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Update #3 - 29th September

Weekly Update #3!

Hi Team,

How are you all? I hope you have had another great week. Have you still got your voices after all of the talking you’re doing? Make sure you stock up on the Hall’s Soothers (other brands available from reputable chemists of course!!).

***Today is your first payday- YEH!! – please check your account***

For those of you who have another job, you may find the following information helpful. If you ticked box C on your P46 to indicate that this is not your only job you will have been taxed in this role at the basic rate. This is done automatically by the government but don’t worry, you now have three options:

  1. Do nothing. Tax will be deducted each month but in April you will get most if not all of the tax back automatically. A good way to save and no effort.
  2. Tell your tax office that this is now your only job if this is the case. Tax will not be deducted from when we receive your new tax code.
  3. Tell your tax office that you would like your other job to be taxed at the Basic Rate instead of this role. If you have two jobs, you cannot avoid one of them being taxed at the BR but if you earn more in this role than in your other job then there will be less of a deduction each month if you make this request. As before you will get most if not all back in April automatically.

So, what’s been going on this week?

Catherine's News

Once again a busy one with more interviews, some real exam question scenarios with DBS applications, finalising the new recruitment pack, the continuing saga of the Health and Safety review (including the very first office fire evacuation drill which I think amused everyone except me who was running round like a headless chicken trying to switch the alarm off!!) and our monthly Regional Director meeting. Oh, the excitement of it all! The best bit however is hearing from all the RDs how brilliantly you are all getting on at school!

My weekly reminder that if you know of anyone who may be taking a gap year after their A levels this summer who would make a great tutor remember there is a £50 finder’s fee if you recommend them and they work successfully for us!

Anne's News

It’s been good to see everyone engaging with new schools this week – we’re aware that some tutors are still to find out about their permanent placements but I don’t like to rush this stage as it’s surprising how many schools like to turn a temporary arrangement into a permanent one when they know you better!  Without tutors who are prepared to do this role in the beginning, we would find it very difficult to serve new schools quickly so thank you to Maaria, Farzana, and Charna and all those tutors who have one or two days to reallocate for your patience with this.

Regional Directors' News

Yorkshire and the Humber

Things are starting to settle nicely in Yorkshire and the Humber! I'm really grateful for the excellent communication that I have with you all and in particular the speed at which everyone comes back to me when we have anything to resolve - please keep this going! I'm inducting a few more tutors this week and I hope to have them placed into roles very soon so watch out for further communication regarding your new team members!



This week has absolutely flown by. The week started with the first timesheet summary of the year - this was relatively painless, but please do make sure your timesheets are back by the due date next month. I let you off easy this month! Great news this week - we had a request for an extra day of support at Broadoak, but this time for a Maths tutor so we're very excited to introduce Faris. My highlight of the week was definitely reading about your goals and plans for the year. I'm really looking forward to keeping track of these because they're so important for your development this year. Please don't forget to set up your zoom account for next week so we can have our first conference call of the year. I'll send through more details about this and the bowling night very soon. Our regional bowling night is on Wednesday 4th so make a note!


London, Reading and Leicester

What a week! We've seen Janiel off to a flying start in his new placement and Riya make her first trip into school to meet with her new colleagues. Really proud and pleased to have both on board. Well done, guys!

We've also hard our first RD meet of the new term and it's great to be back in the swing. Loads of new processes to discuss as the business expands and lots of new problems to crunch through as a team. Really feeling the benefit of Carrie's experience and Halyna's much needed steady hands!!!

I've been away for part of this week to attend a funeral and I really appreciated the help and support from Anne and Catherine and the great cooperation from my team in getting on with things without me. I'll be round to observe you all soon so stay tuned! Thanks, everyone!!


Cheshire and North Wales

Having been through three weeks now, I hope you’re all feeling relaxed and getting to know your schools, the staff you’re working with and the students you’re supporting. I’ll be visiting my team in schools over the coming weeks just to make sure there haven’t been any issues and things are going well. There are more people applying to us every week and we have some promising leads with getting new tutors their placements, so watch this space for news on that!


