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Update #4 - 6th October

Weekly Update #4!

Hello everyone,

I hope you have all had a good week. Can you believe it, only 2 weeks to go until half term for some of us? Hopefully you are all getting used to all of the different aspects of your placements now, the travel, the expectations of the schools and the characters you are working with. All of your skills, be it communication, confidence, teamwork, time management etc will be developing and evolving each and every day so embrace everything that comes your way, be it good or bad, knowing that every single thing is a building block towards for your futures.

The next tutor social is MOVIE NIGHT on Thursday 9th November so save the date everyone - more details to come!


So, what’s been going on this week?

Catherine's News

It’s been another busy week with lots of policy drafting and procedural review which does actually seem a million miles away from what we actually do, or should I say, you do and that’s inspiring young people to learn! It is therefore just brilliant to hear all of the positive feedback we are getting from both you and the schools! Just reading through the Wall of Happy this week has made me so proud to be a part of this business and of all of you!

Great to see the very first yipiyap team Zoom huddle this week with team Manchester as the trailblazers!!! This is just another chance for you all to touch base and informally chat face to face with your team mates and RD about anything that you want, be it work, university or gap year related. We are looking forward to this being embraced by all of the other regional teams. 

This newsletter also brings another new initiative- our ‘What’s on?’ section. This will give you suggestions, region by region, of what’s happening in your team’s area. It might be concerts, 10ks, or jumble sales!!! Basically whatever has caught your Regional Director’s eye and that they think might be of interest to you. Obviously when it’s a large region, it may not be something on your doorstep every week but it’s just another way we hope to help inspire you over your gap year!

One extra mention of mine this week has to go to our very own star of stage and screen Alex who has landed a star role in Thoroughly Modern Millie which will be on for all to see next April. The audition was right after our Induction Days which just goes to show where a ‘can do attitude’ can get you- tutor by day, thespian by night! Really so pleased for you Alex!!!

My weekly reminder that if you know of anyone who may be taking a gap year after their A levels this summer who would make a great tutor remember there is a £50 finder’s fee if you recommend them and they work successfully for us!

Anne's News

It’s around this time of year that I become frustratingly hard to get hold of as I’m out on the road!  This week I’ve been to Norwich for 2 days (more later!) and London for the day to visit Joss and meet with Baker Dearing Trust - the organisation which we liaise with regarding our work with the UTCs.  If you work in a UTC, we’ve been talking about YOU and have been so pleased that we’ve been able to feed back so positively after the first few weeks.  Hopefully this will open the doors with other UTCs – particularly in Yorkshire and London.  Watch this space!

Regional Directors' News

Yorkshire and the Humber

Well, here we are almost a week in to month two and what a great week it’s been! There’s still lots of activity coming in from you all which is great and shows that lines of communication are still very much open with everyone still asking away with questions and queries! Remember no question is too small or too silly so please keep them coming! I’ve had some great meetings this week and also been putting the feelers out to grow the team further, as well as more contracts being drawn up as we speak so watch this space for new arrivals in our WA group. We also have our team bowling event to look forward to on Saturday…I can’t wait – All exciting stuff!! Have a great week everyone and remember, our weekly catch ups will now be Tuesdays between 4-6pm so as always, get your time slots requested and I’ll do my best to catch you then!



What a week! I absolutely loved having the chance to catch up with you all at both the bowling and during the conference call this week - I'll definitely be organising another conference call soon, especially now that I know what I'm doing. As a result of your brilliant work so far we've had a request for a day of Maths support over in Derbyshire for Rose - thank you Rose, for being such an inspiration for the students you work with! Last but definitely not least, I hope you had a great birthday on Thursday, Phoebe.

The bowling night was a massive success so thank you to those who made it. I think next year I'll be asking for the barriers up because I was an embarrassment - Maya absolutely put me to shame!!


London, Reading and Leicester

This week has been so busy! I was able to get in to Patrick and Ramsha's place in Westminster on Tuesday and really enjoyed meeting with Nilam in Reading on Wednesday. All three plus Muhammed have been given such great feedback from their work with students and I couldn't be more proud - what a team! Welcomed Anne down for a meeting at Baker Dearing Educational Trust on Tuesday which opened up loads of new ideas and possibilities. Really threw into sharp relief how far things have come in the last year! Also had new applicants come forward and new placements to settle and sort for Riya and Janiel.


Norwich, Peterborough and Derby

I’ve had a brilliant 2 days in Norwich this week, meeting the schools we’re working with for the first time and hearing great things about the work that’s going on down here.  The UTC has been game changing in terms of introducing us to other schools in the area and there is so much optimism about what we’re able to achieve.  It’s a huge credit to the tutors that they’ve made their mark so quickly and bodes well for working with the other UTCs nationally and the other schools in Norwich - I’ve already been invited back to a Principal’s meeting in December so will be booking my ticket when I get back!

It was also wonderful to meet Humaira in person at last and have the chance to see her in action in school.  She greeted me with a cheery ‘Ola!’ when I popped into her 1:1 Spanish session and your tutee had the biggest smile, Humaira – she was clearly loving working with you.

Visit to Peterborough on the cards next …. and thanks to my P and D teams for holding the fort so well this week.


Cheshire and North Wales

Another week in and it feels like October has come around very quickly! The highlight this week was definitely the bowling night. Thanks to everyone who could make it - those were some really good games and I hope you enjoyed it; it was great catching up with you all. As mentioned, I'll be catching up individually in school over the coming weeks and this is a great chance to review your first half term in a more formal environment. This is something I really enjoyed last year and I'm looking forward to starting again!

