RM - Yipiyap Tutor, Derby 2017/18

During A Levels, I became extremely anxious about myself. I didn’t feel happy to be me and I was not ready for the adult living of university. So, plucking up the courage to take a year out and join Yipiyap was the best decision for me. Dedicating my year to children who need help has meant that my confidence is growing so much, and it feels great to be told by teachers that I’m making a difference. I finally feel like I have a wider purpose other than to write essays all day long! If A Levels have left you feeling anxious and like you have lost the best version of yourself, I highly recommend becoming a Yipiyap tutor so you can build yourself back up again while doing something that really matters.
— RM - Yipiyap Tutor, Derby 2017/18