Cardinal Heenan Catholic High School

In my role as assistant headteacher I am responsible for arranging and monitoring the impact of interventions in my school; we are forever seeking new and innovative ways of supporting target pupils to make additional progress.

We have been working with Yipiyap for almost a year now and the experience has been extremely rewarding for our school; Joe has engaged very well with our young people and we have employed him in a range of roles including individual support, small group work, mentoring and in-lesson support. His professionalism is well beyond his years and he sets an excellent standard to our pupils. Because of his relative closeness in age to our pupils his impact as a role model is heightened and he certainly personifies the attributes of inspirational and aspirational.

Yipiyap have offered the school a great service which represents value for money and high standards, we highly recommended them to others.

Patrick Caldwell, Assistant Headteacher