We receive hundreds of applications every year from Year 13 students looking to be part of a great opportunity during their gap year. This is all thanks to the continued support from our partner sixth forms and colleges, who actively recommend Yipiyap as a strong choice for students following their A-levels.

Here are a few endorsements from a few of our contacts in the schools we recruit from that will hopefully strike a chord about what a placement with Yipiyap might do for your Year 13s!


Just to let you know we sent [current Yipiyap tutor’s] UCAS application last week and within 24 hours she’d been upgraded to an offer on a superior course to what she could have expected given her A-Level grades, and this has to be down to the work she did with Yipiyap so I can’t recommend it enough as you know!
— Alec Lee - Head of Sixth, Derby High School

Yipiyap appeals mostly, but not exclusively, to students who have not been successful in gaining places for Medicine or Dentistry. Usually they have got the grades but have fallen down at interview. They recognize, as do we, that the work they do with Yipiyap gives a huge boost to their confidence and self-presentation, so that they are much better interviewees second time round. For those who are not in precisely that position, the development of confidence and soft skills is still an invaluable asset to take forward. In terms of personal development, it is one of the best possible gap years.
— Patrick Thom - Director of Sixth Form, Manchester Grammar School

Our gap year students who have been employed by Yipiyap have been extremely successful in gaining places for competitive courses, including Dentistry and Medicine. Some of these failed to gain places in their upper sixth, some chose to take a year out and some are re-sitting A levels during the year. The responsibility that comes with tutoring, and the increased self-awareness these students develop through their work, go a long way in making these candidates highly attractive to universities.
— Pauline Winn - Specialist Teacher, Loreto College

At Priestley College we promote Yipiyap to our entire level 3 student cohort, across the core areas of English, Maths and Science related subjects. What Yipiyap offers students is unique and so valuable in relation to advancing their experience and key skills in areas such as communication, confidence and an opportunity to strengthen their progression application in such a bespoke way.

Yipiyap is also suitable for students that feel they are not quite ready for the advancement into HE and are considering a solid personal development opportunity within a structured, supported environment before applying. Moreover for those students that apply and narrowly miss out on the higher tariff universities, such as Russell Group, Oxbridge and 1994 Group, for courses such as Medicine, Dentistry and Veterinary Science, will benefit greatly from gaining experience within the Yipiyap programme.

At Priestley we have a high number of students that are passionate about making a difference to young peoples lives. Teaching is quite simply a vocation they aspire to move into and Yipiyap offers these student’s invaluable hands on experience and a taste of their own future, before they make any financial and life changing commitments towards such a career.

We support Yipiyap and the rationale behind it so strongly that we have set up our own ‘Grow Our Own’ programme in collaboration with Yipiyap, which aims to tackle the shortage of quality Maths teachers. We award a scholarship to the successful candidates, who will then complete a year out with Yipiyap and progress on to a Maths related degree. In return we offer them paid work within our college during their semester breaks, with an eventual aim of employing them within our Maths department following their graduation. This programme is currently in its second year of running and we will be offering its first scholarship opportunity this academic year.

To conclude Yipiyap is a programme that offers students a unique, supported, structured opportunity to advance their employability and interpersonal skills, together with key emotional intelligence, ultimately making them a well rounded, stronger candidate for any progression route, standing them both head and shoulders above the rest.
— Mark Eccleston - Senior Tutor (Responsible for HE/Progression), Priestley College

Yipiyap is a great opportunity for our students to gain transferable skills that they can use in many different ways as their careers progress. Twelve of our students went on the programme last academic year and they cannot talk more highly of the whole process, from the way the application process was organised to the support and guidance they currently receive from their Yipiyap mentors.
— Vicky Riseham - Work Experience and Careers Coordinator, Wyke Sixth Fom College, Hull

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