MM - Yipiyap Tutor, Hull 2016/17

Working with Yipiyap was a great way to spend my gap year as it allowed me to gain valuable work experience whilst saving up money for university, with plenty left over to spend! Becoming a tutor opened my mind to the real world of work, and helped me improve my communication skills, confidence and taught me how to manage my money properly - I also had the opportunity to learn a new language and gain another GCSE qualification at the same time. I knew I didn’t want to go straight into university after college, and I wanted to do something a little different to working in retail or in a bar, so tutoring was definitely the right decision for me. After a year out, I felt more prepared for university, as I’d spent the year learning new skills, making a new group of friends and having fun, too!
— MM - Yipiyap Tutor, Hull 2016/17