AW - Yipiyap Tutor, Norwich 2017/18

I chose to take a year with Yipiyap as I saw this as a fantastic opportunity to learn some amazing new skills which would look great on my CV and personal statement when applying for university. These expectations have been met, as my independence and confidence have grown massively as a result of this role – I am totally confident in talking to teachers older than me as I am seen as an equal member of staff, regardless of my young age. This also transfers to talking to the students I mentor – they give me a sense of respect as I am seen as a staff member, but we can also relate on certain issues and maintain good rapport due to being only a few years apart in age. I am finding this role a brilliant opportunity to keep my mind busy academically in my time away from full-time education due to being around the school environment. This means that I should be well-prepared for university life.
— AW - Yipiyap Tutor, Norwich 2017/18