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Update #2 - 22nd September

Weekly Update #2!

Hi Everyone,

I hope you have all had a great week in school and that you are all getting over the initial shock of starting to work after a long summer of nothing. It is a challenge getting your brains back into gear and also having to obey that pesky alarm clock but you will soon be in the swing of things, if you are not already!

Remember Timesheets are due today - please upload as soon as possible!

So, what’s been going on this week?

Recruitment News

I have been busy interviewing many more potential tutors who have come forward following a change of plan after their exam results and I am also in the throws of re-designing our new recruitment process which is quite exciting. It’s a really unusual job as just as soon as we start our current year’s cohort, we start looking for next year’s! I am already thinking from the initial feedback we have had from schools that next year’s cohort are going to have big boots to fill.

As always, if you know of anyone who may be taking a gap year after their A levels this summer who would make a great tutor remember there is a £50 finder’s fee if you recommend them and they work successfully for us!

School News

Now you are all getting established in school, work begins on recruiting new schools to fill the extra capacity some tutors have currently and so we can bring on board all those potential tutors who came to the Induction Days but are not yet contracted.  This is such an exciting time as we’re able to really focus on individual tutors and their specialisms to find suitable placements.

This week we have secured new/additional placements totalling 12 days per week for Sam, Tia, Renāte, Fajar, Riya, and Janiel with lots in the pipeline.  Well done, RDs, for all your hard work getting through to those busy people in the SLTs!


Peterborough, Derby and Norwich

It was fantastic to welcome a new tutor to the NPD team this week - Humaira has started supporting MFL at Wymondham College in Norfolk and made a great first impression in her first two days there.  Also, the school recruitment drive in Norwich has begun in earnest with the Principal of the UTC in Norwich presenting yipiyap to the other schools in his Academy Trust. Could be the start of an educational revolution in Norwich - watch this space!

Also, Heidi and Maaria have begun their placements in the UTC in Peterborough - great feedback and I’m sure next week, the recommendations will be flooding forth there as well!!


Manchester News

My goal for this week was to complete the arrangements for the support we are providing to the Oldham Virtual Schools. This support is specifically for Looked After Children and is spread across a number of schools, which meant trying to organise a timetable was a huge task! We've got there in the end and I'm really excited for them to officially start next week. We've also had a few tutors starting at new placements and it's great that the positive feedback keeps flowing - well done for all of your hard work. A personal highlight this week was writing my first yipiyap birthday cards! Best wishes to Maya and Linda who celebrated this week. Also, I wanted to note that the first few Thursday ring arounds have been really successful so hopefully this'll become second nature to you all throughout the year.


North Wales and Cheshire News

Another successful week! I've been checking in with schools and all the feedback I've received has been very positive. It's great to see your own feedback coming in via the app too. On my front, I'm pushing for schools in North Wales, Northwich, Crewe and Stockport for the new tutors awaiting their placement in school. Even though the year is just starting, there are still applicants coming forward and it's been great to get back into booking interviews after the last few busy weeks.


London and Leicester News

This week has been all go! Ramsha's first week with us, two new tutors set up to start next week and a new school on board 5dpw! Team South is really growing and it's great! On top of that, all tutors in their second week are absolutely flying! I've had such great feedback from school, no issues whatsoever and really good communication from everyone, so well done! I'm really looking forward to inducting two new tutors on Friday. It is the third induction in as many weeks so I'm an expert at the presentations now! I always get a buzz from working with new tutors so it’s all really enjoyable! Thanks to those of you who are consistently rating your day with the app (it helps me so much!) and well done again on all of your fantastic weeks!


Yorkshire and the Humber News

Well here we are at the end of another week 'already' I hear you cry! And what another cracking week it's been. We've had some movers and shakers with some roles being swapped about yet in good old yipiyap fashion, everything's been handled so swiftly and with minimum fuss which is excellent, thank you! We still have a couple of roles to fill including an MFL position which I'm interviewing for tomorrow so fingers crossed we will have a new team member for our region very soon! 

Wall of Happy

Alan starts us off with his special mentions!

This week goes to Renāte for really embracing a can-do attitude - after only two weeks into tutoring, she's getting ready to begin supporting on Saturdays at the request of school. Congratulations, you've clearly hit the ground running with the Maths department there since they're already keen to have you on weekends! I know a few of you are looking to bring something extra to your roles in school such as clubs and extra-curricular groups. Schools are always open to new ideas and will definitely appreciate your enthusiasm, so do ask if there's something you want to get involved in!


Now over to Carrie

For the Wall Of Happy this week I absolutely have to put forward Emily Trim, Lauren Dennett, Alex O'Malley and Saul Phillipson who between them have really shown the true meaning of being a team player! Emily for taking on a fifth day to cover Science, Lauren for swapping a couple of English days to tutor in Maths and then having to jump in to lessons with no preparation yet handling it like a pro, Alex for agreeing to move to a completely new school miles away from him to provide English support for three days a week and Saul for swapping his previously agreed Science day to provide Maths support. Additionally, I have to give Louis Dearing a mention for the extremely professional way that he handled a potential safeguarding issue in only his second week in School, this is really commendable! Well done everyone else for getting fantastic feedback yet again!


