HM - Yipiyap Tutor, Manchester 2017/18

The reason why I joined Yipiyap was because it seemed like a great opportunity to do something useful in my gap year where I was learning new skills as well as making some money.

Teaching was something I had considered in the past and I always enjoyed working with other people, so I always believed this role would suit me. I have thoroughly enjoyed my experience so far and as someone who hopes to do Medicine, the transferrable skills I learnt whilst at Yipiyap have really helped build my confidence going forward into university.

I believe having a positive impact on the students I work with and helping them aspire to achieve more is what motivates me to do this job. I’m glad I’ve found students that I really get along with as well as the staff who are excellent and extremely supportive.
— HM - Yipiyap Tutor, Manchester 2017/18