Prestatyn High School

This was the first year that Prestatyn High School has had a Yipiyap tutor. Over the past nine months, Josh has proven to be a valuable member of the maths department. His work has given students greater confidence in their maths ability and has helped weaker pupils develop key skills. In the September, Josh and I devised a timetable giving him the chance to help students within years 8, 9, 10 and 11. After the November mock exams, Josh was able to provide statistical data and analysis of the results. In turn, this helped the department correctly set each pupil, create intervention groups and ascertain missing skills. Josh was able to correct these in smaller intervention groups of students, focusing on specific weaknesses and teaching exam technique. He has worked with a range of students from additional maths to foundation and has handled every situation very well. His work to help staff with assessment and planning has also proved valuable.

We are very happy with his work this year and are hoping for another successful year with the Yipiyap program.

Eli Morley, Head of Maths