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Update #26 - 20th April

Weekly Update #26!


Hi there,

Yeh! The Weekly Update is finally back to kick start your Friday evening! It feels like ages since the last one! I hope that you have all had a great break and are now geared up for the last term at school and with Yipiyap.

You have all now mastered your roles, making them your own with all of the ideas and creativity you have brought to them. You’ve risen to the challenge and should be incredibly proud of what you have achieved. This last term is so crucial to the students you are supporting so it is essential that you keep this amazing level of performance up. It’s that last push for the line so approach this term with all the zest and vigour that you can muster and inspire your students to be the best they can be! Good luck to all of you!

First official ‘hug warning’ of 2018!

We have previously mentioned the potential pitfalls of the annual Summer term hug-fest that tends to start as Y11s depart for study leave. 

Please be aware of this over the next few weeks when students you’ve been working with may be tempted to give you a big hug. Be in absolutely no doubt that hugging pupils is not acceptable, nor any other physical contact. It is in breach of your contracts and the Yipiyap Code of Conduct and would be treated very seriously by schools with Police involvement likely. Remember that you are trusted adults and pupils are potentially vulnerable children and so do not put yourself in the position where there may be an issue. Just maintain the professional distance you have done throughout the year. If anyone has any concerns, please do not hesitate to speak to your Regional Directors, Anne or me about this. We are all here to support you!

So, what’s been going on this week?


Catherine’s News

It was great to be back in the office this week with the team and I have bounced back to work full of the springs of joy at the prospect of lots of second interviews over the coming weeks with potential tutors from all over the country. I have also been first interviewing in Leeds this week and will be Hull next week in pursuit of tutors for our Yorkshire and Humberside Team. I will have also been down in Derby twice too! They really do have big boots to fill! There’s work to be done for our Fit For Future Event that is now looming and I really hope that you are all going to be able to come. Please put the date Saturday 23rd June in your diary and we will confirm arrangements in the next couple of weeks. It is a great event!

My usual reminder about the £50 finder’s fee if you recommend a friend and they work successfully for us for the next academic year!


Anne’s News

I’ve been out and about this week getting intimately familiar with the Snake Pass (the winding road that runs through the North Derbyshire from Manchester to Sheffield) as I had not 1 but 2 days visiting the HeppSY colleges and hearing good things about Jasmine, Abbey and Derian.  The work they do at HeppSY is different from anything we’ve ever done before at Yipiyap as it’s working in Sixth Form colleges with students who are taking their GCSE resits in Maths and English - it’s always so interesting and exciting to see how a new initiative works and how we can keep on improving things.

From a business point of view it’s an important time as we have to prepare our Annual Accounts and so I want to say a massive well done and thank you to Halyna for all the, largely unseen, but amazing work she does week in week out, managing the administrative side of the business and for pulling everything together for the accounts.  The meeting with our accountant went like clockwork and it’s all down to her – fabulous work Halyna!!

Regional Directors' News


And normality resumes at last! It's so nice to be back and well rested, but trust the weather to pick up once we're all back indoors and working hard. This week I've been in and out of the office for many different reasons. Firstly, I've now interviewed over 50 applicants for the 2018/19 team so that's been keeping me very busy indeed. I also had the pleasure of going to Stretford Grammar to introduce Elle to the school and I also tied in another interview whilst I was there! It's nice to have everyone back in school and I'm looking forward to another brilliant term.


Norwich, Peterborough and Derby

It’s lovely to have everyone back in school and my team are incredibly reliable and self-sufficient which I’m really grateful for at this time of year – thanks all!  I’m looking forward to coming to Norwich on 8/9th May for interviews and meetings and I’ve been having some very promising conversations with the Virtual School in Peterborough so fingers crossed I’ll be coming back there soon as well!


London, Reading and Leicester

A fantastic first week back, with the sun shining and everybody back to work with aplomb. Loads of great comments from schools and great communication from tutors this week - how can we not be in a good mood? Third term really was the highlight for me in my year with Yipiyap - the mood in school is totally different with the light mornings and afternoons and there's a real focus around the work and the students with exams on the horizon. Now is the time to cash in on all of those great relationships you've built and turn the screw to get that real impact on students' results. I hope you've all had a great break and feel well-rested. We'll have another new tutor joining the team very soon so watch this space!


Cheshire and North Wales

Well, for everyone except Renate and Robyn, welcome back! It's hard to think there's just one more term left to go - January seems like a distant memory! Though you've only just come back to school, please don't forget that timesheets are due in today - if you have any trouble submitting them, let me know and I can help! My focus this week has been shared between setting up new interview sessions in colleges, speaking to schools about joining us again next year, and plenty of smaller IT tasks to get through after Easter. Hitting the ground running because it's remarkable how quickly this final term races by!


Yorkshire and the Humber

It’s really great to be back recruiting in the Y&H region again, I missed it last year and just can’t believe how much the region has grown since our first tutor Heather from Wyke 2 years ago! There is lots happening with HeppSY including welcoming our new tutor for Doncaster college, Tamim, to the team which looks to be continuing next year as well as  great growth for general support in the area.

Wall of Happy

First to Anne

Well done to Niamh and Tereza for their really proactive approach to their support at Da Vinci Academy and DM UTC respectively – it’s so hard to start mid year on a 1dpw placement and get good communication going with the staff in school but you’ve both done this really well and have paved the way for extending support next year.  Also, well done to Tia who seems to have had a complete change of groups over Easter! Good luck with all those new Y10s Tia!


Next, it's Alan's turn

First off, a very happy 19th birthday to Jack - I hope you had a really great day and enjoy your celebrations this weekend, especially with this warm weather! Also, hats off to Adam who will be taking on board some training for exam marking within Ysgol Dinas Bran. Marking around 400 papers as part of the Welsh Literacy and Numeracy Framework doesn't sound like any small task, but it really shows how close-knit you've become with the staff team in school. Best of luck with the training day in Llandudno!


