SB - Yipiyap Tutor, North Wales 2017/18

I wanted to get two things out of my gap year: experience and enjoyment. Working for Yipiyap has allowed me to balance these two aspects. I’ve developed key communication skills, broadened my CV and met a diverse range of amazing people, all while getting paid.

Working within a school framework also allows time for travelling, volunteering and, for those unlucky/lucky enough, resits. I’ve been able to visit friends in university up and down the country and even on the continent! This flexibility, coupled with good pay, has also allowed me to book a trip to Vietnam this Easter.

If you’re interested in making yourself stand out from the crowd, then working for Yipiyap is the best way to spend a year. Without working for Yipiyap, I would have been far less likely to receive an offer from my university of choice and to have gained volunteering placements with a variety of organisations.
— SB - Yipiyap Tutor, North Wales 2017/18