Norwich, Peterborough and Derby

Word of yipiyap is spreading like wildfire in Norwich and, thanks to a referral from their Principal, both Alice and Tia started new placements this week at a school needing Maths and English support.  The school isn't exactly on either of their doorsteps but they've both been so positive about this and shown a fantastic Can-Do Attitude to get there.

Also, excellent news from Peterborough as Sian has been asked to continue the 4dpw placement at Thomas Deacon Academy that she had been doing while another placement was established.  The Maths and Science departments at TDA clearly think a lot of you, Sian, well done, and I loved your reaction on the app!!

Wall of Happy

Jess is first out of the blocks this week!

One of my favourite goals came from Linda. She has decided to do one challenge a month and this month she will be doing the Yorkshire 3 Peaks Challenge! Really impressive stuff Linda - if you get any photos do send them over!

It was also great to hear that Aisha will be teaching herself Physics A Level. It's great to see tutors demonstrating the can-do, proactive nature we look for!

Ann demonstrated just a brilliant ‘Can Do Attitude’ today by dropping a cake off at her school Manchester Enterprise Academy for their charity coffee morning even though she is not in school on a Friday! I am sure school really appreciated this Ann! Just brilliant!

I've only picked out a handful of brilliant tutor goals here, so if you haven't already responded to my email then please do asap.


Now over to Joss

Wall of Happy gets a few nods this week - notably the wonderful feedback for both Muhammed and Nilam from their schools this week - such pros in those big 4dpw placements. Also, Catherine's health-and-safety-mad fortnight culminated in an absolutely hilarious fire drill at the office on Thursday. Hard to account for a staff that can't evacuate the building because they're doubled over laughing but I'm sure we passed the test!


Next to Carrie

For the Wall Of Happy this week I want to give a big mention to Christine Carter who is now recovered enough from her knee operation to start her role in School, which she will be starting on Monday - good luck Christine! Also a quick mention to Lauren & Alex who, after my constant reminders about the finder’s fee for referring friends have found me some excellent new tutors to add to our already awesome Team - thanks guys! 


Here's Alan's News

Again, I have to thank you all for keeping active with your ratings via the app. On top of this, the first timesheet came in without a hitch last Friday which is a fantastic start - it makes mine and Halyna’s jobs much easier so thank you! I’m glad the process went so smoothly and by all means, let me know if you have any questions with filling these in.

Special thanks this week to Alex for having a can-do attitude right from the start. In the first week, everyone in school was very busy and Alex went out of his way to find new tasks to do and classes to support while his timetable was still being structured. There is always someone who needs support, and proactivity is key in these situations. Well done Alex!


Finally, Anne's turn!

First this week was a big Happy Birthday to Sian - a week of celebrations indeed!  Also I was delighted to receive some lovely feedback about Humaira after her first few days at Wymondham College last week - your HoD has no doubt that you'll make a big impact on MFL once you get going with your groups.

I was really pleased with a suggestion for the Yipiyap Charity Challenge straight off the bat from Heidi during my ring round last week.  We're the first team to do the YCC next half term and I had decided to give my team a few weeks to get their creative juices flowing.  Heidi's creativity needed about 3 nanoseconds though so we've got what I'm sure will be the first idea of many.  Look forward to taking this forward, NPD-ers!

Finally it was brilliant to see our Derby Virtual Primary Trio (aka Niamh, Rebecca and Lizzie) get together to go out for dinner last Friday night.  They sent a lovely picture round the WhatsApp group of the world's meatiest pizza and looked like they were having the best Friday night - great stuff, ladies, and the perfect training for the social next week!

Regional Bowling Evening - NEXT WEEK!

Yeh! Bowling next week everyone! We really hope that you can all make it. Please read carefully the arrangements for each Region below as there are different dates/ times/ venues for all different teams’ events.

