Glossopdale School

Having used Yipiyap in my previous school for 1 day a week, I was well aware of the positive influence the process has on targeted students. Having now moved schools, we have Yipiyap 5 days a week and the impact is dramatic. The flexibility this enables means that we can have a greater impact on more students. Students value the consistency that is provided by having the same tutor for each lesson. Departmental members have also felt the benefit in lessons where they can now have a more targeted approach.

I can definitely recommend that having Yipiyap 5 days a week is a fantastic source of intervention.

Charlie Jackson, Head of Maths

Charlotte has made a great impression on the English dept – adaptable, quick, uses her initiative and is very friendly and personable. Everyone loves her already!

I also cannot praise Jamie highly enough. We have really benefited from his commitment and his work ethic. What a tremendous young man he is and a great role model to our students. We shall really miss him.

li Noone, Vice Principal