The Farnley Academy

Julia has been amazing during the short time she has been at The Farnley Academy, offering her support for some of students academically, working on a 1-1 basis with Science, Maths and English over the last few months. The students have engaged well with Julia and I believe all of them have appreciated all the support she had offered. Comments and feedback from the students have been positive and usually the students ask if they can work with her again. For example- "Miss is brilliant!" "Oh I get my work now so I will be able to do it when I go back in class" "I have learnt a lot" " I actually get it now"

Julia has always been prepared and even took novels home to read if she was unfamiliar with the books to allow her to become familiar with text so that it would allow her to help the students complete any tasks which had been set for them by their teachers.

Julia has worked with some of our most challenging and vulnerable students while they have served some time in isolation and the intervention has been beneficial to them especially returned from exclusions or missed lengthy periods of time away from school for several reasons. 

If other students on her timetable were absent she would always come into isolation to let her know she was free and take an extra student out to help them.

Before mock exams, she has completed revision with the students to allow them to practice topics that were difficult to understand.

Lisa Pannell, NCOP Progression Officer

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