Sir Thomas Boteler Church of England High School

I can’t speak highly enough of Dan and Raihan. They have shown a great deal of initiative and get on with the task in hand.

Although I initially thought I would use them as a boost to C/D borderline students, this has not always been possible due to the year 11 being in high demand from their other subjects. However, they are working in class supporting PP students and students who joined us sub level 4 on entry.

The next question is do you offer anything similar for English support? Also, would it be possible to increase capacity across Maths and English focusing on supporting PP students in the classroom with some extraction for intervention in groups when needed.

I met with the head this afternoon and fed back to her regarding the support from the two young men. She is keen to roll things out on a larger scale.

James Koltan, Assistan Headteacher

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