Yipiyap in UTCs

This year we have been delighted to begin working with 4 UTCs across the country. Our tutors are currently working in Wigan, South Bank and Media City and Greater Manchester UTC. The unique and practical learning environment at the UTCs has really captured our tutors’ imagination and they have been doing a fantastic job in supporting students there.

I have been really impressed with George’s level of professionalism.
— Amy Stelfox, Head of English, UTC Media City UK
Nargis is doing so well with students-she is getting great results!
— Sharon Gardner, Principal, UTC Media City UK

Next year we are excited to be supporting 8 more UTCs. The UTCs have embraced the yipiyap ethos and are really excited to have our tutors on board. Most of our tutors will be supporting STEM subjects in the UTCs and because of the high academic calibre of our tutors, particularly in STEM subjects, we are well placed to support the UTCs’ needs. Our tutors are not only academically gifted but, being so close in age to the students, are highly relatable and are therefore able to raise students’ aspiration. We are sure that our talented tutors will make fantastic STEM ambassadors within the UTCs.