Alternative Provision

When you need to go above and beyond...

My attendance has gone from not going to school at all, to going to tutoring nearly every session. It doesn’t bother me that they’re not teachers (I actually prefer it), as they know the subjects that they are teaching me and they have all the teaching materials that they need. If I’d have stayed at the PRU I wouldn’t be in a position to sit my GCSEs.


yipiyap tutors are able to offer support to pupils who are at risk of exclusion.

Our tutors can provide one-to-one attention to students who may be facing an extended period of isolation in Maths, English and Science, offering moral support and understanding to students who are battling to stay in education.

We’ve found that, because of the proximity in age of our tutors, they’re particularly successful in making a connection with pupils facing exclusion. Pupils relate to them on a different level from other school personnel and are more receptive to working with them due to issues they may have with authority.


Looking after looked-after children

Most in-care children of school age are in stable places in mainstream schools. A significant minority is educated in non-mainstream settings or at home. Children in care are vulnerable to missing out on education, even though most want to be in school.

Our tutors help support these children in Maths, English and Science on a one-to-one basis within the classroom or home environment, when the resources of the school or other setting may not be able to provide for this. Our support ensures that these children’s needs are met and they remain engaged with education throughout their school careers.