The importance of being Ernst (& Young)

Thanks to the extensive connections of yipiyap, I had the opportunity to go and work with Ernst and Young over the spring half term to get some experience in the world of accounting. Stemming from my uncertainty about going to university – after exploring my various options more thoroughly –  I asked the brilliant yipiyap team if they could assist me in finding a firm willing to offer me a temporary placement.As luck would have it, Louise and Anne quickly set up an interview with Ernst and Young and worked tirelessly to help me compile my CV in time; the fact I now have a functional CV to use in the future will be an invaluable asset, whether I go to university or choose to get a job.

Although the first day at the firm was a little daunting, the employees were incredibly accommodating and friendly, so I quickly felt at ease, and I believe my time with Yipiyap helped make me more adaptable. The whole week was a great experience, as it gave me a really good idea of what goes on in the everyday life of an accountant, and has encouraged me to pursue this as a career in the future.

Instead of being eased into the placement slowly, I was thrown directly into the work, dealing with intricate spreadsheets from the get-go. I spent the rest of my time carrying out a variety of procedures in the EY Hull office and at clients’ offices in Sheffield and Malton. Being so involved in the goings-on of the business was challenging but made me feel like they valued and appreciated my help.

In the office, I was able to work alongside employees fromthe tax and audit sectors, testing sales and purchases to check everything was correct. This included using specially designed software to keep everything up to date in a complex spreadsheet as we enter the new tax year. Thankfully I had a colleague by my side for the first couple of days to teach me the ropes of the job.

Not only was I working in an office for the week, I was also fortunate enough to be taken to Sheffield on a factory tour to see steel building materials being made, as well as the process which goes on in the offices. This gave me an idea of the services the company provide before getting a chance to look at the accounts (whilst also being a nice break from checking spreadsheets).

The pastry-lovers amongst you will also be extremely jealous that I was taken on a tour around a pastry factory in Malton, to witness the manufacturing process of sausage rolls, and sweet and savoury pies. This included getting kitted up in a white coat, hair net and big black boots…and sampling a few treats here and there.

More than an opportunity to gain a few pounds in delicious baked goods, my week with Ernst and Young was an amazing experience, and I can confidently say that the skills I developed and the conversations I had with my colleagues will help me immensely in the future; I now feel more confident that I will succeed in and enjoy working as an accountant.