Alumni Tutors


Where are you now?


I’m studying a History MA at St Andrew’s.
Archie Batra

Studying at King’s College London.
Aparajita Sinha


I’ve just finished my final year of studying History at Newcastle University. I’m currently working to save enough money to go travelling before settling into a more long-term job.
Josh Wooler

I have just completed PGCE at The University of Manchester. I am now a qualified teacher and begin a Year 1 post in September.
Naomi Daniels


Studying Biology BSc at The University of Sussex
Emily Jackson

I’m studying Chemical Engineering at The University of Sheffield.
Chinwe Mofunanya


I’m a 3rd year medic at Imperial College London.
Kelvin Chu

I’ve just finished my first year of Medicine at Cambridge.
Smriti Ramakrishnan



Do you feel that your year with Yipiyap had any impact – positive or negative – on getting you to where you are now? If so, how?

I feel that Yipiyap had a positive impact and that having a gap year really helped my university experience. It made me more confident with myself and helped me find meeting new people easier and easier.

-Chinwe Mofunanya

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YY 03.09.15 061.jpg

Can you recognise any skills that you developed with Yipiyap that you have used in your work or study since leaving?

Professionalism, Reliability, Perseverance, Organisation... there are many. 

-Naomi Daniels



With the benefit of hindsight, what was your favourite part of your year with Yipiyap? What was the hardest?

Working with children who absolutely loved maths was fantastic. They’d look forward to seeing me every week and sometimes even write problems for me to solve (which I’ve kept!) I never liked getting up early, but who does!

-Archie Batra

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Do you think you feel differently about your year with Yipiyap now than you did when you left? If so, how?

Yes – In hindsight the experience was a lot more valuable than I first realised. I’m still in contact with the team and it’s good to get advice and help when I’m stuck. All the skills I learned in the year were pivotal in getting into medical school and have been useful when working at university.

-Kelvin Chu



If you could give one piece of advice to a new tutor, what would it be?

Tutoring with Yipiyap is not easy by any means, especially at first, but it is a privilege to be able to contribute to each student’s learning experience.  I would advise new tutors to enjoy getting to know their students over the year, and to remember that they are not only there to help students with academics, but also to be a friendly face and bridge the gap between student and teacher, so that students feel comfortable to turn to tutors for help and guidance.

-Smriti Ramakrishnan

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Would you recommend a year out with Yipiyap?

Yes, it allowed me to gain valuable skills while giving me time to decide which direction I wanted to take in life. I would recommend taking a year out to everyone, and working with Yipiyap was a great experience for me.

-Emily Jackson


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