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Update #8 - 10th November

Weekly Update #8!

Hello everyone,

I hope you have all have had a great week and a big welcome back everyone now all of the various half terms are over! I’ve got lots to share with you this week so let’s get going!

So, what’s been going on this week?

Catherine's News

There is just so much happening at the moment that my fetish for lists is really paying dividends! We are really looking forward to the mock interview event at the weekend. Last year’s tutors got so much out of it so we are confident it will do the same for this years cohort. The room is all set up and ready to go (see our Twitter page!) – we just need the interviewers and interviewees now! Next Monday and Tuesday I am an interviewer myself for the Loreto College Mock Interviews- 48 interviews each day so I will have lost the will to speak by Wednesday. Everyone in the office will be delighted!!! We then have our Regional Directors’ meeting next Thursday which is always great as we get to hear everything you so I’m really looking forward to that!

My weekly reminder that if you know of anyone who has already finished their A levels or may be taking a gap year after their A levels next summer who would make a great tutor remember there is a £50 finders fee if you recommend them and they work successfully for us!

Anne's News

I don’t know about buses but certainly invitations to meet with UTCs came in threes this week!  Derby, Hull and Warrington are all now interested in finding out about yipiyap and so much of that is because of the feedback from the current UTCs which is so strong. 
Really looking forward to the Interviews tomorrow of course and a massive thanks to Catherine for organising such a brilliant event.   

Regional Directors' News


Well I couldn't end the week without thanking the wonderful tutors that came to the cinema social. It was really lovely to see you and to spend Tuesday evening relaxing and watching a brilliant film! I definitely recommend seeing the new Thor if you haven't already. Another reason this week has been so brilliant is because we had Aisha start her second day at Whalley Range, Lorin starting her support at Stretford Grammar and Faris starting his support at Broadoak. As if it couldn't get busier at yipiyap HQ, we've also started our preparation for recruiting 2018 tutors!! Don't worry, we won’t forget about you guys and are still planning things for you too. With that in mind, I'm really looking forward to the practice MMI interviews on Saturday as I know Catherine has put a lot of time and effort into making them a rewarding experience for you. Thanks for a great week Team Manchester!


Norwich, Peterborough and Derby

NPD have been helping with the school trips this week as Maaria, Heidi and Becca all hopped on coaches for a day out with their schools.  Heidi caused chaos by blending in with the students so that the teacher thought they had a stow-away on board when he simply couldn’t reconcile the headcount.  We thought that was bad until we realised that the same thing happened to Becca who was off on a trip with the Year 5s!!!! Knowing Heidi and Becca they’ll have been leading the visit by the end of the day and doing the headcount on the coach back themselves!

We’ve also had 2 new applicants for schools in Derby - thanks to Niamh for putting the word out amongst her friends and let’s hope the first finder’s fee of 2017/8 will soon be due!!  I’m really looking forward to my visit to Derby in a couple of weeks.


London, Reading and Leicester

Best week of the year so far for me - seen a load of tutors doing their thing in school - been impressed all round by attitudes and effort put in by everyone this week. Naturally the most interesting thing all round is our epic THORSDAY cinema trip. Absolutely fantastic to see everyone - especially Muhammed who I've not seen since the start of the year.
The other big news is a new school placement and subsequently a new tutor on board to fill it - really excited to be introducing a new member to the team very shortly - watch this space!!


Cheshire and North Wales

For most of my team this week, welcome back! I hope you've had a good break and are ready for the next half term. This run up to Christmas goes really quickly and I'm sure you'll notice that too. My focus this week has been on contacting new schools for more support. We've got a few tutors in the sidelines eager to join the team and even more people are applying week after week, so plenty more interviews to come - watch this space!


Yorkshire and the Humber

Well here we are at the end of yet another week, the first one back after half term for many of you and I hope it’s been a fantastic one! I’ve been busy following back up with schools regarding potential roles for those of you with days still to fill so bear with me as I’m working on it as fast as I can for you! We’ve also got our Cinema event planned for Saturday in Hull and a Leeds get together is in the final stages of organisation so looking really forward to meeting up with you all soon! 

Wall of Happy

Jess is first off the mark this week

Well the cinema team are getting a shout out again because I was just so happy to see you all! I've put a photo up on our social media platforms so give it a like if you see it. I really appreciate you giving up your Tuesday evening to spend time with me and your fellow tutors. I'm really hopeful that the Christmas social that follows on from the induction day will be a bigger team photo because it's probably my favourite social of the year and last year we took up half of the restaurant so I want the same again please!

