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Update #17 - 19th January

Weekly Update #17!

Hi there,


How are you all? Well, we survived Blue Monday thanks to Anne’s magnificent joke of the day, no one has been blown away in the wind and the nights are definitely getting lighter so it’s happy days all round.  For all the ‘old timers’ who have been working with since September I hope you are well and truly back into the swing of things after the Christmas break and I really hope our newbies are starting to get to know everyone and enjoy the experience at school.  

So, what’s been going on this week?

Catherine's News

It’s always a great week when we have our Regional Director’s meeting! It’s means a buzzing office full of proud team leaders. Great to have Joss to join us on Thursday too! My ears are burning with lots of Heads of Sixths delivering talks to their Year 13s about a year with Yipiyap so looking forward to picking up with the interested students like we did with so many of you after our presentations last year! I really hope we can get another winning team like yourselves for 2018/2019! Fingers crossed!!!

Things are really coming together for our Fit For Future Day (more news about this later on in the update!) which I am already getting excited about.

Lots happening with our franchaise program with meetings with potential franchaisees coming up next week. Watch this space!!!

My weekly reminder that if you know of anyone who may be taking a gap year after their A levels this summer who would make a great tutor remember there is a £50 finder’s fee if you recommend them and they work successfully for us!

Anne's News

I had a very enjoyable trip to Derby earlier in the week at the request of the LA (see NPD news!) and much of my week has been planning our support campaigns for the year ahead.  There isn’t a rule book for growing a business and it’s a fascinating process to see the pros and cons of different approaches.

Also, I’m pleased that you are all displaying huge resilience during the trials and tribulations that January always brings and I thought I’d look up some ways of building your resilience even further.  Here’s what seems to be the overall advice:

7 Ways to build resilience at work

  1. Cherish social support and interaction. ... 
  2. Treat problems as a learning process. ... 
  3. Avoid making a drama out of a crisis. ... 
  4. Celebrate your successes. ... 
  5. Develop realistic life goals for guidance and a sense of purpose. ... 
  6. Take positive action. ... 
  7. Nurture a positive view of yourself.

Keep conscientiously doing these each day and mindfully (check out your planner) reflecting on your achievements and you will build the resilience that will stay with you for life.  Thanks for the excellent way you have represented Yipiyap so far and if you need help with any of the suggestions above, your RD is there to support you.

Regional Directors' News


This week I had the pleasure of interviewing and inducting a new tutor that will be joining us after February half term. I'll provide a formal introduction at a later date. We also potentially have another new tutor joining the Derbyshire team so maybe we'll have someone to accompany Rose on her journey to Manchester for socials in the future! I've had a number of tutors writing to let me know that they have been offered interviews. Please do let me know about offers, even if the date isn't on a day you would usually work, because I love hearing your great news. Also worth noting is that our YCC is now starting to take shape and lots of tutors are really keen to get involved and (most importantly) beat Anne's team of course!


Norwich, Peterborough and Derby

Big news from NPD this week as we have secured the first request for Yipiyap support in the coming year 2018/19.  On the back of fantastic feedback from Primary schools, the LA in Derby have extended support to Secondary schools next year and already we are looking for 4 full time tutors in Derby!  Well done to Team Derby and remember the finder’s fee if you know any current Y13s!!  I’m sure Peterborough and Norwich will be hot on your heels.


London, Reading and Leicester

Fantastic week this week - starting with a chance to see Tilly at work in her new placement at UAE South Bank and culminating in an RD Meeting in Manchester. So proud to see that Tilly has settled in so well and so quickly at UAE. She's clearly a tutoring natural and has been brought in to the fold really well there by the staff and students. Congrats! I've had great communication and loads of fantastic activity coming from my team this week -  from Cynthia facilitating extra hours of tuition at Elutec to Muhammed hoping to live up to the hype with his Skipiyap entry. It's been thoroughly enjoyable, positive and proactive stuff all round! Looking forward to hopefully getting in to see Nilam next week at UTC Reading and Cynthia for her first observation before long!


Cheshire and North Wales

This week has gone by very quickly! Our newest tutor has joined our team and more interviews are taking place very soon. For me, I've been focused very heavily on a few projects recently and it's been very interesting to see how several areas could be linked - our new recruitment drive for September and how that ties in with our recruitment packs, and our support order forms that schools can request to receive another Yipiyap tutor next year. September might seem a while away but this is when the work starts going in and there's definitely lots of new stuff going on - all very exciting!


Yorkshire and the Humber

Hi everyone, I hope you’ve had a great week! I’ve been working my socks off to grow the Sheffield area of our region and getting all the nitty gritty bits sorted for our new team members to join us and getting them ready for their new roles which is all exciting! We have the Skipiyap happening this month so I’ll be dropping your skipping ropes off on Monday - I’m hoping for participation from all and a bit of light competition ;)

Wall of Happy

First to Anne

We’ve had some brilliant feedback about Humaira this week who was described as an 'exceptional linguist' by her key contact at Wymondham College.  Well done Humaira!

