HA - Yipiyap Tutor, Peterborough 2017/18

By the time I got to results day, I still wasn’t sure on what my confirmed gap year plan would be, and would have never guessed I’d be back in a school environment in less than a month’s time. Despite my last-minute recruitment, everything was organised so quickly and post-18 worries alleviated by the Yipiyap team who have been very warm and welcoming from day one.

It’s a path that has benefited me personally and the people that I work with. Colleagues enjoy my presence and the class assistance I provide, and love to involve me with daily anecdotes and delicious treats in the staff room. Your impact on a student’s education and well-being can be so great that they become very fond of you and can’t wait to next see you and reap in what I think they believe is ‘intellectual genius’. Ha ha! For originally a shy person, I have been learning through courage to open up and share thoughts, feelings and ideas as staff are always looking out for me and countless fun and exciting social links and opportunities have been presented; you really are cared for! Working in the real world has been eye-opening, motivational and has stimulated future accomplishments I would like to make, and I have found that universities and future employees find experiences like this for a teenager absolutely incredible as you develop in skills, technique and confidence. And this list is only a fraction of the benefits a tutor could gain!

But I’ll get to the point now - this is probably one of my proudest decisions so far!
— HA - Yipiyap Tutor, Peterborough 2017/18