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Update #19 - 2nd February

Weekly Update #19!

 Hi there,

So, how are you all coping??? Tough isn’t it? How did we manage without Anne’s Joke of the Day to get us going each morning? Well, I’ve tried to persuade her but she’s adamant that she is reserving this treat for the month of January and now it’s February, and let’s be honest, almost summer, we just have to learn to live without the daily rib ticklers once again!! But for anyone who is really craving some quality entertainment we do have a solution! Just check out our amazing Skipiyappers on Twitter!!!! We were just so impressed with all of the brilliant entries. For the results…. See below!

So, what’s been going on this week?


Catherine's News

Highlight for me this week was just the incredible enthusiasm of our 500 words judges and our Skipiyappers! It is just brilliant to see you all embracing opportunities that are available to you whether it be as part of Yipiyap or otherwise in your year out. The other highlight for me was Adam confirming his intention to join Yipiyap for a second year! We could not be happier and I am sure Dinas Bran will be cock-a-hoop!  Things are moving on with our franchise plans for September and I’ve been busy with more interviews for both this year’s and next year’s tutors, so it’s all go at Yipiyap HQ!

My weekly reminder that if you know of anyone who may be taking a gap year after their A levels this summer who would make a great tutor remember there is a £50 finder’s fee if you recommend them and they work successfully for us!

Anne's News

I always read right through the Update before writing this section and I have to say that this week stands out to me for its upbeat, helpful and exciting news – it’s not every week we have competition winners but I bet everyone will be checking out what it takes to win Skipiyap – the UK’s first tutor-only skipping competition!

I feel it’s only right to pay tribute to Catherine for all the effort and dedication she puts into making the Update not just a weekly event but the vibrant connector of us all that it’s become and also to our RDs who support this with their input every week.

In terms of my news, I made a really enjoyable visit to Hull (see below) and this afternoon was at a meeting in Manchester with the Prime Minister’s Policy Unit (exciting!) as part of a focus group for educational policy.  I was very proud to talk about the work we do and learn about the areas which are of specific interest currently at No 10!

Regional Directors' News


It's been an exciting week in Team Manchester as we welcome our newest recruit Matt. He's had his induction and will be starting his placements very soon. He's actually going to be working under two regions so let battle of the bosses commence. I've had some great updates about the charity challenge too this week so I'm looking forward to hearing all about the fundraising going on in schools over the next few weeks! Bake sales, Valentine's Day card sales, car washes you name it!


Norwich, Peterborough and Derby

It was fantastic to hear this week that Hannah is enjoying her placement so much that she would like to apply for a permanent role in a school from September.  We do not aim to recruit tutors into education permanently but where this happens naturally it is a great thing for the profession.  Any school would be a better place for having Hannah in it so good look with your applications Hannah!


London, Reading and Leicester

The week hasn't been the best for me as it was finally my turn to get the flu! I've avoided it for a good few years now but it catches up with you eventually. Definitely getting the jab next year! I'm also aware that Janiel's had a really rough week, too, so get well soon, Janiel! I'm so lucky with my tutors as they've all just got on with things whilst I've been slowed down. Fantastic feedback from Daniel in his new placement at Lambeth (looking forward to seeing him next week!) and great work from Cynthia in Elutec in trying to arrange her extra hours. I've also got a meeting set up next week to potentially bring a new tutor on board for this year... watch this space!


Cheshire and North Wales

Just like that and January is behind us! We've had plenty to focus on with the first of our new recruitment packs and presentations taking place this week and next - lots of contacts to be chasing and checking in with but I'm sure we'll have a good volume of interviewees coming forward for the next few weeks. I've also been getting some of our systems ready to handle some 400+ applications over the coming months, and getting some of the RDs' mapping software ready to keep on top of who's coming through our application form. Bring on February!


Yorkshire and the Humber

Hi everyone, I hope you’re all well! This week has flown by in the blink of an eye hasn’t it! I had an extra special treat this week with a visit from our founder Anne which was great, especially as we managed to catch most of the WHA team after our meeting there, just in time for break! There’s been a big focus on recruitment for next year for me this week along with searching out gems for the current year to fill some new roles that I’m working on across the region, ready for immediate starts. As always, if you know anyone at all that is still looking for a gap year opportunity and you feel they would be a good fit please let me know about them. Don’t forget there is the £50 finder’s fee up for grabs for each person you recommend to us who is subsequently employed as a tutor. 

Wall of Happy

First to Anne

So much happy this week!!  First my visit to Hull where I touched base with our teams at Winifred Holtby and Hessle High.  I was struck not only by how professional and polished you all appeared but how happy in your roles.  It was great to see so many warm smiles after my early start from Manchester and fantastic to know your schools are really happy with the work you’re doing.

Also, various App related communications made my week this week - Humayra who let me know via the app how nice it was that her classes all missed her on the day she was off ill and was really excited about having a brownie in the staffroom, Rebecca who was not only the top app rater this month with 17 ratings (narrowly pipping Delwar, Courtney and Robyn on 16 - well done guys!), and makes me laugh every time with her dry humour about some funny aspect of her day, and Tereza who, after a long battle with phone stress, now has the app downloaded and rated her first day a 5!

A special shout out to Niamh who embraces absolutely everything Yipiyap-related with real interest - first to sign up for the First Aid course, the 500 words judging and has sought out the opportunity to go into her former college to help with recruitment to help us.  Your positivity is just brilliant Niamh!

Finally how can I not mention the wonderful Skipiyap videos - an eclectic mix of determination, creativity, humour, crisps and on-location early morning filming.  I loved watching them all - excellent effort from everyone who entered.


