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Update #7 - 3rd November

Weekly Update #7!

Hi all,

I hope you all had a great half term break, got lots of lovely fresh air and sunshine and have had a great first week back at school. This is such a great term with Christmas (I love Christmas!) and all the fun that goes with it going on in school so make sure you really enjoy it along with the schools and students!

So, what’s been going on this week?

Catherine's News

I am very excited about this half term, partly because it’s Christmas at the other end of it  (and I LOVE CHRISTMAS! Only 51 sleeps until Santa comes!) but also because we have so much going on at yipiyap. It’s the launch of our new recruitment process for 2018/2019- we are recruiting in a completely different way this year so it’s an exciting new world for us! We also have our various regional Movie Nights next week as well as the Mock Interview sessions. The 2018 enrichment event planning is now well underway and lots to be done towards that! Anne’s team will be kicking off the yipiyap Challenge and then there’s the refresher induction courses around the country on Wednesday 20th December where you will all get to see your teams again and this is followed by the Christmas Meal. It’s going to be a good one!

I know the second paragraph of my little piece is probably white noise to you all now as you have seen it each week so far but just to say that we are still actively recruiting in all regions for tutors to join this years team so if you do know a friend, or even a friend of a friend who might be interested in joining us, please let me know. You will get a £50 finders fee if you recommend them and they come on board and work successfully for us!

Anne's News

I was interested in the headline news over the holiday that a new report (Thriving at Work) is helping  employers with guidance about supporting mental health in the workplace.  At yipiyap, we are proud of the supportive Upside Down Management structure we talked about at Induction and we welcome conversations on this issue because we know that not talking about it only compounds the difficulties sufferers face.  It was good to see, therefore, that we already impement many of the suggested action points but we are always looking to improve what we do and there are some things we can do to become outstanding in this area that I am looking to include.

In the meantime if you want to discuss any issue with your RD or with myself or Catherine you can be assured of our support so please don’t suffer in silence.

Regional Directors' News


This week it's taken a while to get back into the swing of things, but confirming Lorin's day at Stretford Grammar really spurred me on! I'm excited for her to join the team and find out what yipiyap is all about. We've also got lots still bubbling away in Oldham so fingers crossed we'll have some new placements sorted soon.

We also had lots of people taking their BMAT's and other similar exams so I hope you are feeling confident! 


Norwich, Peterborough and Derby

It’s been a great week getting back into the swing of things but the highlight for me was definitely my visit to P’boro on Thursday – it was a long day there and back, but more than worth it to see the team, the schools and hear fantastic feedback all round!  In Derby we have started making links with the UTC and it’s great to find out that things are going well with the new placements in Norwich too.  Now we can start planning our YCC activities in earnest and really set the pace for the other teams to catch us!


London, Reading and Leicester

Back from half term with a vengeance this week - keeping the recruitment frenzy going and lining up a few interviews with some really strong candidates for the end of the week, as well as pushing for new placements in Romford, Dartford and Central London. I've got loads of meetings, observations and school visits booked in for next week so many of you will be lucky enough to be seeing me soon (and I don't mean the cinema trip!) I've really enjoyed catching up with everyone's half terms, too - special shout out to Riya who spent the half term not relaxing but working even harder - shadowing a dermatologist full-time for the week! Sounds like she had one hell of an experience! Well done to everyone for a really productive week and I look forward to seeing you all next week for the cinema trip!!


Cheshire and North Wales

I know my team is a quite split on this half term break, but for Alex, Jack and Nick, welcome back! I hope you've had a great week off. Over the last couple of weeks while most schools have been closed, I've had chance to focus on recruitment (yes, already) for next year. My first presentation was at Coleg Cambria and it really didn't seem long ago that I was last there - Adam will remember! Also recruiting for new tutors this year as well, with a few more interviews ongoing or due to come in the next week or two.


Yorkshire and the Humber

It’s been our half term over here in Hull and Sheffield this week with only two of my Leeds team in school so as I’ve been on my jollies spending time with my little girls, my update is from last week...and what a week it was. I managed to secure a couple of exciting meetings for potential new roles across the region and also a few interviews lined up to fill those roles along with you guys waiting in the wings for more days! We have our newest team member Caitlin joining us on Monday for her first day tutoring English at WHA and plot twist with Lauren who started out as an English tutor yet had found her passion for Maths and will be swapping words for numbers also as of Monday! All exciting stuff!

Wall of Happy

Jess is first off the mark this week

A general one this week. I just wanted to say a huge thank you to the people who responded to my message about the cinema trip. I was a little surprised at the lack of responses I had considering I sent a separate text to each of you and a message in the WhatsApp. I'm really looking forward to the cinema trip and really want you all to be there so please can you let me know! We've spent time organising goodie bags also, so i don't want anything going to waste (and I'd rather not have to eat them all!).


Followed by Joss!