This week I also wanted to mention Haris because of the huge impact he has had at The Oldham Academy North. The Science department have said he is proactive both in lessons and outside of lessons and he has built strong relationships with the students he works with. Well done Haris!

Happy Birthday Sam! Aren't you lucky having your birthday on a Saturday (mine is on results day this year - eek!). I'm sure you'll have a great time celebrating this weekend.


Followed by Joss!

Loads of things for Wall of Happy this week - firstly, big shout out to Muhammed who at absolutely no notice went in to a new school and really impressed them with a trial session for year 6. Switching effortlessly from Y13s to Y6s is no mean feat - to do it all with no fuss and a great can-do attitude is exceptional. Well done Muhammed. Also loved seeing Janiel at work on Thursday - he works with a student who can be very difficult (and was having a really bad day!) and seeing him sit down and keep him focused on writing a story for a full 40mins was really something. Finally - cinema trip. What a whirl! Happy days!


Then there's Carrie

I’d like to give a big yipiyap well done to Josh this week who has bravely decided to capitalise on his time spent in the MFL Faculty and study for his French GCSE whilst tutoring Spanish, Josh has sat a practice paper in which he achieved a C so massive well done Josh and wishing you all the best for the real thing! Also a big mention to Alex whose taking part in a parade of beasts, giants, shape shifters and mischief makers who’ll be marching through the centre of Hull’s old town, featuring many weird and wonderful characters for the final send off for the Land of Green Ginger series of events, part of Hull City of Culture! Finally a big well done to Julia who’s training super hard for her second black belt grading coming up soon! Go Julia!!


Next to Anne

Funniest thing this week was the way WhatsApp exploded after the Derby cinema trip! “Dying with laughter” “Lizzie almost falling out of her seat” “IT’S SO GOOD” they could have written the poster quotes between them! Safe to say Bad Moms rated 10/10 in Derby so I’m off to see it asap!


And, finally to Alan

This week's wall of happy pertains to the cinema night social. Of course, it was great to see everyone there, but I also wanted to say thanks to Sam and Robyn. Without needing to ask or arrange, they were happy to give lifts to Milly and Renate both to and from the cinema. It might only seem like a small favour when you're used to driving, but given how difficult public transport can be, it makes a big difference to people who might not be able to get there any other way, and it's really appreciated!

What's on...

… in Cheshire and North Wales

This year's Chester Literature Festival takes place this month and brings together writers, poets, musicians and broadcasters for a week of events. They all take place at Chester's Storyhouse (CH1 2AR) and the festival runs from Sunday 12th November to Sunday 19th November. While most events are free, some are not, and even some of the free events require advanced booking. See the event page at for more details.

… in Manchester

Well, as if I wasn't already getting into the Christmas spirit thinking about our yipiyap social - The Manchester Christmas Markets are back! The UK's original and award winning Christmas market returns from Saturday 10th November to 20th December this year. They're open from 10m to 9pm so plenty of time to indulge in the lovely food and drink they offer!

 … in Derby

On 11-12 November there’s going to be lots to see and do at the Christmas Market at The Roundhouse, Pride Park. There are going to be over 100 exhibitors with stalls ranging from gorgeous gifts to delicious food (10am- 6pm on Saturday and 10am- 4pm on Sunday).

… in London

There's only one thing to do now that bonfire night has passed - go and watch the epic turning on of the Christmas lights around London. Famous faces, live music, countdowns and cold-air excitement! Top tips are the big Covent Garden switch on on the 14th and Regent Street's epic "flying angels" switch on on the 16th. Wrap up warm!!

Good Luck Christine!

It’s a massive good luck to our Yorkshire and Humberside tutor Christine! Christine is a member of the Hull Music Service and they are performing at the Music for Youth proms at the Royal Albert Hall in London on the 15th November 2017. It’s a percussion ensemble of which Christine in an integral part! It’s an amazing achievement Christine and we all wish you the very best of luck! Have an amazing time!

Mock Interviews this Saturday!

We are looking forward to seeing all of our interviewees at the yipiyap offices this Saturday. Please make sure you arrive in good time for your session, come appropriately dressed and remember to bring a calculator and your planner.

Refresher Induction and Christmas Meal- 20th December

Just a reminder to you all about the refresher induction and Christmas meal on Wednesday 20th December. It will be by way of regional events so just save the date and we will let you know more closer to the time.

