Case Study - Cardinal Heenan CATHOLIC HIGH SCHOOL



Since September 2016 our tutor, Joe, has been leading the way in Leeds. We placed Joe in our first Leeds school – Cardinal Heenan Catholic High School. Cardinal Heenan have really embraced the concept of Yipiyap and have given Joe a variety of roles and responsibilities to support their needs as a school and develop Joe’s experience as a tutor.

When we asked Joe to write a small paragraph about his time at Cardinal Heenan, he had all this to say!

Overall, my time at Cardinal Heenan has been extremely positive and enjoyable as I have gained so much valuable experience working with a great set of pupils. Whether it be assisting the teacher for a full class, or taking pupils out to work with them individually – each session is as rewarding as the next. Fortunately, I have had the opportunity to work with students across all 5 years and each one offers a different challenge, which once overcome, offers a great deal of pride and satisfaction

My work with Year 7 has been more on a one-to-one basis. I have worked with particular students who didn’t quite reach a certain level in their Key Stage 2 SATs. Using a programme called Passport Maths, I worked closely with a couple of students at a time to bring them up to the required level. This has brought about one of my most rewarding experiences when 2 of the students I worked with both received full marks on two tests! I also mentor a Year 7 who had some behavioural problems at the beginning of the year, but after some time talking about things there seems to be improvements in his behaviour. Our session offer him the chance to relax through talking about sports, reading or playing games making it enjoyable for us both.

Another role I have been helping out in is working with EAL students, for example helping a pupil in Year 9 who has recently moved to England. On arrival to Cardinal Heenan the students didn’t understand any English, but day-by-day I have seen their progression. They are now able to converse and contribute positively in lessons which is really rewarding. At one stage I was taking sessions with small groups of EAL students which seemed to work really well and was something I enjoyed.

When it comes to Year 11, I work within a small class of 9 students who are fantastic to work with! I often work in a small group with 3 or 4 of them. It is my job to try push them to get the pass they all need in Maths. We always have such a positive and friendly environment to work in which makes it easier to get through the work we need.

As well as these specific examples, I do a lot of work in the classroom with Year 8 and 10 across both English and Maths, which has been really pleasurable as I have built really good relationships with all the students. As well as working with them in lesson, I attend a lunchtime club each week playing cards. It is mainly Year 8 and 10 I play against and it offers a chance for both me as a tutor and them as a pupil to relax and joke around which reveals a less serious side than one that is perhaps required in lesson.

Joe Moore – Maths and English Tutor at Cardinal Heenan Catholic High School