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Update #12 - 8th December

Weekly Update #12!

Hi All,

I hope you’ve all had a fab week. The countdown to Christmas is now really on with only 2 weeks and a bit to go. This term is the longest and to get through this as brilliantly as you have all done, you should be incredibly proud of yourselves. We are proud of you all! Just dig deep for these next few weeks and enjoy all of the festivities at school! 

So, what’s been going on this week?

Catherine's News

Well, it’s been another interesting week for me. Everything from ordering skipping ropes for Skipiyap (more about this later in the update!) to some Management Training and everything in between. There’s never a dull moment. It’s great to be still keeping my interviewing hand in with some great new tutors joining our teams. You will hopefully get to meet them at the Christmas Refresher Induction and Christmas Meal! I will be sending out an email regarding the Induction and Meal shortly so please look out for it as it has important information you will need to read beforehand.

My weekly reminder that if you know of anyone who has already finished their A levels or may be taking a gap year after their A levels next summer who would make a great tutor remember there is a £50 finder’s fee if you recommend them and they work successfully for us!

Anne's News

We’ve been working hard this week on pulling together the Franchise prospectus which is so exciting as we’ll now be able to get this out there in the New Year.  It involves setting up a whole new company (Yipiyap Franchise Ltd!) so world domination is definitely on the horizon!  I just want to say a very sincere thank you to my team who have performed so well and have been so easy to work with over the last 12 weeks that it has allowed me the time to really focus on the wider business needs of which this is just one exciting opportunity.  You are true professionals every one of you!

Regional Directors' News


This week has been a bit of a strange one for me. After I was knocked off my tracks by a sudden and horrible stomach bug at the beginning of the week, I had a great visit to Kingsway on Friday to perk me up. Kingsway will always hold a huge place in my heart because I worked there when I was a tutor and I didn't have a single negative experience there (hard to believe but true!). I learnt a lot and was challenged greatly whilst I was there and I'm sure Sam will agree that it's a brilliant placement! I also had the pleasure of contacting some of my yipiyap gap year friends to ask if they would write a small piece to add to our 'Former tutors' section of the website. It's great to hear all about the brilliant things they've been up to and it makes me really excited for what you guys will all do in the future!


Norwich, Peterborough and Derby

It’s all going on in NPD this week!  We have welcomed Hannah to the team and she has made a great first impression at the primary school in Derby where she will be supporting after Christmas - well done, Hannah and welcome aboard!!  We also have another tutor placement starting in the New Year, this time combining the joys of Derby and the UTCs at Derby UTC!  We’re looking forward to having Tereza join us to deliver this support from January.  Then in Norwich we are firming up arrangements for our new Geography/Science tutor - another one to watch this space!!

In other news the YCC has started with a fantastic effort from the Derby girls and their Christmas card for Magic Breakfast - sales started yesterday and have already raised £30.  Go Derby!  We’ve also got our Change Collection fundraiser going on next week in Norwich and in P’boro it’s just over a week until their bake sale on Christmas jumper day.  Really proud of the way you’ve all thrown yourselves into the challenge - let’s give the other teams a run for their money, ladies!


London, Reading and Leicester

As the weather gets colder yipiyap South is heating up! Lots of irons in fires this week - new tutors fighting to join the ranks, new placements for current tutors and I've finally turned the heating on in my flat! Couldn't be more pleased with my team as the great feedback keeps rolling in and they all continue to surpass the expectations of me and their schools doing great work with their kids. Special shout out for Ramsha who I found out is staying behind every Monday voluntarily to help the Engineering teacher learn the more scientific aspects of his syllabus ahead of the lessons that week. She sometimes stays until 5 (2 hours after she's expected to leave). The teacher has said sincerely that he'd be struggling without her and her attitude to it is just unwaveringly positive and can-do - focusing on the joy she gets from learning the new content. Exemplary work and everything a yipiyap tutor can be and more.


Cheshire and North Wales

Action on all fronts this week. With one exception, all school visits are set for next week and I'm really excited to visit everyone before we finish this term. There hasn't been a single negative comment made by any staff member I've spoken to and I'm sure this trend is here to stay. Some new school openings for additional tutors too, and I'm looking at a partnership between a couple of schools for next year - something we could definitely use in other areas. Also on the recruitment front, I've spent time this week enrolling our newest tutor on the team (more on this soon) and also gearing up recruitment for next year. A good number of colleges are already on board and will be working with us throughout 2018 to recruit the next group of yipiyap tutors - you've set the bar high!


Yorkshire and the Humber

Hi all, I hope you’re all well and everyone has their Christmas trees up by now! My week has been rather exciting with the go ahead on some extra days in Hull meaning we have subs benchers on the move and a new full time team member coming on board! There’s still more in the pipeline across the region so watch this space for new faces over the coming months! 

Wall of Happy

In poll position this week, it's Joss

Wall of happy this week to Muhammed who made me laugh this week after passing his entry tests and first big interview at HSBC only to find out the next interview isn't until March! What luck! Say what you like about yipiyap but our interview process must be the most efficient in the world!
Sticking to my festive theme this week - ICE SKATING! Somerset ice rink is something to behold - one of London's most iconic buildings all lit up and buzzing with carols and hot drinks. What a treat! I was dragged there by friends this weekend and despite my hatred of ice skating I thoroughly enjoyed myself. Just remember nine important words: you can't fall over if you're holding the side.