Top Tips for Successful Support… be prepared!

By now you will be really getting to grips with all of your students. This is really key as it will help you prepare appropriately for your lessons. Jess was just saying how she would get her worksheets ready the night before so she was ready to start with her students as soon as they walked through the door. If any of you have new students joining you, make sure you ask the class teacher about them in advance so you can hit the ground running with them too. 

Faris and Sam’s Top 20 Tunes

Faris and Sam are continuing my musical education this week with more new bands I have never of heard before (thought Kwabs was something nasty you applied ointment to but I might be mistaken:-/). They both also have some absolute classics on their playlists so I have no doubt the new tunes will not disappoint (with or without the need for cream!). I’ll be playing these over the weekend! Thanks so much for sharing them with us!

Interested in a career in the intelligence services?

Are any of you interested in being one of the next generation of cyber security experts? If so, GCHQ has created the CyberFirst bursary programme which offers a real choice after A levels.

  • At university you can receive an annual bursary of £4,000 per year, tax free;
  • Every summer NCSC will provide paid employment during the holidays or bespoke training within government or industry at a rate of £250 per week;
  • After graduation, you will be placed on a 3 year graduate level cyber security role within government or industry
  • If you are interested they are currently recruiting. Here’s the link:

How to Win Friends and Influence People

How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie is an international best-seller with over 16 million copies sold across the world. It’s all about what it says on the tin and gives really insightful information about how to do just that, which is relevant to each and everyone of us!
Below are 3 fundamental techniques in handling people that have completely altered my perspective in talking to new people:

1.    Don’t criticise, condemn or complain

Criticism is a dangerous thing. It automatically puts people on the defensive and damages a person’s pride. Above all it arouses resentment towards the person who delivered the criticism. It has been scientifically proven that we learn faster through positive reinforcement rather than criticism (Skinner, 1948).

So how can we get what we want without criticism?

George Johnston was the safety coordinator for an engineering company. When he saw a worker not wearing their hard hat he would scold them with authority, regulation and policy. Yet day after day he would still see people not wearing their hard hats. He decided to try a different approach. Instead of telling the workers off he asked if their hat was uncomfortable or didn’t fit properly. He explained how the hat should be worn for their own safety. Not once did he tell the workers off for breaking the rules. Surprisingly there was increased compliance with less emotional upset and turmoil in the work place.

2.     Give honest and sincere appreciation

In his book, Carnegie argues that a feeling of importance is one of the things most people want along with food, sleep and money. Therefore, if you are able to make someone feel important you are at a strong vantage point.
However, to create a lasting and meaningful feeling of importance it is crucial to be able to distinguish between appreciation and flattery. One is sincere, the other is not. When you’re showing genuine appreciation for another stop and really think about their good points. “Thanks for helping me with that student” can turn into “You’ve got a real skill in managing different challenging behaviours students present”.
How many times have you explicitly thanked someone for an act of kindness? Next time a student helps you find your missing whiteboard pen take, time at the end of class to thank them again them or if a teacher really supports you with a difficult student, make sure you send them an email of appreciation. Make them feel important!

3.     Arouse in the other person an eager want

When was the last time you said “Mum I’m really hungry when is dinner?”? After a long day at work and when Pointless is on the TV why is your mum going to hurry to cook your dinner. To influence another person, you need to target what they want and show them how to get it.
If Apple want to sell iPhones their marketing campaign won’t say “Please buy an iPhone so we can pay all the people that helped design it and make a few more billion dollars in profit”. Instead they tell you about all the new features that are going to help you in your daily life by ensuring you have the latest most advanced piece of technology to impress all your friends with and help you achieve the greatest selfie ever known to man!

So next time you’re hungry and wanting Mum to cook dinner try saying “Mum there’s a really exciting episode of Emmerdale on in a bit, if we have dinner a bit earlier we might be able to watch it together”. Genius!

Those are just a few principles Carnegie suggests. Hopefully by reading this you will alter just one way in which you talk to people.


So, have a brilliant weekend and week ahead folks!

Best wishes,


I will bring positivity into school by greeting everyone with a smile.

I will be proactive, looking for ways to help teachers and students and asking for help if I need it.

I’m a role model and will show children how to conduct themselves.

I will be professional at all times, respect staff and value the responsibilities I am given.

There will be times when I make mistakes but I will never stop learning!
— The Yipiyap Mantra