The Farnley Academy

Julia has always been prepared and even took novels home to read if she was unfamiliar with the books to allow her to become familiar with text so that it would allow her to help the students complete any tasks which had been set for them by their teachers.

Prestatyn High School

This was the first year that Prestatyn High School has had a Yipiyap tutor. Over the past nine months, Josh has proven to be a valuable member of the maths department. His work has given students greater confidence in their maths ability and has helped weaker pupils develop key skills.

Macclesfield Academy

As the day has progressed I have caught up with each group and all were very positive. They have commented how they really enjoyed the opportunity and how much they like Kelvin. Some of the students have been a little disaffected due to recent set changes and to see them with a smile on their faces after Maths was fantastic.

Egerton High School

The sessions with Altaf have been beneficial to our Year 11 students. Altaf has built excellent relationships with all of the students he works with, some of whom struggle with new faces. The students have commented to me and their peers about the work completed with Altaf and all have been very positive.