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Niamh begins her new tutoring role with yipiyap

As a new member of the yipiyap in-school tutor program, I would highly recommend to anyone, considering taking a gap year, to become an in-school tutor for this incredible company. I go into my first school in a few days time and I am so excited! Having just come back from the two day induction in Altrincham, I feel so prepared and comfortable going into my assigned school where I will be based for the year.

The induction days were so informative, going through the contract and important details so clearly to ensure that we were all comfortable with our placements etc. However, it was also such an amazing experience meeting people from all over the country, and taking part in the self defence class which was so much fun! Everyone within the company were so welcoming and genuinely lovely people. We met some of the in-school tutors from the previous years who told us all about their own personal experiences and gave us some extremely helpful advice! They enjoyed it so much that they have actually ended up staying and working within the company itself which, in my opinion, further proves how great this company must be!

I am so grateful to have the opportunity to work with yipiyap and really look forward to the year ahead.

 Yipiyap Induction Days, September 2017

Yipiyap Induction Days, September 2017