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Update #11 - 1st December

Weekly Update #11!

Hi All,

I hope you have all had a great week. Can you believe it is only a month until Christmas? Did I mentioned I LOVE CHRISTMAS? (WARNING this enthusiasm may cause boredom over the next few weeks). I hope you all have your advent calendars ready! I do- I managed to wrestle my daughter for the chocolate one! No contest really, I’m much bigger than her! Anyway, I hope you are all embracing the fun at school and enjoying every day.

So, what’s been going on this week?

Catherine's News

Obviously my role within the business is all to do with recruitment of new tutors and as many of you will recall, the process for the following academic year starts in January. Historically we presented our opportunity to students at assemblies but this year we are introducing a new process with recruitment packs being sent to each school for Heads of 6th or form tutors to pass on the information directly to students they feel would be interested. We are hoping this will provide schools with much more flexibility.

Well, in short, this week is seeing all of the packs being printed ready to be sent to schools in the second week of December and I can’t wait to see the finished article. Apart from my advent calendar, great recruitment packs (and obviously lots more people like you coming to work for us next year) is all I want for Christmas!

My weekly reminder that if you know of anyone who has already finished their A levels or may be taking a gap year after their A levels next summer who would make a great tutor remember there is a £50 finder’s fee if you recommend them and they work successfully for us!

Anne's News

A whole new arena of excitement this week as we can officially announce that we are going to be setting up Franchises of Yipiyap from the New Year!! This is the most significant development we have made since introducing our wonderful RDs 18 months ago and we will be spending time over the next few weeks developing the franchise pack ready to market in January.  It’s quite good really otherwise I’m not exactly sure how I’d fill my days (NOT!!!)  If you know anyone in your area who would be interested in getting involved with Yipiyap in this way, do let them know and suggest they get in touch.

Regional Directors' News


First of all, I'd like to say thank you to all of the Manchester/Derbyshire/Oldham tutors for being so patient whilst I've been without a phone. I won't go into detail but it's been an absolute nightmare! Luckily, the week started with something that cheered me up - a very successful trip to the Oldham LA! They were really impressed with our sample Impact Report so I'm looking forward to introducing these soon. As it's nearing the end of the first term you're probably starting to feel slightly more tired and dreading heading out in the cold first thing in the morning! I just wanted to take this chance to say that I'm really proud of all of the work you have done so far and I'm hugely confident in your ability.


Norwich, Peterborough and Derby

Loads going on in our region this week with not one but two new tutors about to join the team! I’m delighted to welcome Hannah to the Derby region to extend our provision for Looked After Children in the area and we are looking forward to bringing on Connie as a Science tutor at UTCN in Norwich shortly.  Also, following my visit to Derby last week we are making progress with Secondary schools which will be another boost to the Derby region!  Watch this space!


London, Reading and Leicester

What a week! My tutors doing so well all over that new schools are catching wind of their wonderful exploits and asking for their support! At both of Patrick and Ramsha's schools their contacts have asked for more time with them, Riya's arranged an extra day's support at Mulberry next term and Cynthia's getting rave reviews at Elutec. Really proud of my whole team this week who have communicated really well and put a great shift in with their students. Congratulations all round for keeping up the quality and consistency I've come to expect from you - not long left now until a well-earned break! In terms of what I've been doing we've been moving forward with our Student Impact Report trial (all credit to Jess) and I've had a number of meetings at schools and a careers event to attend - spreading the good word about my brilliant team and dealing with new tutor applications as they come in now for January starters. I've warned them all - the bar has been set very high! Looking forward to catching up with you all again at the Christmas Induction Refresher - I've written the quiz so get prepping!


Cheshire and North Wales

Lots going on this week but it's great to keep busy! We'll be welcoming a new member to the team soon (more news on that to come) and I've confirmed visits for most of the schools for my current team now. Just a reminder that if there are any concerns/questions you'd like me to raise while I'm in school, please let me know! After another interview this week, I've been continuing the chase for some new schools in Cheshire, Warrington and Wigan, and hoping to add some more names to the list as candidates to join my team this year.


Yorkshire and the Humber

Hi Everyone, I hope you’ve all had a great week! I’ve been back over to HQ again this week so it was great to see the other RDs and of course Anne & Catherine! I’ve been meeting and following up with schools again too to get more days for those of you eagerly awaiting to up your days with some new roles looking promising which is all very exciting!

Wall of Happy

Carrie is starting us off this week

My wall of happy this week goes to Courtney who has been described by school as an absolute star, Courtney is always so pleasant, always willing to do anything that is asked of her and always has a smile despite her role being challenging, solely working with students who are facing exclusion for bad behaviour - huge well done Courtney! Also, a big mention to Caitlin who has already made a big impact on the students she is working with by seeing her achieve 20/30 on her test instead of usual 10/30. And finally well done to Yashgin who’s impressed her school so much, she’s being asked to work an extra day a week! Well done everyone! 


Next it's Jess!

Well done to Ansab for securing an interview at Plymouth university. I'm sure you're feeling confident after the MMI practise in the office a few weeks ago!

I've heard a few tutors mention A Level awards evenings so I hope you're all looking forward to them! Aisha has hers at WRHS next week so I hope you enjoy yourself.


