Support for September 2018


New minimum level of support

We’ve listened to our schools and found that tutors settle more quickly, and ongoing relationships with both colleagues and students are better, when tutors are in their departments more than once a week.  As a result we are introducing 2 days per week as our new minimum level of support in all subjects.

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In order to confirm support for 2018 we'll now require a deposit based on the number of days per week you are requesting.  It’s good news for your finance departments - one less thing to set up in September!

Non-core subject support

Most of our support is centred around the core subjects but this year we have extended support in MFL and the Humanities and this is a growing area of interest for schools.  If you require support in a non-core subject, let us know early so we can find the right tutor for you.

LAC and AP support

2017 has seen the launch of two partnerships between Yipiyap and LAs in Derby and Oldham where we are providing targeted support for LAC children.  Schools have seen children’s academic focus improve significantly with support from our tutors and the social development of many of the children we have been working with is evident. One teacher wrote of her experience:

Lizzie’s work with Ameer has had a very positive impact on him both personally and in his academic progress. Lizzie has worked with Ameer to develop a trusting relationship allowing him the space to talk to her about his interests and this relationship means that he is beginning to trust her and her opinion. Lizzie has shown a great deal of kindness and patience towards Ameer. She supports him where needed but allows him the space to work independently, an incredibly important skill to develop, particularly at this age. Lizzie has supported Ameer to access the curriculum at his own level with a view to bringing him up to age related expectations. She challenges him to think harder and use what he already knows in English and Maths, as well as checking his work afterwards. He is starting to make real progress. 

What Ofsted are saying...

The use of curriculum mentors through the ‘YIPIYAP’ initiative is effective and provides challenge and support for both the most able pupils and pupils who need to catch up, in English, mathematics, science and modern foreign languages.
— Ofsted, January 2018