KS4 Maths

yipiyap tutors help your percentage increase!

I thought I would pass on some positive feedback. I was talking to my son who is in Y11 and he was saying how good his maths intervention tutor is, I’m not sure who it is but he said he was about 19….

Providing support for Y11 with our tutors can significantly boost your Grade 4 – 9 percentage.

Working with a tutor, pupils have the opportunity to resolve their individual problems and learn key exam techniques that are so effective in giving students the best chance of reaching their target grade on the day.


Tutor support for everyone

Our tutors don’t only focus on borderline pupils but work with all students to help them achieve progression in their understanding and improvement in their grades – genuine value-add support dedicated to ensuring each young person fulfills their potential.

We consult with your staff and agree a programme of exam question practice and/or specific topic revision work, which we then deliver to individuals or small groups of students. Working closely at a peer-to-peer level dissolves the overwhelming pressure, increases confidence and improves performance.