Wall of happy this week has to be Muhammed's much welcomed revelation that he's travelling from Leicester to join us on our cinema trip. Either he has the best can-do attitude in the world or he really likes Thor. Your guess is as good as mine. Really looking forward to introducing you to the new members of the team and well done on being a yes person!!


Then there's Carrie

I hope everyone has had a great time with friends, family and loved ones over the half term break and what could deserve to be on the wall of happy more than that! I’d like to give a big mention to Liam for the work that he’s been doing with English students at WHA having a direct impact on their exam results, showing marked improvement. Also, I’d like to give Saul a mention as he’s been working hard on his applications for the merchant navy, ploughing his way through lots of applications for a cadetship after his gap year and has made it through to a number of interviews. Well done Liam & Saul!


Next to Anne

Team P’boro en masse this week for a brilliant visit and excellent feedback from your schools, they really think you are fantastic.  Special thanks to Heidi and Maaria for taking me to the beautiful P’boro Cathedral and wowing me with trivia and fun facts!

Also, well done to Alice for passing your driving test over half term – brilliant news.

Finally, laughed out loud at Becca’s comment on the app this week about her class pretending to be Victorian children and crawling around under desks with blankets strew across them – fantastic fun!


And, finally to Alan

This week goes to Alex for some really positive feedback via staff in school. I had my school visit on Thursday and it was great to see things in action there, especially given that this is a new school for us this year. Above everything that staff have fed back to us was the importance of tutors integrating and engaging with the staff, either generally or departmentally. Glad to see both of your schools have had such good praise Alex, keep it up!

What's on...

… in Cheshire and North Wales

Of course now that Halloween has come and gone, the next event is bonfire night. I've picked a couple of different sites based on venue and time, so hopefully you can make at least one of them!
Saturday 4th November - The Chester Lions fireworks display starts at 19:30 and entry costs £6, no need to book in advance. Held at the Chester Racecourse.
Sunday 5th November - The annual Liverpool River of Light fireworks display is completely free. The main display is due to start at 18:45 though be sure to arrive early as transport will no doubt be delayed.

… in Manchester

The Christmas light switch on is in Manchester on Saturday evening! If you haven't been before then I would recommend it. See the link below for more details:
There's also lots of free bonfires held across Manchester this weekend. On Sunday I'll be heading to Wythenshawe Park with my family because they've also got a great fun fair that sells sugary donuts!

 … in Norwich

It’s The Big Boom Fireworks display tonight from 7.30 until 8.30. You will be able to gather alongside the bundled-up crowds at the top of the marketplace, and watch the spectacular display as fireworks are launched from the top of Jarrolds, and The Castle. All to music, it sounds brilliant and is completely FREE.

… in London

What's on this week? Well... GUNPOWDER TREASON AND PLOT! I wanted to include list of the best places to watch the fireworks in London, but my personal recommendation was their first one, too - the very top of Primrose Hill. This is where I spent bonfire night every year of uni and it's great if a bit cold (so wrap up warm and take a hot drink!) If you can get there this Sunday, do!

Top Tips for Successful Support

Make sure you are engaged and proactive at all times! Avoid standing with your arms folded at the back of a class or the temptation to check your phone or do something not work related during lesson time. If you do find you are short of something to do, look to do something useful. If there is nothing obvious, ask a teacher how you can help.  Teachers are busy and there is always something to do so they will really appreciate your willingness and proactivity.

Mock Interviews: Saturday 11th November!

We now have 12 attendees at the mock interview sessions and are looking forward to putting you all through your paces. You will by now have your emails with all the details you need to know in anticipation of the event but please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any queries.

Movie Night – various dates next week

Yipiyap goes to the movies next week. Hopefully you have now confirmed your attendance with your Regional Directors.

Here’s where you are all going:

  • Jess’s Team     :    Tuesday 7th November at 6.45 The Great Northern, Manchester
  • Alan’s Team     :    Wednesday 8th November at the Vue Cinema, Cheshire Oaks, time TBC 
  • Joss’s Team     :    Thursday 9th November at 8.30pm Empire Cinemas London Haymarket 
  • Carrie’s Team  :     TBC
  • Anne’s Teams  :    Thursday 9th November for both Derby and Norwich (Vue cinema) teams, times TBC

Linda and Becky’s Top 20 Tunes

But for 2 songs this week, these artists are all new to me! They must be good however as Rebecca is going to 2 of the artists concerts in the next few weeks! Thanks very much both for sharing your selections with us and enjoy the concerts!

Have a great week ahead all and enjoy bonfire night!
Best wishes,

I will bring positivity into school by greeting everyone with a smile.

I will be proactive, looking for ways to help teachers and students and asking for help if I need it.

I’m a role model and will show children how to conduct themselves.

I will be professional at all times, respect staff and value the responsibilities I am given.

There will be times when I make mistakes but I will never stop learning!
— The Yipiyap Mantra