Wall of Happy

Jess' turn first this week

Thank you to Linda and Becky for making up their day missed due to absence at Saddleworth, the school really appreciate your efforts!
Also this week, I wanted to give Haris a shout out because he's always so proactive with asking me if he's not sure of something. There's nothing wrong with double checking things and I really appreciate the regular communication.

Finally this week, a lovely comment was sent to me by Charlie at Glossopdale. He said he feels like Issy has been a member of the department for years - not bad going for the first week of October! Very impressive.


Now over to Joss

Wall of Happy is quite straightforward this week - bowling! I must say I really enjoyed it despite being robbed of a victory by what I can only describe as a horrendous display of cheating from Patrick. The raw natural talent displayed by first-timers Riya and Nilam was really piling the pressure on Janiel, whose game faded under the intensity, but Patrick clearly brought his own laser-guided bowling balls - very disappointing. It's better to lose honestly than win dishonestly, Patrick! Well done everyone is was great fun to see you all!


Next to Anne

I loved my night out on Thursday with our Norwich trio - Tia, Alice and Humaira - who, whilst not exactly contenders for Kingpin, gave their all to the bowling and racked up some pretty impressive scores (with a little help from the side bars!) Well done Tia on being crowned Norwich champ 2017!
Also a shout out for Becca who makes me smile every day with her comments on the app - there’s always something exciting happening in Becca’s World!  And great feedback forms for Niamh and Lizzie this week from their primary schools who clearly recognise your professionalism in the role.
Finally, I’m really excited for the P’boro quartet and their plan for a social in an escape room next week.  Will love to see the pics, ladies, and hope you do manage to escape or there will be some explaining to do on Thursday!


Now to Carrie

For my wall of happy this week I’m giving a shout out to Alex O’Malley and Lauren Dennett for both referring fantastic candidates to me, once contracted and beyond their probation, the new recruits will earn Alex and Lauren a fantastic £50!! In addition, I have to say a massive well done to Zach Moorey, who despite being the only tutor based out in Sheffield, he just cracks on with the job and is loving it! I had the pleasure (much to his surprise) of dropping in on Zach while he delivered a lesson and I have to say, he was ever the pro – well done Zach!


And, to Alan

First off, Callan celebrated his 19th this week! Happy birthday - I hope you had a great day! We've had a new starter in school this week too. Harry has got off to a great start with some very positive feedback, and is even organising English clubs to run during lunchtime alongside Alex who is running Maths sessions in the library. This is a very strong start and extra commitment from both of you - keep it up! And finally, Renāte - congratulations on your bowling success last night, and of course thanks for letting someone else win the second game!

What's on...

... in Manchester

One thing you'll quickly learn about me is that I absolutely love music. I love going to see live music, going to festivals and of course singing along to it in the car! One event that is on over the weekend is a festival called Neighbourhood festival. It's only £33 for the day and over 100 artists will be performing - an absolute bargain!

If that doesn't sound like your thing, maybe a trip to the Whitworth Gallery would be more appealing. Here is an exhibition I think would be really interesting, especially if you're interested in textiles/art. Cheshire and North Wales

Ark Exhibition - This is the largest contemporary and modern sculpture exhibition held in the North West and features works from over 50 sculptors. It's completely free to enter and photography is permitted. The feature runs every day at the Chester Cathedral (CH1 2HU) until October 15th - no need to book.

Comedy Central - Definitely more lighthearted, Liverpool's comedy club has opened their October bookings and have a lot lined up for the month. Shows are held across Thursday to Saturday each week, but be sure to take ID with you as you must be over 18 to attend - this is definitely something I'd recommend; book in advance! Peterborough, Norwich and Derby

Derby Folk Festival returns from Friday 6 to Sunday 8 Oct with an exciting list of performers.

This will be the 11th year of the festival held right in the centre of Derby. Events will run in the City Marquee on the Market Place, in the Guildhall Theatre, The Old Bell Hotel and Derby Cathedral throughout the weekend. As well as ticketed concerts and events, there will be dance displays throughout the streets, and free music performances during Saturday and Sunday as part of the ever-expanding fringe. London, Leicester and Reading

One thing I'm hoping to do in the coming weeks after a number of recommendations is visit Kew Gardens for the Autumn exhibition. As the leaves turn from green to red they put on an exhibition around the site - partly hidden in the wildlife and partly indoors. Should be really great way to ease into the new weather! Yorkshire and the Humber

I know we have a few artists in our region so hopefully this week’s suggestion will be of interest.  

The Turner Prize, one of the world’s most renowned art prizes, is awarded by Tate to an artist who has exhibited outstanding work in the previous year. The four shortlisted artists for 2017 will exhibit their work at Ferens Art Gallery, Hull, from September with the overall winner announced in early December. Admission to the Ferens Art Gallery is free.

Team Derby's Top 30 Tunes

Thanks to Lizzie, Niamh and Rebecca for their top 30 tunes this week. Brilliant tracks from Nirvana and the Kaiser Chiefs to Elvis and the Tblisi Symphony Orchestra - truly something for everyone and all delivered very professionally and on time so thanks so much ladies!

Kid President says think AWESOME!

Thanks to Jess for sending this motivational video in. He is hilarious!

yipiyap Regional Bowling Evenings


I hope you all had an amazing time at the regional bowling events. See the photos on Twitter!! Delwar even managed to get a cheeky shot with Delwar Met at the Manchester event. The Hull, Peterborough and Derby events are still to come so have fun all!


Have a fantastic week ahead!



I will bring positivity into school by greeting everyone with a smile.

I will be proactive, looking for ways to help teachers and students and asking for help if I need it.

I’m a role model and will show children how to conduct themselves.

I will be professional at all times, respect staff and value the responsibilities I am given.

There will be times when I make mistakes but I will never stop learning!
— The Yipiyap Mantra