Next, it's Alan's turn

Great news from Callan this week as he's soon off to University of Chester for his interview - a first step towards a career in education. It's always great to hear how teaching becomes a lot of tutors' plans after their time with us, and this time is no exception. Fingers crossed so good luck Callan! Along similar lines, as we've been looking towards recruiting our next cohort of tutors for September, it's clear they'll have big shoes to fill. But sometimes there's no better shoes to fill than your own, and it's great to hear that our own Adam Hodges is continuing with us for September. Incredible commitment and I've no doubt Ysgol Dinas Bran will be delighted to know about this!


Now to Jess

For the WOH this week I had to give a huge thank you to the tutors that took part in Skipiyap. Rajat, Matt and Sam are all super stars and I can't thank you enough for taking part.


Next to Carrie

As always, I want to thank the whole team for doing such a marvellous job in your schools, I really am blown away by the professionalism and can-do attitude that you all show on a daily basis and this certainly does not go unnoticed in school as I’m getting amazing feedback all of the time. A few examples that really stand out this week are Julian Plunkett, Dean Makowski and Abbey Metcalfe with feedback being; Julian – really helpful in lessons with valuable maths knowledge. Dean – very good at what he does and brings lots of energy and enthusiasm to the classroom and then Abbey - has been really understanding and flexible, has worked really well with the students and made a great impression on staff. Very well done to all!


And finally, Joss

In truth - the thing making me most happy this week has been Lemsip! Sweet nectar from the Gods! Huge shout out to all of my tutors but also to the RD team for helping me out in a tricky week and taking all the pressure off. Thanks, everyone!

How To Stop Your Thoughts Snowballing

I read this article this week and it really resonated with my so I thought I would share it with you!

You know how it goes, you start with a worry and before you know it you’re overcome with giant uncomfortable thoughts. We’ve all been there! Maybe you have to have a difficult conversation with someone and you wind yourself up for days with all the possible outcomes (most of these will be terrible!). What if the conversation turns out to be easier than you imagined (and it usually does!). You will have wasted all your time and energy on nothing.

Small anxieties can lead us downwards into another layer of even bigger ones such as ‘I feel bad and I’m going to feel this awful for the rest of my life’. No, you are not, you are going to learn to manage your mind.

We like to describe what’s happening to your thoughts as a snowball rolling down a hill, growing and growing as it collects more snow.

The first step to stopping this is simply to notice when an uncomfortable thought arises. Take a breath and see if you can create a bit of space between your thoughts.

Ask yourself: is this thought a fact or is it my interpretation? Where does it come from? Is it an old story I often tell myself, for example, I can’t do something.

As you watch and observe your thoughts, bring yourself back to being in the present in the situation as it stands, as opposed to what your thoughts have created.

You will have stopped the snowball.

I am definitely going to try and do this the next time I have a worry!

Life is fully of challenges but if anyone does have a worry that is affecting them, please remember we are always here to listen (in strict confidence, of course) and it does not need to be work related. If you don’t feel you can speak to your Regional Director, Anne and I are always here for you.

Skipiyap - THE RESULTS

All I can say is fab, fab and triple fab!!! We have just loved the competition this year and were knocked out by the imagination and effort that went into all 5 of the entries. All our skippers truly embraced into the spirit of the event and it was almost impossible to judge! Everyone who entered will receive a prize for their fancy footwork and creative films but the two winners are….. drum roll please……

Matt Beaudin for the highest number of skips in 1 minute with 126 jumps! Matt only joined Yipiyap last week but grabbed a rope from Jess on Monday and just went for it!!! Well done Matt!

Alice Walker for the best video- despite really tough completion from Humaira and Sam on this one, Alice pipped them to the post with her classy, sassy little number which had us all reaching for the rope and wanting to be in her gang. Great showcase for her home town of Norwich too!

Brilliant efforts from Humaira, Sam and Rajat too and prizes will be winging their way to you guys too. All films are on Twitter for everyone to see!

First Aid Course- Saturday 24th March

Another notice about our First Aid Course on 24th March. We do need a minimum of 10 tutors to attend otherwise we are unable to hold this great course. All potential attendees must register their interest by MONDAY 19th FEBRUARY latest.  Please respond using the button below.

Chris Evans' '500 Words' Writing Competition

Well done to Sam and Niamh for their successful applications to be judges for this amazing competition! The application process was super-efficient so if anyone else would like to join our two amazing judges then just ensure you apply as soon as possible (and before 22nd February) at the following link:

BTW if you come across my Harriet’s entry, please excuse the spellings!!!

 This week it's Robyn's Tutor Top 10

This week it’s our brilliant Robyn spinning the discs. FYI all, Robyn was the first tutor to apply for Yipiyap 2017/2018 way back in September 2016!!! That’s dedication! This is a great playlist featuring one of the best songs with Nirvana’s ‘Come as you are’. Always reminds me of sitting in my University digs writing my final year thesis!!! Thank you so much Robyn for these brilliant tunes and for being so dedicated to your year with Yipiyap!!!

Here’s your link to Robyn’s music nirvana!

Have a great weekend all and see you all next week!


I will bring positivity into school by greeting everyone with a smile.

I will be proactive, looking for ways to help teachers and students and asking for help if I need it.

I’m a role model and will show children how to conduct themselves.

I will be professional at all times, respect staff and value the responsibilities I am given.

There will be times when I make mistakes but I will never stop learning!
— The Yipiyap Mantra