Next to Joss

Wall of Happy this week - really enjoyed having a conversation with both Muhammed and Nilam separately about some difficulties they are experiencing with poor behaviour from students in various ways. Seeing how well they have both been able to handle this adversity is so impressive - it took me until much later in the year to be so comfortable and level-headed about these things and I was so pleased that they reached out to communicate with me as I love to know what's going on in schools! Extra well done to both of you this week - I'm very proud! Also a shout out to Patrick who survived a flood at South Bank UTC, Vithusha who was selflessly able to rearrange an important UCAS meeting so as not to miss work and Ramsha who's off to a flying start with yipiyap! A very happy Wall of Happy this week!


Here's what Anne has to say

Big shout out this week to Humayra who kept her cool even when a member of school staff came into the classroom to settle the class and, thinking Humayra was one of the students, starting telling her to sit down even though she was helping a pupil!  Humayra was incredibly composed and professional so well done, Humayra!

Also, Sian was really proud ofwinning over a reluctant learner in one of her groups - the student wasn’t co-operating at all with the teacher’s requests but Sian patiently explained the topic and she eventually picked up her calculator, got going and really got a lot out of the session.

As well as my team, I’m making a special mention for Carrie this week as she has been out to visit a number of the schools that we’re supporting and getting feedback first hand from the staff.  Witnessing Carrie’s ‘fresh eyes’ reaction to the whole concept of the support now it’s up and running, seeing how it’s received in school and her clear pride in her team really made my week.

Finally, recognition for my whole team for ‘Use of the yipi - app’. You all do it without fail and it’s a great snapshot for me of your day. Thanks everyone.


And finally to Jess

Firstly, I was incredibly impressed by Ansab this week. He has challenged himself by offering to support an Oxbridge candidate in his admissions test. It's a really difficult task and we're so impressed in your brilliant yipiyap 'can-do attitude!' This will be a massively rewarding experience and we can't wait to hear more about it.

I'd also like to highlight another challenge that has been taken on this year. Holly is supporting at both a primary school and a secondary school throughout the week. It really is a skill to be able to communicate in the appropriate way with 7 year olds one day and then teenagers the next. It's harder than it looks - especially if you've never had younger siblings!

As mentioned earlier, we've had a huge task to organise in Oldham so I just wanted to take the time to thank Delwar, Haris and Sania for their patience.

A Reminder...

Remember you must not have your phone out in class or use it during lessons except in case of genuine emergency.  Set a good example to the children and keep it out of sight. Thanks!


Regional Bowling Evening - Thursday 5th October - SAVE THE DATE

Following on from the self- defence course at our Inductions Course we are now looking forward to the next tutor social event that will be held on Thursday 5th October. It will be a 7pm start at each venue so you will all hopefully have enough time to get home after school and have some tea before heading off to meet your teams.

This is a regional event so you should all be able to attend. We will be confirming venues in next week’s update, and the event will be updated on the website next week too.


Heidi and Sian's Top 20 Tunes

Thank you to Heidi and Sian for kindly sending through their Tutor’s Top Tunes this week! Apologies to Heidi for my complete muppetry. The first song on her list was‘Song’ by ‘Artist’. I scoured Spotify for this to no avail. On going back to Heidi to ask her for another tune she explained she had kindly just explained in the first line how she was setting out her list- song first, then artist- OBS!!  All I can say is that it’s a brilliant playlist full of fantastic songs so make sure you give them a listen! Thanks for sharing them with us! Here’s the link:

The Power of Similarity


There is no doubt in psychological research that young people look up to their role models and emulate their qualities to become more similar to them. But with role models like Charlotte Crosby (Geordie Shore) and Joey Essex (The Only Way is Essex) becoming ever more popular amongst young people, the choices they may make in the future are at risk. Every single one of you can be a fantastic role model for students. How can you make sure that students pick you to be their role model over the reality TV stars?

“Likeness begets liking” (Myers, 2015, p.330) – meaning the more similarities there are between two people the stronger the influence of the role model.

Now time for some fun research supporting this hypothesis (Heffernan, 2011):

  • There are a disproportionate number of ‘Georges’ living in Georgia.
  • An abnormal amount of dentists whose name begins ‘D’.
  • There is an unusually high number of donations to hurricane relief funds by people whose first initial matches that of the hurricane.

Gelbach et al (2015) looked at the effect of this phenomenon in an educational setting. He found that students who had more in common with their teachers tended to achieve higher grades.

So have a think. Have you found similarities with the students you teach? It could be anything; your favourite football team, you both have a dog, you both love your eggs hard boiled! Make sure you’re building strong relationships with the young people you’re interacting with so they choose the right role models.


So, on that note, I hope you all have a relaxing weekend and a brilliant week ahead!



I will bring positivity into school by greeting everyone with a smile.

I will be proactive, looking for ways to help teachers and students and asking for help if I need it.

I’m a role model and will show children how to conduct themselves.

I will be professional at all times, respect staff and value the responsibilities I am given.

There will be times when I make mistakes but I will never stop learning!
— The Yipiyap Mantra