How it Works...

We’ve developed a unique approach to the provision of intervention in school

Yipiyap tutors usually join a school for a full academic year to tie in with the length of their gap year. This ensures a consistent arrangement for schools and security of position for tutors. This commitment on the part of both school and tutor produces a stable framework to develop relationships between tutor, staff and pupils and at the end of the year the outgoing tutor hands over to the tutor for the year ahead.

Our tuition runs as a number of full days each week. By working in this way we maximise contact time and reduce travel time and expense which keeps the cost to school as low as possible. Tutors can work with up to 18 students per day and this volume of support is what makes the impact on results.

You decide how many tutor days of support you require in each subject or with specific pupils and this is timetabled so the tutor comes to you on the same day or days each week. Where schools have a two-week timetable the days should be chosen so they work well on both weeks.

When we know the level of provision we will discuss your aims for the support and suggest how it could be structured to work best for you. We will also advise on practical arrangements and help you implement the tuition.

There is ongoing support throughout the year and a member of our team is always available to answer your questions and ensure the support is running smoothly.

missed the start of the year but want support now?

No problem. Just let us know the subjects and days and we’ll allocate your tutors as soon as possible.

It's really easy to do

1. Decide which subjects and year groups you want to support.

2. Decide how many days' support you want in each subject.

3. Check the timetable and decide on the best days for you.

4. Give us a call and we will allocate tutors ready to start in September.



You will have a highly-academic, enthusiastic new recruit joining your team, eager to put their skills and knowledge at your disposal during their year out. You'll wonder how you managed before!