Then it's Joss

I think wall of happy this week has to be spending a few moments at lunch on Monday with Patrick and Ramsha - really enjoyed having a bit more of a relaxed chat now that I'm working in the school more regularly. As I entered the staff room Ramsha gestured to her yoghurt pot and said "Do you want some?" - what an offer, Ramsha! Mabe next time! Would also like to mention Riya this week as her flexibility and professional approach to adding more support to her timetable for Spring Term has been exemplary.


Followed by Alan

Hot on the heels of Cameron's news last week, Sam has got some great news and will soon be off to his university interview at Oxford - congratulations, Sam! Also, in advance of my next round of school visits, some really strong feedback from Wilmslow High School about Jack. You've thoroughly impressed school with your dependability and going "above and beyond on a daily basis" - you should really be proud of yourself and I'm looking forward to checking in to school in person soon!
Finally, happy birthday to Alex who is 19 today - enjoy your well-earned weekend to celebrate!


And, last but certainly not least, to Anne

So much to say this week, kicking off by wishing a very Happy Birthday to Lizzie for last Monday.  Also a huge fingers crossed to Humaira who has got an invitation to interview at excited for you, Humaira, and Sian and Alice have also received the university offers they’ve been hoping for - that is just brilliant all of you!  Rebecca has received two awards from her former school for presentation on her upcoming Speech Night and my team have all been so active in their work for the YCC - Humayra was even awake at 3am bursting wth creative ideas - who needs sleep when you’ve got the excitement of the YCC going on!!  Well done everyone and, Team Derby, I can’t wait to see the finished result of your charity Christmas card - so entrepreneurial!

And now for some inspiration... The Story of Jack Ma

This is the story of Jack Ma. You may know it.
Jack Ma was born in China in the 1960s. He was reasonably smart and very resilient. He applied for many, many jobs and got rejected. KFC came to his home town and 24 people applied for jobs. 23 people got one but Jack didn’t. He applied to Harvard as an international student 10 times. 10 times he got rejected.
He was however good at English and eventually got a job acting as a gide for English and American tourists on the Great Wall of China. One day one of his clients was Jerry Yang. Jerry Yang was an American who, at the time, ran Yahoo! They got talking and became friends.

That conversation sparked an interest in Jack and he spent time understanding the web, which was at a very early stage in China, and he eventually started a yellow pages type of listing business. He’d stayed in touch with Jerry Yang who gave him a bit of guidance from afar, and eventually Yahoo! Invested in his business.
Fast forward 20 years. Jack Ma’s business is called Alibaba. It’s the 4th biggest ecommerce business in the world and is listed on the New York stock exchange. Today it’s worth $490billion and Jack’s personal fortune is around $50billion, and the only thing left of Yahoo! Is it’s investment in Alibaba.
I have shamelessly copied this passage from an email a certain Mr Morris sent to his team last week. The message he sent with it was ‘good things happen to those who never stop trying’. Spot on, Mr Morris!

Jess' Mental Health Update

After writing about mental health awareness a few updates ago I have been reading articles and watching videos to try and figure out the best way I can provide support, whether it's for others around me or myself. During the video below, a young man suffering with depression says, 'The more I talk to people the more I realise, we all have issues and they're all quite similar. So er...yeah, sharing is caring.'

This quote made me think, do we all feel comfortable talking about our problems? If I asked about your mental health would you shy away from answering? It should be more than just a 'How are you today?' and why is it that sometimes you don't feel comfortable saying 'Well actually, today I feel quite rubbish.' Here at yipiyap we pride ourselves in our openness and would urge anyone to talk to us about anything that is troubling them. We can really underestimate the value that other people can have for us and we want you to know that we value each and every one of you.

What's On... London

For what's on this week I'm afraid I'm just going to reiterate my suggestion from last week - CHRISTMAS MARKET MADNESS! I went to the South Bank Market on Wednesday night and enjoyed a few mince pies and mulled wines with view of London Eye and the river and I can't recommend it enough. It's such a fuzzy festive atmosphere it even gets an old Scrooge like me excited for Christmas. At this time of year it's so important to be looking after yourself and a big part of that is having fun and relaxing in your spare time! One of the best things about London really is the variety of events and destinations you can find around times like Christmas so please do take my advice and go and grab some good food and hot drinks and ride a few rides! Cheshire and North Wales

It's officially December so I'd like to start off this month's recommendations with some of the best nearby Christmas markets that have opened recently. Liverpool's has opened at St George's Plateau and is running until Friday 22nd December. Closing times are at least 8pm on weekdays, 9pm on Saturday and 5pm on Sunday. Chester's Christmas markets are closing after December 20th and open until at least 6pmthroughout the week. Finally, Wrexham Christmas markets are bringing back their Victorian theme this year, though it's only open for one day! Mark your calendar; Thursday 7th December, 12:00 - 20:00.

Christmas Top Tunes

As you may have gleaned, I am tres excited about Christmas and as it is 1st December and officially Christmas time I thought I would ambush the TT20 and do a little Christmas special to get everyone in the spirit!!! A mix of some classics and some modern twists! Hopefully something for all!

Here’s the link:


Have a great week ahead all!

I will bring positivity into school by greeting everyone with a smile.

I will be proactive, looking for ways to help teachers and students and asking for help if I need it.

I’m a role model and will show children how to conduct themselves.

I will be professional at all times, respect staff and value the responsibilities I am given.

There will be times when I make mistakes but I will never stop learning!
— The Yipiyap Mantra