this week from Henry. They are absolute  classics, old and new and are really going to provide a brilliant soundtrack to a Bank Holiday weekend full of sunshine and chilling out, from Mr Blue Sky to Waterloo Sunset! So download, get listening and enjoy folks! Thanks for sharing Henry!   

Here’s the link:


You have all come so far since September, growing and developing in so many ways. Your confidence, communication, interpersonal, team and leadership skills - all essential qualities that will set you apart from your peers when you start university and your careers beyond, have evolved as a natural consequence of the role. You have successfully stepped up to the plate in a professional environment, something that few others of your age will have had the opportunity to do and all of this should give you an enormous sense of achievement and pride in yourself. You have your lives ahead of you and you are ready to go! But before you do, some words of caution for your last few weeks in school….


Beware – Term 3!

You will find in Term 3 that life in school can change quite considerably from the strict timetables you have become accustomed to. While this is great in many respects as it is a nice wind down for you all into the holidays, it is also a serious concern for us as historically we have had a handful of tutors who have come a cropper at this very late stage and unfortunately rapidly and regretfully undid the good stuff they achieved over the year. It is for this reason we are writing to you now just to give you a ‘heads up’ as to what is likely to happen and how to survive the rest of Term 3!


Changes to your timetable don’t mean changes to your role!

OK, so whatever year you are supporting there will be changes with the likes of school trips, shows and other events causing disruption if you have been supporting primary schools or Years 7s-9s. For those supporting further up the school, exams are going to be the main source of disruption with many of you losing your students altogether. Even so, your role as a Yipiyap tutor exists right up until 20th July and so school (and Yipiyap!) still expects you to be productive in the hours that you are in school.


Keep Busy!

The days will just drag on if you get bored and it’s at times like that things go wrong (you know the saying ‘Idle hands are The Devil's workshop!!’) so make yourselves useful and be proactive in finding things to do. Ask your contacts in school what you can do to help them. It might be something different each day but they will really value you doing this! If you are finding it difficult to identify things to do, please let your RD know as they can help manage this!


Don’t put your feet up (on the staff room coffee table)!

As if any of you would!!!  But this was in fact a complaint we had about a tutor 2 years ago. Even though it all gets that little bit more chilled and relaxed around school, please don’t let your professional attitude slip in everything from staffroom etiquette right through to timekeeping, attendance and manner with the students.


Hugs and exchanging details

We just cannot stress enough the importance that you to avoid at all costs the anticipated ‘hugathon’ which will happen right the way through this term as your students leave and want to say ‘thanks’ and ‘bye’! As we have said literally from Day 1 at the Induction Days, physical contact with students in any way shape or form on or off school premises is completely out of bounds and not only is it breach of your Contract/ Code of Contract by way of gross misconduct but could potentially escalate to a Police matter. You are in all respects an adult and your students (even those over 18 if they are still in education) are young people in the eyes of the law. Please be very aware of this. It would be completely out of our hands if any matter was referred by school to the Police.

The issue of contact also extends to any contact via social media, emails, texts and calls. A student can only contact you if you make your details available to them. Please ensure you do not distribute your details or make them easily available. If a tutor contacts you please tell us immediately and do not respond in any way. Again, to have any contact with a student (even if you did not instigate it!) the consequences would again lead to sanctions beyond any we would impose, becoming a Police matter.

If you have questions around this please call either your Regional Director, Anne or myself. If something has happened that you are worried about, PLEASE TELL US. It is much better to do this so we can help you.


School Proms / Trips

You may well be invited along to the school Prom or a trip. Firstly, please let us know if you are asked. Whilst we are would not stop you from attending, we do have to make sure that you are fully aware of your ongoing obligations under your Contract/ Code of Conduct and also deal with the event from a Health and Safety/ risk perspective. Albeit a Prom is a social event it is still intrinsically linked to your work at school and so you would still be bound by the Code of Conduct. Given the possible increased risk of hugs and students wanting to say thanks and keep in touch in an environment fuelled by bonhomie (and alcohol!) you are potentially exposing yourself to a higher risk of something happening that would compromise you. If you attend these events, you must be alert to all of the risks and consequences. For school trips, much the same applies, albeit without the alcohol! Sorry this all sounds like we are putting the dampers on a fun and enjoyable experience, but it is for very good reason and to protect you all!


On the positive side... Completion Bonuses!!

You are now only weeks away from your completion bonuses! Yeh! You have gone the distance with Yipiyap and done such a great job these bonuses are indeed very well deserved! You will receive the bonus along with your final salary on the last day of your contract with us, Friday 20th July so you will all need to ensure you submit your timesheets a week early to enable us to do this. Your Regional Directors will remind you of this closer to the time.

Fit For Future Day - Saturday 23rd June (10am - 4.30pm) Altrincham

We just can’t wait to see you all for our Fit For Future Day on Saturday 23rd June! We would like as many of you as possible to come along. We have a day packed with useful talks and workshops all geared to your futures (Emotional Intelligence, First Aid, Sign language, How to be Happy and self-defence!). We also have our annual award ceremony!!!  It’s a chance to see everyone together for the last time, learn lots of really useful stuff for your transition to University and the world beyond and have a great day!

Can’t wait to see you!!!!!!


Have a great Bank Holiday everyone! Don’t forget your sun screen!


I will bring positivity into school by greeting everyone with a smile.

I will be proactive, looking for ways to help teachers and students and asking for help if I need it.

I’m a role model and will show children how to conduct themselves.

I will be professional at all times, respect staff and value the responsibilities I am given.

There will be times when I make mistakes but I will never stop learning!
— The Yipiyap Mantra