Also it was great to hear from Sian that her help for one student then led to that student helping another who was having the same problems with her maths.  This confidence building is what it’s all about so great work Sian!

And how could I leave out Rebecca’s joke during the week - that just MADE my week!

Finally, as well as my team, I want to give a big shout out to all tutors at WHA in Hull for their hard work which earned the following comment in the school’s Ofsted report this week. Fantastic performance everyone - it's out there for all the world to see.

Ofsted Quote.jpg


Next, it's Alan's turn

This week first off goes to Karima - she has had some great news in securing her interview for the Japan Exchange and Teaching programme! This is a really competitive programme even just to be granted an interview, so well done! Fingers crossed for next week and do let us know how you get on! Also I'd like to welcome Nikki to my team following her recent interview and induction this past week. Nikki is our newest tutor in the North Wales area and she is set to start in her former high school which I'm sure will make for an interesting placement! Very glad to have you on board!


Now to Jess

Firstly, well done to Farzana for starting her first week at Saddleworth. I must thank you for your patience in term 1 and I'm so happy to have found somewhere for you to spend the rest of the year! Also, a massive thanks for donating to my Dry January fund - very kind of you!

Thank you also to Delwar and Javed for drafting a brilliant blog post about their charity work before Christmas. I've sent this over to Joss to finalise and hopefully it'll be up on the website soon.


Next to Carrie

For WOH this week I have to say a HUGE well done to all of the HULL-WHA tutors whose amazing efforts have led us to be recognised by Ofsted with a glowing mention in the school’s latest report! Amazing! Also a very warm welcome this week to Jasmine, Abbey, Derian & Ryan who have all joined us this week in Sheffield!


And finally, Joss

Wall of happy this week goes to another successful Cambridge applicant - congratulations to Tilly who'll be studying music at Clare College next year. Even if Tilly did keep it quiet she couldn't stop her old music teacher letting me know when I was collecting her references! Very well deserved I'm sure! Also delighted to have had my first proper chat with Daniel since he started at Lambeth Academy - he seems like a real superstar in the position and I was so buoyed up to hear how well he's taken to tutoring - particularly in a subject he wasn't particularly prepped for! Well done, Daniel.


Only 12 days to go for our brilliant skippers to get skipping!!! So far we have 2 potential contenders – Adam and Niamh!!! Thanks both for getting your questionnaires back and throwing your hats in the ring! We are looking forward to seeing your videos soon! Who else is going to have a go? Who will skip the most skips and who is going to win the wackiest way to skip prize. It’s all to skip for!!! Click here to join the fun:

First Aid Course- Saturday 24th March

Can everybody interested in coming along to our First Aid Course on 24th March please respond to the link below. We need minimum numbers so unless we have sufficient interest we can’t run this extremely valuable event.

To book your place, please go to this link:

 Fit For Future Event- SAVE THE DATE- Saturday 23rd June

Please can you all put Saturday 23rd June in your diaries for our ‘Fit For Future Day’. This is a whole day packed with workshops that we hope will be useful to you in anticipation of you heading out into the big wide world after your year with Yipiyap. We have a cookery/ nutrition workshop, and emotional intelligence talk, a first aid for uni workshop a finance for uni talk, a basic sign language course, and finally, coming full circle from our induction course in September, a follow up self-defence course. It’s just a day of fun focused on taking you forward positively so we would love you to come and join us!

AIDS Orphan

Lucas Wilmshurst.jpg

Last year, we had a brilliant tutor from Hull, Lucas Wilmshurst, who is now studying Medicine at King’s College, London. This summer Lucas, along with a group of fellow students at King's College, are climbing Kilimanjaro to raise money for a charity called AIDS Orphan. The charity works in Africa helping HIV positive children who have been orphaned to lead the best lives they possibly can. Lucas has asked if any of the lovely people at Yipiyap would be able to make even the tiniest of donations, it would mean the world to this incredible charity! To read more and donate please go to the following link:

AIDS Orphan.jpg

 Cameron and Milly's Tutor Top 20

Thanks to Cameron and Milly we have another brilliant TT20 this week. I’ve really enjoyed drafting the update tapping away on the keyboard of my laptop to these tunes!! It amazes me that every week we get another great and unique selection- and this playlist will certainly not disappoint! Make sure you tune in for some audio pleasure! Thanks for these great selections you two!!

Well that’s all for another week in the world of Yipiyap folks! Have a brilliant weekend and see you all next week!



I will bring positivity into school by greeting everyone with a smile.

I will be proactive, looking for ways to help teachers and students and asking for help if I need it.

I’m a role model and will show children how to conduct themselves.

I will be professional at all times, respect staff and value the responsibilities I am given.

There will be times when I make mistakes but I will never stop learning!
— The Yipiyap Mantra