Former Tutors - Where are they now?

Archie Batra

Archie Batra.jpg

I loved working for Yipiyap during my gap year. Every school I was placed in made me feel welcome, and I really enjoyed teaching children and watching them improve throughout the year. I gained valuable work experience that made me more confident, put me ahead of my peers, and ultimately prepared me for university.

I’m currently in my second year of studying History at St Andrews, and I can already tell that my time with yipiyap has had a positive impact on my university life; it’s given me the confidence to make great friends, maintain good relationships with my tutors, and fully engage with what St Andrews has to offer. I’m doing well at university, and I have yipiyap to thank!

Nazgol Mashaikhirad


Working with yipiyap was a particularly uplifting experience; I felt valued, gained self-esteem, and enjoyed being a member of a positive team whilst making a difference to the life of others. It was a rare and exciting opportunity which led me onto gaining the transferable skills I now have today. 

I am now in my second year at Barts and The London Dental School. Despite only being in the very early stages of my dental career, I have already understood the impact that my time at yipiyap has had.

One thing I learnt from my yipiyap colleagues was the importance of participation and being pro-active. During my gap year, yipiyap arranged many group activities for the tutors to take part in, one of which was a 10K run. Taking part in my first ever fundraising event sparked my passion for philanthropy and since, I have participated in many sponsored charity events inside and outside of my university life. In addition to getting involved in fundraising, I have also been pro-active in taking up Spanish outside of my university curriculum. My drive to further educate myself has stemmed from my time at yipiyap.

Matt Knight

Matt Knight.jpg

After working at yipiyap during my gap year, I received an offer to study medicine at King’s College London in 2016. Now in my second year, I spend most of my time either studying or rock climbing; a newfound passion I started this year, which is very addictive. I recommend trying it! My year out at yipiyap was instrumental in developing my self-confidence and it really showed when I applied to medical school. Also, a big part of being a doctor is teaching those junior to you, so I hope the skills I learnt on my year with yipiyap will prove useful in the future.

Josh Wooler


I’m currently in my second year of studying history at Newcastle University, after this I plan to take a PGCE course to become a qualified history teacher.

My year with yipiyap was a fantastic experience that provided me with an invaluable insight into the day to day workings of a school from the staff’s perspective. Thanks to this I have a greater understanding of a teacher’s role, which can only be an advantage when I begin my teacher training.

On top of this, every day was thoroughly enjoyable and knowing you have made a positive change for somebody is an irreplaceable feeling.

Praveen Somarathne


It has been a fantastic year – everything I hoped my medicine course would be.  I’m so pleased I took a year out and chose to gain experience that would stand me in good stead, not just in getting onto the course but more generally for the future.  My year with yipiyap really taught me a lot about how to work with people – the other tutors in my schools, the staff and some challenging but very rewarding pupils!

I’m looking forward to a fantastic summer, going to visit family in Sri Lanka and meeting up with friends (and relaxing a bit!) and then going back to university where I’ll be living independently with friends next year – I’m sure this will bring lots more challenges as I learn to cook!