KM - Yipiyap Tutor, Manchester 2016/17

For me, Yipiyap was an extremely efficient way to spend my gap year. I wanted my gap year to be productive whilst also allowing me to rest - but I also thought I should probably make some money as well. Yipiyap genuinely provided me with all of this. It kept me on my feet enough so that my mind was still active and stimulated during the year, but I still had enough time to myself to rest for the year. And of course, it’s also a paid job! This is simply the baseline advantage of being at Yipiyap, not taking into account the actual job! Being in a teaching environment is very eye-opening, and changes your perspective on many things. It develops your ways of teaching and understanding others, and puts you in professional positions you’ve likely never been in before. It’s a great way to enjoy your gap year in a productive manner!
— KM - Yipiyap Tutor, Manchester 2016/17