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Update #25 - 23rd March

Weekly Update #25!

Hello there everyone,

Well, for those who finish for Easter today- you have made it through the toughest term and for those who finish next week, you are oh soooo close!!! Really well done to you all for digging deep and doing such a great job. The next term is a far more buoyant term at school. Obviously schools can get quite nervy with the exams looming but your support at that time is even more important and relevant and you will be more valued than ever! Next term is also ‘hug alert’ term but we will be giving you lots of advice on how to dodge the hugs and stay safe!

It’s a brief weekly update this week given it’s the last day of term for half of you! As such we are just going to have a collective Wall of Happy to finish the term off on a high along with a brilliant playlist!

Wall of Happy

This week, it’s huge congratulations to Sarwana for her Dentistry offer and Rose for her Primary Education offer! It's great to hear that everyone is having success with their applications!!

It’s a shout out to one of our new tutors George for a great first day:
George was a great addition to the department on Wednesday, he was helpful and very willing to get stuck in with whatever we asked him to do. All the teachers he supported were really grateful for his help and he had a very calm and amiable manner with the students. We’d be really pleased to have him back again!

Also, amazing feedback for Scarlett another new addition to the team after her first week at South Bank UTC.   They're delighted to have her onboard and have already commented on her fantastic subject knowledge, her willingness to muck in and her great ideas!

This week we have a number birthdays to celebrate! So, a massive ‘Happy Birthday’ to Caitlin, Yashgin, Niamh and Adam. A particular highlight has got to be the cake Adam made to take into school! It’s his first attempt at a cake too- very impressive! Hope you all had brilliant days and enjoy your celebrations this weekend!


Yum Yum! Happy Birthday!

 Alex's Tutor Top 10

Well, it’s Alex’s turn this week, one of the esteemed stars of stage and screen among our ranks! Alex will be starring in the production of ‘Thoroughly Modern Millie’ (along with Liam and Dean!) over the Easter holidays so if any of the Yorkshire team are up for a good night out, then here’s your answer! They’ve been rehearsing since our Induction Days so it’s going to be a good one!

This is a brilliant playlist and one that will appeal to everyone- a great mix of karaoke classics, indie dancefloor fillers and we have another Wolf Alice fan!

Thanks so much for sharing your fab tunes with us, Alex, and break a leg as they say (obviously DON’T!!) with the play!!!

Enjoy... here’s the link:

Have a great weekend (if you are in next week!) and Easter (if you break up today)! Enjoy all of those Easter Eggs!


I will bring positivity into school by greeting everyone with a smile.

I will be proactive, looking for ways to help teachers and students and asking for help if I need it.

I’m a role model and will show children how to conduct themselves.

I will be professional at all times, respect staff and value the responsibilities I am given.

There will be times when I make mistakes but I will never stop learning!
— The Yipiyap Mantra