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Update #21 - 23rd February

Weekly Update #21!

Hi there,


Hope you have all had a great week, whether it’s been the first back at school or one sprawled on the sofa watching Cash in the Attic. The sun is shining,  the birds are singing, Spring is on its way and most importantly it’s payday weekend!!!

I hope those of you so inclined ventured out on a little run given the beautiful crisp weather! It’s just so invigorating to embrace a little exercise on days like these and as the Latin phrase goes Anima Sana In Corpore Sano - a sound mind in a sound body! Have fun!

So, what’s been going on this week?


Catherine's News

After a busy week juggling work and Harriet last week, oscillating between drafting contracts to playing Harry Potter games with relative ease if I say so myself,  it was back in to the office with a vengeance for HT3 this week! It has been a week of wall to wall meetings: interviews; a Board Meeting; a Regional Directors’ meeting; appraisals, and Franchisee meetings!!! I have nearly run out of my quota of words for the week and it’s only Friday! Could be a quiet weekend in Casa Birkett! I am however in my element as it’s just about as good as it gets talking Yipiyap all day! Note to self, must get out more!!!

A massive well done to Team Manchester for their Yipiyap Challenge achievements… more about this later!!!

My usual reminder about the £50 finder’s fee if you recommend a friend and they work successfully for us until July! Lots of schools are looking to pick up last minute support for the build up to exams so if any if your friends have come back from travelling, for example, and need something to do until July, please send them through!

Anne's News

LOADS of Franchise activity going on!  I understand this might be something that those of you considering careers in business are interested in finding out more about – if so, come and ask!  For any business each stage of development only happens once so it would be great to chat to anyone who would like to know more.

Regional Directors' News


And I'm back! Apologies to any tutors that have been in school and unable to reach me, but some rest was needed and I had a great time in Dublin with my family. A big thank you to Anne and Catherine for supporting my team whilst I was away. It was great fun returning to work on Thursday as it was the infamous RD meeting. We had some really useful discussions and it was great to share the news of our total raised for the Yipiyap Charity Challenge (more on this on the wall of happy!).


Norwich, Peterborough and Derby

Team Derby have been justifiably enjoying their lie-ins this week but as it’s World Book Day coming up there will be an explosion of costumes when they get back! We have had our first support in P’boro lined up for next year too which is great!!


London, Reading and Leicester

Great first week back, guys! I was really chuffed with my whole team's timesheets this month - everybody got them through to me on time and we've had barely any absence since New Year. I knew we were doing well on that front but when I looked through the timesheets it really hit home - fantastic commitment from my team who are all doing a fantastic job. Really excited this week to have our monthly RD Meeting this week as well - always fantastic to see the management team and gives a great sense of energy and enthusiasm for the coming weeks as we embark on lots of new and exciting tasks as we look ahead to next year. Still onboarding great people to the team this year as new people come forward. Hoping to introduce a new member to the London team very soon - watch this space!!


Cheshire and North Wales

Another half term down and only three to go! For those of you that are off this week, I hope you're enjoying yourselves and making the most of some more positive weather. For everyone else, welcome back! With the next few months ahead of us, we're now looking at two sides of the coin; support and recruitment. Our newest newsletter went out to colleges and sixth forms across the country, and I'm sure they'll be taken aback by the positive comments some of you made. We've also had our latest RD meeting which is always useful and I'm sure all of the ideas shared will trickle into projects over the coming days, weeks and months. Speaking of which, my next round of school visits will be taking place soon, so I'm really looking forward to seeing you all in action!


Yorkshire and the Humber

Hi everyone, I hope you’re all well and have had a great first week back! It was excellent to hear how the majority of students have got straight back into their learning and are focussed during their intervention sessions, particularly YR 11 ahead of their first exams in only 10 weeks time! It’s been great getting into schools for our recruitment drive too so if you know any current YR13s that may be suitable and interested in our opportunity please let us know! Have a great week all!

Wall of Happy

First to Anne

My WOH this week is a little catch up from 2 weeks ago for Tia who has been delving deep into the Tutor Resources folder on the website and come up with not only some fab maths resources (kindly shared by another tutor) but also the pro-forma Impact Reports which she’s been completing unrequested!  It’s great to know this new initiative is proving useful and thanks to all those who have taken time to donate to it.

Also a shout out for Sian and Humayra at TDA in P’boro – always so incredibly positive about their experience in such a modest way.  Brilliant work both.


Next, it's Alan's turn

A big thank you to everyone for getting your timesheets across on time this month, despite the half term break that may have made it hard to remember. I'd also like to give a shout out to our newest team member; Henry Walsh. Starting with what was originally a temporary cover placement, Henry has now joined Yipiyap for the rest of the year in one of our newest schools. He's started his tutoring this week and the feedback so far has been very positive; getting right into the work without any issues! After such a quick turnaround with getting you in, I'm glad school have helped make this a smooth start for you - welcome to the team!


Now to Jess

A special WOH this week as I am very pleased to announce that the wonderful Manchester team have raised £564 in the Yipiyap Charity Challenge. Thank you especially to Javed, Delwar, Mo, Sania, Rose, Haris, Becky and Phoebe for your hard work and commitment to the cause.


Next to Carrie

This week I want to give a big Yipiyap congratulations to Saul who has just become uncle to a bouncing baby girl, welcome to the world baby Alba - congratulations to Saul & family! Another big well done does to Julian whose receiving many recalls from auditions, good luck with them Julian! Finally, as we know exercise releases endorphins so feel it’s only fitting to add a gentle reminder in the wall of happy about the 10K runs - I hope to see as many as possible taking part so please let me know if you’re getting on board - and just know that I can’t run for toffee so I’ll gladly walk it with you!


And finally, Joss

Wall of Happy this week - as well as getting up to Manchester for the RD Meeting I got a great amount of pleasure from speaking to the Assistant Head at Lambeth Academy where Daniel works. I'd been in to observe Daniel recently and was very pleased with his performance, attitude and impact, but hearing the glowing review that the Assistant Head gave was excellent. Daniel got slightly thrown in the deep end with a long commute and a slightly unfamiliar subject. The way he's embraced it is a credit to himself- well done, Daniel!

First Aid Course - CANCELLED

I am sorry to say that we have had to cancel this year’s First Aid Course due to lack of numbers. So for those who did enrol, my apologies! If you have paid your enrolment fee, Halyna will reimburse this on Monday.

 This week it's Courtney's Tutor Top 10


It’s Courtney’s turn to spin the decks and, bang on trend, she is going for it with a Brit Award winner theme. Only saw bits of the awards but loved Jack Whitehall’s anorak! Just what you need this weekend!


Thanks Courtney for keeping us current!

Thanks for reading and have a great weekend! 


I will bring positivity into school by greeting everyone with a smile.

I will be proactive, looking for ways to help teachers and students and asking for help if I need it.

I’m a role model and will show children how to conduct themselves.

I will be professional at all times, respect staff and value the responsibilities I am given.

There will be times when I make mistakes but I will never stop learning!
— The Yipiyap Mantra