RA - Yipiyap Tutor, London 2017/18

I was looking for tutoring jobs in order to keep in touch with my studies during my gap year as I planned to apply for medicine afterwards. While I was searching for tutoring jobs, I came across Yipiyap. I looked at it and found out that this platform provided real life experience in actual school settings. This was extremely exciting for me because I hoped my gap year job would help me develop professionalism and interpersonal skills. Yipiyap has done this for me! It has also helped boost my confidence through rigorous advice on how to best deliver knowledge to the students. In addition, Yipiyap organised mock interviews to prepare me for the Multi Mini Interviews I was required to take to get into medicine.

My time with Yipiyap has been so productive and motivating. I have been able to socialise with lovely intelligent people coming from all different educational backgrounds but who are in the same boat as me. I have shared ideas with them and learned from their experiences. The whole team at Yipiyap is very supportive and polite. They have ensured I have developed professional and life-long skills that have helped build the best CV and gap year experience for me. It is so satisfying that I have been able to make a difference to the community. I would say it’s been a platform full of pleasant surprises.
— RA - Yipiyap Tutor, London 2017/18