  • Jess’s Team event will be held on WEDNESDAY 4th OCTOBER at All Star Lanes, Great Northern, 235 Deansgate, Manchester, M3 4EN. Please arrive for 6.45pm.

  • Carrie’s Team event will be held on THURSDAY 5th OCTOBER at Superbowl UK, Hull Princes Quay Shopping Centre, Hull, HU1 2PQ. Please arrive for 6.45pm.

  • Alan’s Team event will be held on THURSDAY 5th OCTOBER at Tenpin Cheshire Oaks, Coliseum Leisure Park, Coliseum Way, Ellesmere Port, CH65 9HD. Please arrive for 6.45pm.

  • Joss’s Team event will be held on THURSDAY 5th OCTOBER at Bloomsbury Bowling  Lanes at Tavistock Hotel, Bedford Way, Bloomsbury, London WC1H 9EU. Joss will be in touch to arrange a meeting point and time.

  • Anne’s teams will be aware of the organization for their events.

To be done by 5pm Monday 2nd October:

English WhatsApp Group

Some of you may be aware that there is now an English tutor WhatsApp group which aims to helps share expertise, resources and ideas. If you are not already part of this group and would like to be, please contact Anne. Obviously if there is interest for a Maths WhatsApp group, similarly just let Anne know.

Medics Careers Convention - Saturday 7th October - Manchester

For all budding medics, there is a Careers Conference next week at the BEC Arena in Manchester. It has keynote talks, clinical skills, UKCAT/ BMAT and Personal Statement Workshops, Interview Masterclasses and an interactive exhibition. The general entry fee is £12.50 & a £1.18 booking fee. You have to register online in advance:

Humaira, Alice and Tia's Top 30 Tunes

Well, it had to come sooner or later but Humaria’s list of songs (the first 10 in the list) is the first in yipiyap tutor playlist history that I can quite honestly say I have never heard before and, not just that, have never heard of the artists before!!! Well done Humaria!!! I am going to listen to these over the weekend and just see what I have been missing! At least I knew The Killers and Linkin Park on Alice’s top 10 but completely Tia restored me with some of my favorites from The Velvet Underground, and Talking Heads! Phew!

Stand up and Think of Meerkats!


Manual labour used to be the main cause of back pain but these days it is more likely to be due to long hours spent sitting down. Sitting for eight hours a day leads to muscle weakness which may make us more prone to injury when we do actually do something physical. We are really conscious that you are all pretty sedentary during the school day and while the advice you will often hear is to stand up and move around every 20/30 minutes this not really practical if you are in a class with your students. There are other simpler tweaks that can be made to minimize the impact of sitting for long periods and we would recommend you try these.

  1. Make sure you arrange your workplace/ desk so your feet are on the floor with hips higher than your knees and your stomach close to your desk so you are not reaching forward to lean on the desk.
  2. Your head should be aligned with your neck and spine so your chin isn’t dipping forward which pulls you out of position.
  3. Stand up whenever you have a chance and have a good stretch. Nothing too strenuous required, just some small back twists to keep your muscles mobilised.

And it’s not just in school! Nowadays we spend so much time worshipping our phones in the head forward position tilting our spines into a ‘C’ shape. When we finish with our screens we rarely restore our heads/ bodies to the proper position. A head weighs between 10-14 pounds and looking down therefore puts a tremendous strain on our back and neck muscles. To help correct this- think of a meerkat! This little creature will remind you to lengthen your neck upwards and the rest of your spine downwards whilst releasing your shoulders down and outwards. Have a go!


Have a fab weekend and a successful week ahead everyone and a massive ‘GOOD LUCK’ to Linda!!!!



I will bring positivity into school by greeting everyone with a smile.

I will be proactive, looking for ways to help teachers and students and asking for help if I need it.

I’m a role model and will show children how to conduct themselves.

I will be professional at all times, respect staff and value the responsibilities I am given.

There will be times when I make mistakes but I will never stop learning!
— The Yipiyap Mantra