Sadly, it's time to move on...

With only days left now til the end of the school year it is time for us to say goodbye to our current cohort of tutors and take a few minutes to reflect on their time with us.  We started the year with a core of 12 tutors which over the year increased to 35 individuals, all looking for something different from their year out.

Some have the earning potential of the role at the forefront of their minds – Dan and Emma who are going to Japan during the summer have been focused on this from the start and have worked as many hours as the week will allow in order to save for travelling later.

Patrick joined us with a career in accountancy in mind but both he and Ciaran have been switched onto teaching during their year out and will both be starting PGCE courses in September.  It speaks volumes that they will be both have some of their placements in the schools in which they have tutored this year who can’t wait to have them back.  The home grown talent they represent is what our schools are crying out for.

Altaf, Sarah and Kelvin all began the year with the ambitious aim of getting onto their course for medicine and Sana with a similar focus for successfully applying to Cambridge.  Their determination to these goals and the utterly conscientious and reliable people they are leaves me in no doubt they are destined for success.

Ben has had an amazing year – his mum was ordained the first female bishop in the Church of England and not only that but he and Niall have eventually managed to resolve the acceptable constituents of breakfast and which is the best Disney film.  These were debates that ran for months!

And all tutors have had their challenges whether these be their exam resits, university applications, training for our 10k run or passing their driving test.  The journey of a year out is different for everyone but there is never a dull moment.

We are so proud of them all and the amazing work they have done to inspire so many children over the course of the year – those students will always remember them which is their biggest achievement of all.