We're proud to offer a gap-year opportunity like no other

I LIKE northern coastal cities. They have great energy, docks lively with constantly visible trade and endeavour, invigorating weather and a sense of adventure through living on the edge. These qualities appeal to me and it seemed the obvious choice, therefore, when I graduated from Liverpool University in 1993 to come to Hull to train to become a maths teacher. I have returned to Hull regularly over the past few months.

No longer a fresh-faced intrepid young teacher I now run a business, yipiyap, which delivers tailored support in maths, English and science and the visionary schools of Hull are the first in the UK outside our base in Manchester to embrace our concept. Yipiyap recruits academic gap-year students and partners with schools to deliver high-quality subject support during the school day. The service we provide is unique and a win-win for all involved. Our young tutors (or yipiyaps as schools call them) gain fantastic paid work experience from this opportunity which helps develop professional skills and makes them extremely attractive to future employers.

Schools access a volume of academic support and, importantly, bring inspirational young people into school to raise pupils’ aspiration. Pupils gain the benefits of private support with someone they can relate to that they would not be able to access otherwise. Turning 40 in 2012 meant I was looking for a new challenge. I understood the pressures teachers face in all aspects of their role and was determined to find an innovative way to help support staff and pupils. During the four years we have been operating, I have learned an enormous amount and we constantly refine our approach to incorporate schools’ ideas and best practice.

It’s a great journey to be on.

As for our tutors, we pride ourselves on delivering a gap-year opportunity like no other. As well as the rewards and personal development offered by the day job, tutors enjoy being part of a network of like-minded individuals and we help them make the most of this unique year in their lives – helping arrange relevant work experience, arranging tutor enrichment activities, first aid/mindfulness courses, etc, as well as social events. Our mission is to be the best employer any 18-year-old could wish for.

If you know someone who is studying hard for A-levels and would enjoy a year working with yipiyap, we’d love to know - please email us at info@yipiyap.co.uk