Tutors' Frequently-asked Questions

Do I have to work full time?

No - we offer placements between one and five days per week, and we always work to provide the best suit for your gap year plans.


Which subject(s) will I support?

Only those that fit with your academic strengths. This is discussed continually throughout your application and interview process, and additional resources are provided to familiarise yourself with key topics before you start with us.


Can I work for only part of the year?

Although the bulk of our tutors join us in September, we are open to new applicants all year round. However, commitment from our tutors is essential, as all of our placements run until the end of the academic year. This ensures continuity for schools and students, and eliminates any disruption to our support.


Which school will i support?

During your application process, we take a variety of factors into account to find the perfect placement. This includes travel time to school, subjects to support, and the number of days per week that have been requested.


What support will i receive During my placement?

Each of our tutors has a different experience in school, and our team is on hand throughout the year to provide help with any concerns or issues should they arise. This includes ongoing feedback from schools and tutors alike, and visits to schools to meet with our tutors during the school day. There are also primary contacts within school to guide and support tutors in all aspects of their placement.


Can I take days off for university interviews and resits?

Of course! This is an experience tailored towards fulfilling your gap year plans, including your preparation for university.


How many students will I be supporting at a time?

When supporting on their own, tutors are not expected to manage more than a small group of learners. However, tutors can support multiple groups in a classroom when delivering tuition alongside a member of school staff.