Now to Jess

I wanted to officially welcome Elle to the team on the WoH this week. It was great to spend Wednesday introducing her to Stretford Grammar and she did everything right! Dressed professionally, constantly smiling and very polite. Well done!


And finally, Joss (who is now reporting for London and Y&H!)

Looking out of my window this morning I have to give the wall of happy to the weather this week (curveball!) I hope everyone else gets as happy as I do when it's this bright and lovely outside. Always takes me back to my year in school and the fond memories of the run-in to the exams and summer holidays working with the students. Let's hope it holds for a few weeks and we'll be the happiest workforce in the country!


Lots of shout outs for the Y&H team this week!

Firstly, it’s congratulations and welcome to Tamim and Raiyah who have both started really well in school over the last fortnight. It is great to be getting such positive feedback so quickly- well done!

And it’s a ‘big well done’ to Dean for getting another call back for drama school at the end of last week which is really exciting!

Great result from James Hunt for passing his Maths and Literacy skills exams over the last few weeks and making sure he has got up to speed with the tricky side of the syllabus!

Catching up with all of Saul’s many activities, it’s a trip to Buckingham Palace for his Gold DoE presentation and also a raft (excuse the pun!) of assessments with the Royal Navy and BP- just amazing Saul!

Finally, thanks to all of the Y&H team for all of your efforts and good communication which has helped me come on board in this region!

Keep Calm and Carry on Teaching!

It’s getting to the time in the academic year when you’re all starting to reflect on your experiences as a tutor and look forward to what is coming next. You have all made an incredible impact this year and the reward you must be feeling when you leave school every day must be a great one! With this in mind some of you may now be considering a future in teaching.

With there being a national shortage of teachers there are many initiatives and programmes in place to support people who want to train to teach. We thought it would be useful to outline some of the routes into teaching to ensure you’re fully equipped to make the best decision.


Route 1: PGCE

  • Training time: 1 academic year
  • Location: Numerous Universities/Colleges/Schools across the UK
  • Cost: £9000 (subject dependent bursaries available)


A Postgraduate Certificate in Education is most typically completed by students who want to continue to teach their degree specialism. It combines school placements with studying the theory behind teaching and learning. At the end of your PGCE you receive your QTS (Qualified Teacher Status) which then requires you to complete a year as a full-time teacher in order to become an NQT (Newly Qualified Teacher). Most courses run early September to July and take nine months to complete if studied full time. If your degree subject doesn't link closely to the subject you intend to teach you may be offered a subject knowledge enhancement course as part of your application.

The standard tuition fee in 2016 for UK and European Union (EU) students is £9,000, however bursaries are available depending on the subject you want to teach. See . Something to take into account is that often the bursaries and funding are more than you will actually be paid in your first year as a teacher. You may have to take an £8000 pay cut after your training year!


Route 2: Schools Direct

  • Training time: 1 academic year
  • Location: Numerous Universities/Colleges/Schools across the UK
  • Cost: £0 salaried by your training provider (start from £15000)


If you’re already working at, or have an existing relationship with a school and want to take the next step, then you may want to consider this route. Trainees on the Schools Direct Salaried programme are recruited and employed directly by schools, and often continue teaching in their school following training. The cost of your training to achieve QTS is covered by the school and the school may also provide a salary. However, make sure you check with your training provider to find out if this training results in a PGCE. Subject dependent bursaries can also be provided through this scheme.

School Direct is different from a PGCE as you are immediately immersed into school life. With a PGCE course you often start with lectures before going out on shorter placements. School Direct allows trainees to participate as active members of staff; working from September through to July - allowing trainees to build lasting relationships with students and colleagues. Despite being thrown in at the deep end, trainees are gradually introduced to teaching through an initial period of observations before starting a timetable of six hours a week and finishing with 18 hours a week. There is also a second placement lasting up to six weeks and a day each week spent at the school’s higher education partner – often a local university.


Route 3: Teach First

  • Training time: 2 years
  • Location: Multiple regions across the UK
  • Cost: £0 - salaried by your training provider (start from £15000)


Teach First is a charity that aims to bridge the gap between income and attainment in education by placing outstanding graduates in challenging schools. Teach First hopes through its Leadership Development Programme that graduates will not only be outstanding teachers, but also great leaders. Their scheme is not for the faint-hearted!

Graduates are given a teaching timetable in a school after just 6 weeks of intense training during the summer holidays. During the first year of the programme you’ll gain a fully-funded Postgraduate Diploma in Education (PGDE), covering both education and leadership, and worth double the credits of a PGCE, to become a qualified teacher. The PGDE qualification is to be completed in by in-school observations and a series of assignments (usually completed during the school holidays).

Alongside being salaried whilst training to be a teacher and your PGDE being paid for, a huge benefit of Teach First is the support you receive after your two years of training. Teach First provide career and training opportunities inside and outside the field of education alongside a strong network of employers and like-minded colleagues.

 This week it's Julia's Tutor Top 10

Oh wow! What a treat you all have this week. Our Julia from Leeds has really come up trumps with this fantastic 70/80s playlist that is guaranteed to get everyone’s hips swaying, toes tapping and heads banging at times!

Thanks Julia for opening the summer term account with this great mix! Enjoy!


Have a great weekend!


I will bring positivity into school by greeting everyone with a smile.

I will be proactive, looking for ways to help teachers and students and asking for help if I need it.

I’m a role model and will show children how to conduct themselves.

I will be professional at all times, respect staff and value the responsibilities I am given.

There will be times when I make mistakes but I will never stop learning!
— The Yipiyap Mantra