Followed by Alan

Wall of happy this week goes to Robyn who has begun her alternative provision support at Warrington Wolves this week. A very different environment to being in school I'm sure, but you've already received some fantastic feedback from staff there, commenting that "She took it all in her stride, it was like she had been there for years!" The ability to settle in and build relationships quickly is something that benefits every tutor, and it's great to see that shown here - keep it up!


On Alan's heels, it's Anne

Lots to make me smile this week - Heidi created a fab poster for the YCC, Alice and Sian keep getting offers for Uni and Niamh, Lizzie and Rebecca have been the first in my team to complete some fantastic new-style Impact Reports for their students.  Moment of the week reserved for Alice who, during the ring round, opened up the conversation to discuss the fundamental workings of YY by asking how we decide between tutors if there were two who were eligible for the same placement - I love that interest in the wider workings of the company, you are destined for leadership, Alice!  Also, laughed out loud when Niamh told me she was helping to paint the Tardis for their Christmas concert – hope they’ve got their lobster costumes at the ready too!!


Then it's Carrie

This week I’m absolutely blown away by Alex O’Malley, who during his observation in an intervention session showed how effortlessly he handled a group of energetic young lads, keeping them on task and swiftly working through all the pieces of work he had planned for the lesson, all while paying close attention to each child’s learning needs - Alex was a joy to watch and just like many of my awesome team has a real can-do attitude with a busy schedule, lots of travelling, rehearsals in an evening yet still puts 100% into his tutoring! The biggest well done to Alex! Also, congratulations to Julia who has been graded with her 2nd Dan blackbelt after lots of gruelling training - Julia’s our official security for the Christmas party!


Rounding us off is Jess

This week I would like to mention Delwar, Rose and Javed. Often in the WhatsApp group I feel like I'm talking to myself when no one replies (understandably - if we all spoke all the time then we would have hundreds of notifications!) so when you three responded to my question about your tutor’s goals I really appreciated it. Well done especially to Rose for braving the Derbyshire hills in her driving lessons. You must be a pro at hill starts (something I still fear!)

If you need any help with your tutor goals then please do let me know because I'm more than happy to help motivate you. My goal was to eat healthier and exercise more which has been a challenge I'll admit, especially when it seems that Catherine has an endless supply of tasty Christmas snacks!


Yes, it’s back and bigger than ever! It’s the…..

2018 Skipiyap Challenge!

.....and we would love you to get involved!!!

The challenge runs through January and the aim is to skip as many skips with a rope as you can in one minute flat. Obviously you can train for this but the actual measure of your skips needs to be done at school with an official skip counter (say perhaps a PE teacher) and most importantly it needs to be videoed. Just do this on your phone and send to me. The prize for the most skips in one minute is £50 and the prize for the best video is also £50. I attach the two wining videos from last year so you can see what it’s all about! This challenge will run right the way through January so plenty of time to get your entries in and winners will be announced at the end of January!

We have skipping ropes for anyone who would like to take part so if you are interested please just let your Regional Director know and they will provide you with a rope.

Before you get going there are some Health and Safety steps you need to be aware of but when you register your interest we will advise you of these.

So, happy skipping everyone! Good luck and we can't wait to see just how skippiyappy you can be!!!

Top Tips for Success

This week it’s all about that all important positive introduction, especially in light of all the interviews that are coming through at the moment (but this is also super relevant for just everyday life!) A positive first introduction is really what sets the tone for the rest of any interview. As you have such a brief amount of time at interview to make a good impression, if you scupper your initial greeting, you have to work harder to get back in the good books throughout the interview. So, take the stress off! Get that initial introduction spot on to make sure you make an impressive start. It’s really not hard.

  1. Take a deep breath before you go in and compose yourself (you are brilliant so just remember that!),
  2. Make and maintain good eye contact with your interviewer.
  3. Introduce yourself confidently ‘Hello. I’m Catherine’ in clear voice.
  5. And now the clincher, A GOOD FIRM HANDSHAKE. No pinkie tickling or bone crushing techniques, somewhere in between please.

I want you all to practice this with your parents, friends, family dog whoever you can find over and over again before your interviews so this becomes second nature. It will make you feel confident to know you have made such a great impression to start and ticked the first box with!
Then, at the end of the interview, shake hands again (that great firm handshake you have mastered) and say ‘Thank you’. So easy to forget this bit as you flee from the scene but it just reinforces a positive and confident message to wrap up the interview.
These are just such basic skills and easy to learn but it is amazing how many professionals don’t have a grasp on them and it really stands out.


And we also have a Tutor Tip from the Cheshire and North West region...

This was something we discussed at our last social, and is designed to offer some useful feedback and advice that can help everyone working in school.
This week's tip comes from Sam.

Master the voice: when talking, be conscious of the tone you're using - students can pick up on this very easily. It's not so much about the words you use but how they're communicated, and being able to use the right tone can make you incredibly effective in reaching students. This can help when directing students' attention, showing an interest, praising pupils, and of course disciplining if necessary. Being mindful of your tone and learning to adjust it are part of being empathetic, and is an important part of leadership skills.

Thanks, Sam!

Maya's Tutor Top 10

A truly amazing playlist To round off the weekly update this week, thanks to Maya. These artists are all groundbreakers of music over the past 30 years and these songs are truly magic! An utterly sophisticated playlist and one you should all hear! Thanks so much Maya!

Here’s the link:


Have an amazing week ahead all!

I will bring positivity into school by greeting everyone with a smile.

I will be proactive, looking for ways to help teachers and students and asking for help if I need it.

I’m a role model and will show children how to conduct themselves.

I will be professional at all times, respect staff and value the responsibilities I am given.

There will be times when I make mistakes but I will never stop learning!
— The Yipiyap Mantra