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Case Study - Jess



With great reluctance on the part of the school, and after a lot of support to resolve the issues she was facing, Jess, a Y11 student, was permanently excluded from mainstream education due to behavioural issues, including substance abuse, which meant that she wasn’t able to be in the same environment as her peers. Understandably, her behaviour had also put a great deal of strain on family relationships.

Jess had continued education at a PRU, but this provision was deemed to be unsuccessful. As a result, her school approached us in October to see if our tutors would be able to help in the run up to Jess’ GCSEs. It seemed that Jess had turned a corner with family relationships getting back onto a more even keel and she was now mature enough to recognise that her immediate future would be seriously jeopardised if she was not successful in the core subjects at GCSE.

How we helped

As part of a package of support put in place by the school, Jess received educational support by working with our tutors for three mornings each week from October to May – two sessions of Maths and Science with one tutor, Fatima, and one English session with a second tutor, Eve.
Below are comments from Jess about the support she received, together with comments from the Head Teacher at Jess’ school:


With planned help and exam preparation with our tutors and improved self-confidence and determination gained over the months of support, Jess was successful in gaining C grades in Maths, English and Science GCSE – the criteria she needed to go on to study an NVQ in Childcare at college. Jess has a natural aptitude for working with young children and now has the ambition to fulfil her her potential in this field. Without these grades, Jess’s circumstances would still have been greatly improved from the mentoring she received but these results mean that she has been able to choose the career that’s right for her. We are very pleased to have been there when she needed us and wish Jess every success at college and beyond.